How To Blog In The Midst Of Havoc?

How to Blog in the Mist of Havoc -What happens to blogging when we are having a less than usual week? Are you someone who is good with blogging even in the midst of havoc?

I would love to know your own answer to this question, because when my life goes haywire, I find it difficult to put my mind into writing my blog posts. This past week was a wash for me.

I managed to post this past Monday, because thankfully I had written my post just before it all started, but I didn’t make the other two.  I also knew that I wasn’t going to be able to reply to the comments either, so, in cases like these, better not posting at all.

Why I wasn’t Able to Write

It kind of all started last Friday evening when I first started not feeling very well.  I had the feeling that I was coming down with something. For some reasons, the older I get, the less sick I get, I rarely ever get a cold anymore, but this past Friday I knew something was up.

So while I wasn’t really sick I did dragged my feet all weekend and didn’t get anything done. On Monday, however, I was normal again.  I don’t know what hit me, but it went away fast. For a moment I thought that I would have a real excuse not to go to that darn jury duty I had on Wednesday, but no such luck.


Monday went on quite normally, but in the evening I noticed that my cat Sophie had a nasty looking abscess on her upper gum on the left side, and I could see two nasty looking teeth in the mist of it. It turned out that we had an appointment for blood work the following Monday (today), but I asked to come in the very next morning. So I called the clinic immediately to see if I could come first thing in the morning. They said no problem.

I barely slept that night and was at the vet’s office at 7:30 AM. The doctor gave her a full exam and took some blood for a complete blood work. I was to have all the results the next day.


Since Sophie is a senior cat (she’s 13 years old) I was hoping that everything in the blood test result would look normal and safe for surgery, even though she had her yearly blood work less than a year ago.

So, I was somewhat relieved when they called me to let me know that everything looked OK, except for a little urine infection that the doctor believed to have happened because of the infection in her mouth. He explained to me that it can simply travel down from the mouth with the food and water.

However, he said that she was safe for surgery.

how to blog in the mist of havoc 2Wednesday…

Like I need that right now, on Wednesday, I had a jury duty that, I’m sure you know, I couldn’t escape.  I’ve been an American citizen for only 8 years, and I couldn’t believe that they sent me that darn summons.  I mean, don’t they have real citizens that they can call for this?

So that morning, I had to drag myself to downtown Raleigh, NC for a day of pure boredom as well as nerves wracking. That day was a complete wash for me. When I got home I was exhausted and had a lot on my mind. I couldn’t do anything of substance.

My first thought was that they were going to choose a handful of people out of the 168 sitting in that huge jury waiting room, and just let me go home. But, it didn’t go that way.


They actually intended to use all 168 of us. As the clerk explained to us, their goal wasn’t to just have us show up for no reason. The more they could use people present that morning, the more money they would save. Yep, that totally made sense to me now. I thought I was going to scream!

After 3 and half hours of wait, by 12:00 PM I was called in with a group of about 30 people to go to a court room where they were going to choose 12 of us for a case that was due to start as soon as they made that jury choice.

So there we went to the 7th floor in a dark brown court room where the judge, the court clerk, the DA and defense attorney, the court reporter, the bailiffs, and the defendant were waiting for us.

We all sat down in the public area of the court room.  Then the court clerk started calling a list of 12 out of my group, and we were supposed to sit in that jury box as she called our name. I prayed that they wouldn’t call me, and at first they didn’t, so I thought that my ordeal was almost over.

I was so wrong. And I learned a lot that day about how it all works.

As the judge, the DA and the defense attorney were asking question after question to each of those 12 individuals, sitting the jury box, to see if they would be a good fit for the trial, I stared to understand what was going on.  As long as they found that any one of those people wasn’t a good fit for the trial, they were going to keep on calling more of us still sitting in the public area.

Saved by the Bell for Now

Then, came 1:00 PM and the judge stopped everything for lunch recess. As I was eating my lunch in that downtown restaurant, I still couldn’t believe what the heck I was doing here. And that’s when tons of thoughts came to my mind.

I started seeing the little girl who was born in France in the city of Lyon, and grew up in a rural village near that big city, speaking a totally different language within a totally different culture. And I thought, wow, if anyone had told me then that one day I was going to be involved in an American judicial system procedure, I would have, never believed it. This made my think of how true is the expression “never say never.” I mean, really. Never say never guys.

Even though I am somewhat familiar with court rooms for having been an interpreter for attorneys and their clients here in North Carolina few years ago, I had never been a potential juror, and in my mind never thought I would be.

Now Shocking

We were due back in court room at 2:30 PM, and it wasn’t 10 minutes later that to my surprise they excused 5 totally good fit people. I’m sure it was good news for them, but that was bad news for me.

So I shrunk into my seat as they were calling 5 new people to replace the 5 that were just let go, and to my profound shock they called my name.

When I heard sylsylviannneee I just got up and said “it’s got to be me” and started walking towards the jury box. By the time the poor woman was able to butcher my first and last name as much as she could, I was sitting in that jury box.

However, one thing that I had time to learn while listening in to all the questions and answers for over an hour, is that if they’re not sure that they will have all your full attention and that you are fully willing to be there, they really don’t want you there either.

So, as the Judge asked me the first question, I said that I had a pet that had surgery the next day and wouldn’t be in a position to pay attention to the case what-so-ever. I said I’m here today, because it’s my duty, but I shouldn’t be sitting here due to my lack of sleep and my mine being somewhere else.

I didn’t even have to lie!

It work better than I even thought it would. The judge turned to the defense attorney and the DA, and they ALL agreed to let me go. I was the fastest one to be let go, and I was so happy. I tell you!

So, Wednesday at 3:30 PM that ordeal was out of the way.

I was totally wiped out, though,  and in bed by 8:00 PM that day.  But now the biggest day was to come.


On Thursday morning I woke up at 3:00 AM and couldn’t go back to sleep. Sophie (my cat) wasn’t allowed to eat that morning because she was schedule for surgery to remove her abscess and clean her teeth. It was heart breaking to refuse her food. She was looking at me like “why don’t you feed me?” and I wanted to cry.

It was tough to see her being hungry from 3:00 AM to 7:20 AM when we left the house. Those were the longest hours ever!

At 7:30 we were at the clinic and the doctor gave me a rundown of her blood results and what was going to happen.

He told me that I was to expect a call from the clinic at around 12 noon when she would be waking up from the Anastasia. All morning I was wreck waiting for that darn call. I couldn’t do anything of consistence like I had ADD.

Just about at the time they said they’ll call, they did. Gosh I was almost shaking when I picked up the phone, but all my nerves finally relaxed when the assistant told me that everything went well and that Sophie was awake and looking fine. But really, I truly felt fully OK when I actually saw her at 4:00 PM to pick her up.

Sophie was looking great, and since she had not eaten since 8:00 PM the day before she was famish. She ate like a pig. I think that if I had put pure vegetables in front of her then, she would have eaten them. Poor baby. I know she ate way more than she was supposed to after a surgery, but I just couldn’t help it.

Well, a hungry cat is a healthy cat.

Sophie is now on 2 antibiotics, one for her mouth and one for the urine infection, and she’s was on pain killers for the first 3 days. But she looks great. She’s such a trouper.

Thankfully, this hellish week that prevented me from blogging normally seems to be over, and I can finally get my brain back on normal cruising writing.

So, that’s my post for the day. I know it’s rather off topic for this blog, but I thought it would be good writing practice for both the writer and the reader.

So, don’t forget to answer my question to you, how do YOU manage to blog in the midst of havoc? Please, do tell us in the comment area.

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42 thoughts on “How To Blog In The Midst Of Havoc?”

  1. Sylviane, wow, what a week you had. I was on the grand jury a few years ago and enjoyed the experience. I think everyone feels dread when they get the call but once into it you really learn a lot.
    I hope your cat is doing much better.
    I’ve been blogging through a lot of havoc lately and it keeps my mind off of it. Between my pending divorce and mom with cancer it’s been a challenging month for sure. I try to write more than once post at a time lately and call in a contributor on occasion too since I never know when things may get more crazy in the coming weeks and my time may be limited.
    Here’s to a less havoc week ahead Sylviane.
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    1. Hi Lisa,

      So sorry that I had missed your comment here, while you’re the first one!

      Sorry to hear about your mother, I didn’t know that she was ill. I did know about your divorce and I’ve been through that twice. I know it sucks even when you don’t want the guy anymore at all, so for those who still feel some love it must be hard. I hope it will go as well as possible for you.

      Thanks for coming and sorry for the late reply.

        1. Wow, I don’t feel so lonely anymore then 🙂

          We are sure not the only ones and sure don’t mean we’re bad either. We just need to put ourselves together before attracting anyone else 😉

  2. Hey Sylviane,

    First and foremost, I hope your little fur baby is okay – wishing the best there, they are 100% family you know?

    Second I can relate to have problems getting in together when times get chaotic, I usually try and schedule blog time that can’t be taken away and if worst comes to worse lose a little sleep – but shhhh don’t tell 😉

    Wishing you the best,

    Zach invites you to read..Making Plans… And Blackberry Oatmeal Muffins!My Profile

    1. Hi Zach,

      So sorry for missing you comment. For some reason I missed the 2 first comments. Never happened to me before 🙂

      Yes, our pets are our children, and we love them 🙂 Rarely do I have any blog post in advance because I’m way too busy right now, but hopefully I’ll get there.

      Thanks for coming.

  3. Hi Sylviane,

    Jury duty and Sophie all in one week? No way could you think straight to blog my friend.

    I know the pain you were going through with Sophie. Any time I had to put any of my dogs through surgery, I was a total wreck. Life stops when our fur babies are going through that. Even when I sent my dog to have his teeth cleaned, they put him out and I was so worried about the anesthesia. I know your pain.

    As you know, I had to put my Sheba down last week. We did everything we could for months with her health issues. And even though she was 20 she still had some life in her. But the poor thing started to suffer an cry all night.

    It took us a few days to make the decision and that was pure hell. Then we had to make the appointment. After three injections of tranquilizers she still fought it. Screaming, I told the doctor to inject her. Within 15 seconds she was in heaven.

    So, could I possibly blog? No! Could I eat? No! I couldn’t even do my laundry. Nothing but focus on my girl.

    I wasn’t upset about it but posted it on Facebook to let my buddies know I was off the radar and would catch up later.

    So, my friend, when these things happen, we do need to step away from our virtual world and focus on what’s on hand. We cannot go to a place where we get anxious about it. People do understand and we need our time to deal with our selves.

    I’m so glad everything turned out well,

    Donna Merrill invites you to read..The Shocking Truth About FacebookMy Profile

    1. Donna,

      I just picked your comment to answer first, because I’ve been thinking of you all these days because of your Sheba. Gosh if she started crying with pain, it was time to stop the pain. I know it’s the hardest decision to make, but going peacefully is better than suffering on this earth. That goes for both humans and animals in my book. She is well again now.

      Shamefully, I never had Sophie’s teeth cleaned, because when it was time to do it was around the time my Tony got diagnosed with Lymphoma and I had that intuition about not cleaning his teeth then. My intuition was only about Tony, but it scared me for both my cats in the end. Now over 2 years later I was faced with no choice as I couldn’t leave that abscess in her mouth.

      I loved that clinic which it was my first time to, since I used to live across town before. Everyone was really nice, and everything went well.

      The last thing I needed was going to a jury duty, but so it was.

      I hope you’re feeling better and better Donna, knowing that your baby is in a better place. I know it’s not everything, but it does help.

  4. Hi Sylviane,
    Having worked in the courts for 14 of my nearly 32 years in the Police Dept., I understand how bewildering and intimidating the whole process can be for someone who has never experienced it before, and especially who didn’t expect it. But at least you were somewhat familiar with the process being an interpreter.

    How do you write with so much else going on? Attend to your needs. Simply deal with what’s on your plate. The world won’t miss a blog post or two. When you get back refreshed, after the havoc has settled down, you will feel better simply because you took the time to look after what you needed to.

    If it is really important to you to write a post while you’ve got a lot of other things going on, you will make time for it. A paragraph here, a paragraph there.

    Glad to hear your Sophie is on the mend.

    Kind Regards,
    William Butler invites you to read..12 Creative Ways To Solve ProblemsMy Profile

    1. Hi Bill,

      You’ve got that right, the world won’t miss a blog post or two from me, even though I wish they only did 🙂 LOL

      Yes, the process of the court system can be intimidating, and it was for me even though I did set foot in courts several times before. I can only imagine for those who have never set foot in a court room before.

      Then they ask you all those personal questions in front of all the people present, and I think it really sucks to tell you the truth. Any way I’d make a very bad jury member as I feel that if you’re there to defend yourself you’re most likely guilty (of something), so they don’t want me there, do they?

      Thank you for coming and for your input. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  5. Geeze Sylviane! You’ve had a rough week there. I’m so glad that Sophie is ok now and on her way to recovery! That’s a relief there for sure. I’ve been lucky enough to never have been chosen for jury duty. They must of heard through the grape vine, I believe in an eye for an eye. 🙂

    I normally can blog through the rough spots in my life and actually find it therapeutic. Up until 2 months ago when my marital problems started, I had to take a break. My emotions were so scrambled, I couldn’t put my words and thoughts together to make sense. After a few weeks, I manage to begin blogging about the turmoil that was happening in my life. Believe it or not, it actually helped to get it out in the open and heard the comments from all my friends and readers. I gained so much support, it gave me that much more strength to carry on.

    I believe sometimes the turmoil or havoc is just to great and we need to step back and reevaluate the situation and get our heads on straight before we revert into blogging again. Just my two cents.

    Thanks for sharing with us Sylviane! I hope you have a better week!
    Bren invites you to read..You’re an EX for a Reason!My Profile

    1. Hi Bren,

      Wow, lucky you for being from here and never having to go to jury duty. Believe me I would make an awful jury too, yet they picked me. I hope it will never happen again.

      I know that when going through things, blogging about it will help the blogger a great deal, because it’s kind of therapeutic, but for me this past week was too much nerves wracking to sit still, that’s why I could only blog about it now.

      I’m glad that blogging and the support you got from your readers helped you. That’s really great.

      Thank you for coming and for your input.

  6. Wow – rough week Sylviane! 🙁 Glad you were able to get out of jury duty and that Sophie is on the mend. Personally, I would probably let the blogging slide until things were getting back to normal. I do remember making a couple of posts during a stressful period a few years ago. One was about being stuck in “The Twilight Zone” and proved to be cathartic. 🙂 Cheers!

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Yes, that’s why I quit blogging until this weekend when things were slowing down and getting back to normal.

      Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts.

  7. Gosh when an illness can’t keep us from jury duty what can we rely on, LOL 🙂

    I feel like I’m an expert in this situation because there is always something going on at home. I feel like I’m typing away on my laptop and there is all these fire drills going around me but I’m steady as she goes, LOL.

    So what do I do…well, I power through the craziness. There have been times I’ve got my laptop on the kitchen counter and I’m blog hopping while I’m cooking dinner…betcha ya’ll didn’t know that, LOL :).

    And if I have to, I’ll work a night shift while everyone is asleep. I don’t recommend doing these things though…we need sleep and balance. But these things work for me for some strange reason :).

    You sure had one crazy week Sylviane and I love the way you described your jury duty ordeal…trust me, I cringe at those too :).

    I’m so glad to see Sophie is doing better…she’s got such as chic name too :).

    I hope this is a better week for you my friend! Remember, it’s okay to take time offline, we’ll still be here for ya when you come back :).

    Happy Monday!
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    1. Hi Corina,

      Well, it seems that you have your hands full a lot and admire you to be able to have anything done in such environment. Us women we are so good at multitasking and some of us get to actually practice that skill more than others 🙂

      Thank you for liking Sophie’s name. It’s French, ya know 🙂 And thank you for coming and sharing what you do for blogging.

  8. Hey Sylviane,

    I know how you’ve hated that jury duty and I think a lot of people do although the last time I was called I got lectured big time by the clerks. It’s our duty as citizens and we should be proud to be a part of deciding what’s right and what’s wrong. That part I don’t mind honestly, it’s the not paying me crap on top of me paying your expensive darn parking and the gas to get there. It’s a joke therefore you make it a horrible experience for us all. Now that you’re an American citizen, and yes you did ask for it, this is now part of your life too. LOL!!

    I’m glad that Sophie is okay though and things are back to normal. The only thing my pets have had to go under for was Blake was attacked once while we were out walking and they had to sew up a nerve in his ear that the other dog bit all the way through and teeth cleaning.

    Kayla had a urinary track infection a few years ago as well. I asked the vet how the heck that happened and she told me she wasn’t peeing enough. I had to laugh at that one, how do you make your dog pee? She either has to go or she doesn’t. Duh!!!

    Glad you both are on the mend and life is getting back to some type of normal though. I know how it is to have things disrupt your blogging. I’ve kept on going for the most part but for me to tell you how I did it I honestly have no clue at all.

    Have a great week Sylviane and hope to see you on Thursday.

    Adrienne invites you to read..The Courage to Be YouMy Profile

    1. Hi Adrienne,

      I’m like you, the $12/day court thing didn’t really motivated me. It’ s a shame that we are expected to go there like on a work day, lose our pay at work (in NC anyway), and make nothing there. No way I was going to make it there another day, even if I didn’t have a good excuse. I would have found something else.

      I’m glad that things did go back to normal, and I really intend to be there on Thursday.

      Thank you for coming and have a wonderful week ahead!

  9. I often write all the articles for a week in one day. It is because sometimes I am more inspired or just sometimes, I know that my business week schedule will be very busy.

    1. Hi Kaloyan, and welcome here.

      I know it’s a good idea to have posts in advance, but it’s not always possible in many cases. But if you can do it all the better for you.

      Thanks for your feedbacks.

  10. Hey Sylviane,

    Now that’s wild. You started to get sick, you cat needed surgery and you were called to jury duty. Yes, I definitely wouldn’t for that week LOL… First and foremost I would let my readers and email list know that I may not be publishing anything for that week.

    Last year I use to blog like crazy. At least every other day and set my posts publish later. I blogged so much that I had 3 months of blog posts waiting in line to be published. It all did work out because for one, I got sick which lasted for about a month, and two I went on vacation. So yes, it did work out. The only problem I had, and still have with the schedule change is replying to my comments. I usually wait 4 or 5 days before I reply, which I believe isn’t good.

    I hope your cat is getting better each and everyday. Also I’m glad that everything turned out great for you! Thanks for sharing!
    sherman smith invites you to read..The Art Of Persuasion: Using Tact And Empathy To Be More AttractiveMy Profile

    1. Hi Sherman,

      Yes, I remember how you had tons of blog post in advance. That has never happened to me. No can do 🙂

      To tell you the truth I didn’t feel that it was necessary to tell either my list of readers that I wasn’t going to post. Frankly, I don’t think that they are faithful enough for that 🙂 I only wish they were. I’m working on it.

      Yes, my Sophie is doing much better and it’s nice that all that is over now.

      Thank you for coming 🙂

  11. I think that chaos is why I don’t have a regular blogging schedule. I just write when I feel that I have something to say and the time to write it down in a coherent fashion.

    Hopefully by joining in with triberr I can get to see the more normal posts where life is not getting in the way.

    Andrew Stark invites you to read..So What Exactly Are You Selling?My Profile

    1. Hi Andrew and welcome here 🙂

      It’s very important to have a regular schedule though. What happened to me now is just that one time, it’s not my regular basis, though.

      I hope you can eventually get to a regular schedule and stick to it as it’s very important for regular traffic.

      Thank for coming by.

  12. Oh my heavens, Sylviane, you really had a heck of a time! It’s bad enough to have one of those things but to have them all at once is enough to make a person crazy.

    I’m glad Sophie is fine! I know what you mean about not letting her eat, that’s so horrible because it’s not like you can explain it. That’s how I feel whenever we have to do something with our cat, I keep telling her its ok, its almost over… but she doesn’t understand so of course we feel bad.

    As for jury duty… YUCK. Although you made me laugh about the woman butchering your name. I didn’t think it was that hard 🙂

    I have to say we have done pretty well keeping to our schedule because usually we have something ready that we can publish in a pinch if something happens. It helps to have more than one post written and ready to go. Also there is more than one person so that makes it easier for someone to help out if the other person can’t. In a really big pinch we’ll publish a guest post. Only one time, just in this past December, did we stop publishing. It was the holidays and we were going through everything with our cat and we said forget it. Let’s take off for 2 weeks then come back.

    I’m glad you’re back and I hope things stay calm for you now! At least they can’t call you for jury duty for at least two years 🙂
    Carol Lynn invites you to read..Six Shortcuts For Quickie Web VideoMy Profile

    1. Hi Carol,

      By the way, I don’t think I told you that the evening after I read your post about your cat, I dreamed about you and your cat and an imaginary house that was your house and I was there. And I remember that in my dream it was New Jersey too 🙂 I’m sure I had that dream because as I was reading your post it touched me so much having being through this 2 years ago myself. Any way, I’d thought I’ll tell you about that 🙂

      Thinking about it what happened to me this past week was not the worst of things, as some people go through much worse, but as a friend told me, it doesn’t matter, it was YOUR world, and it was stressful, no matter how much more pain there is in this world 🙂 And that so true.

      I don’t get it why so many people butcher my name, I know it’s not that hard. I just don’t get it, but they do all the time!

      Lucky you to have posts in advance. I envy that a lot 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by, and have a great day!

  13. Hello Ms. Sylviane
    I am so sorry for all the hardships that you’ve had to endure.
    Sophie is doing better and slowly recovering.
    Well your question was what do we do when things seem upside down? Well I kinda
    put things on hold and resolve what I need to resolve, because If I don’t, I will not be able to focus, so why would I torment myself.

    But all in all, you are strong and hats off to you.
    Take care of Princess Sophie.
    Gladys invites you to read..Personal Development-The Journey That CountsMy Profile

    1. Hi Gladys,

      Thank for answering my question. You are totally right, the best thing you can do is fix what’s broken first and then move on. That’s why I didn’t blog that week, expect for my Monday post which was already written.

      Thanks for coming by, Gladys 🙂

  14. Really interesting problem you bring to this post.

    Time is my biggest enemy as part-time blogger. Some of my strategies to overcome this problem are set priorities (I tend to eliminate “lazy time” to produce content), don’t publish many contents on a day ( from every content I produce from every time I have, I set schedule to maintain regular updates).

    These two simple habits have helped me a lot survive blogging so far.

    Thanks for sharing this post Sylviane, wish you have a great week.
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    1. Hi Okto,

      Thank you for sharing your schedule and how you manage to have your blog posts ready as a part time blogger. Good for you for eliminating “lazy time.” I know that’s not always easy to do. So, congratulations on your hard work.

      Thanks for coming.

  15. Wow Sylviane! That’s an incredible experience! Everyday of the week you have had a lot of things to do and I guess that itself gave you enough food for thought so you could put this awesome post 🙂

    Among all that chaos, what’s most important is, you still came back with an excellent article. Life happens and my mentor always says this:

    “If life hasn’t hit you yet, get ready because it will.”

    And that’s what makes life so much adventurous! I am glad everything worked out well for you and that you are back in action. I hope here on, things will go smooth for you 🙂

    Kumar Gauraw invites you to read..Guest Blogging – Before You Nail The Coffin Shut, Read This!My Profile

    1. Hi Kumar,

      Yes, things have already got calmer and better around here. I’m very grateful for this 🙂 I know that post might not have been really on topic, but I had fun writing it. After all writing is writing right?

      Thanks for coming by 🙂

  16. Hi Sylviane

    I know you had a terrible week. I can assure I would not be blogging on one blog and certainly not 3!

    I am glad Sophie is doing great. I know how that was for you. We do love our pets.

    Now that whole jury thing is an interesting one. You did not even have to tell them whatever it was I suggested. I am so proud of you for being honest right up front though so they let you go. Well done.

    I was called once here when I was living in England so that worked well. That was a long time. My dad had a horrible murder case he was on once and it dragged on.

    Thanks for sharing so much detail about the court process.

    I hope this week is much better for you.

    Sue Price invites you to read..Is Mindset or Skillset More Important?My Profile

    1. Hi Sue,

      Yes, that’s right, one blog would be bad enough, but 3 forget it.

      About the court, one thing I noticed was that if they feel that they can’t have all your attention on the case, they don’t want you there, so that was easy. Anyway, I really don’t think that being a jury is for everyone, and it’s certainly not for me, regardless.

      I’m glad things are getting back to normal. I just have to bring Sophie on a follow up visit on Tuesday, but that’s all 🙂

      Thank you for coming and see you on your blog real soon.

  17. Hey Sylviane, Wow, what a week you had! So glad that your cat is doing better now and that jury duty isn’t an issue any more.

    There are those who think of blogging as a respite from a hectic life and those who become overwhelmed at the thought of blogging when their lives take a crazy turn.

    I have articles waiting to go in case life goes haywire. Even if you do think of blogging as a haven of peace you may not have the time to deal with life, much less blogging.

    Of course taking some time off is always an option too!
    Carolyn Nicander Mohr invites you to read..Happy 3rd Birthday to The Wonder of Tech!My Profile

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      Yes, blogging can be relaxing, not doubt, but if your mind is not into it or if you’re so exhausted because of all the things that are happening that makes it hard.

      Maybe at some point I will have some blog posts ahead of time, but for that’s been impossible for me so far, because of my crazy schedule.

      Thank you for coming and see you at your blog 🙂

  18. And, I thought I was busy!

    You had quite the week there, Sylviane 🙂

    I am glad that everything worked out in the end. Hope Sophie is doing fine!

    Ah, Jury duty. I am not a US citizen (at least not yet), so I haven’t had any experience with it. But, I have heard a lot from others (from my teachers and so forth..from what I have heard, I hope that I never get called for Jury duty!).

    Blogging has been kind of hard for me too (I got back to college…so, I need to get used to blogging while in college…again!).

    I am getting things…but, I only do it by the end of the week (I really don’t want that…I want to get things done day by day..although, spending an entire day devoted to blogging, isn’t a bad idea).

    I am still working on it though 😉 Planning to get back to using Pomodoro techniques (With modifications of course…like 60-60-30 – 2 work blocks, and 30 mins break in which I can comment on 2-3 articles and exercise :D).

    Hopefully all of that will work out 😉 Hopefully!

    Anyways, I hope you have a great weekend 🙂 Thank you for sharing this with us, Sylviane!
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  19. Hello Sylviane,

    Sorry to hear about Sophie…Speedy recovery is my wishes!

    Writing in the midst of personal havoc can be a real challenge…it ain’t easy like the Americans would say. When faced with such a challenge, I make sure that I write something short that is related to my mood. Believe me, this has always worked for me…maybe you should try it too.

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  20. Hey Sylviane,What a busy week that was, I still havent attended jury duty and I could picture how boring that can be especially if your sick or going through a rough week. Through moments of havok I usually tend to write down all the things I have to do on my blogging site and I buy a dark Coffee. I begin to listen to some smooth jazz to release my stress and I start to work on all the stuff I wrote on the notepad. Thats the only way I could manage to get things done through moments of havok. Hope your cat is doing well and thanks for sharing your story.
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    1. Hi Kevin,

      Wow, that’s funny that you’ve found this older post from January as right now my life is even more of havoc then it was back in January. But those things are part of life and that you just can’t avoid.

      Jury duty is supposed to be a priviledge, but that’s one I really don’t care to have.

      Thanks for droping by, and how did you find this older post? 🙂

  21. Sylviane,

    I think the best way to keep on track is to motivate yourself or set goals and what is the reward for completing that goal. Sometimes we all get lazy lol xD including myself! I decided that 2015 is going to be different though and to just do my best. Happy new years and a friend posted this on Facebook so it caught my attention. Great share!

    1. Hi Sebastian,

      It’s interesting that you landed on this post, because it’s a year old. That was January of 2014 🙂 But I’m glad you found my blog anyways.

      Thanks for dropping by and happy New Year!

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