7 Smart Ways To Leverage Your Blog Content

7 ways to leverage contentDon’t you think it’s a bit of a waste to write a terrific 1500+ word blog post, and then just let it get cyber dust for the rest of its cyber life?

Maybe you do, but what are you doing about to prevent it?

Well, do you know that you can actually leverage that content and give it life again?

But first what is leverage anyway?

Internet marketers use that term a lot, but simple explained, leverage is when you can accomplish much with little.

For example, when movers move furniture out of a house to load it into a truck they use a dolly where they can place a huge piece of furniture weighing 50 times more then they do, and moving it from point A to point B with little effort.

By doing this, they leverage their effort which allow them to move an object which they wouldn’t be able to move at all otherwise.

Internet marketers use leverage when they set up websites or membership sites that generates them money while they sleep or go to the beach.

When it is Leverage and when it Not

You’ve got leverage once your site does the job with little to no effort on your part.

However,  while writing content week after week on your blog is necessary for the life and well being of your blog, it’s not leverage, because you have to constantly come up with new and more original mind blowing content each time you post. So, while your blog may still make money for you, the content of it doesn’t happen when you sleep.  YOU have to create that content each time.

This, indeed, is hard work. That’s why it’s not leverage.

So,  how could you leverage such hard work of coming up with new blog post ideas week in and week out by taking better advantage of  your content?

Here are 7 Ways you could use to leverage your content and giving it a new life

1- Info-graphic

Below is a quick and fun info-graphic I’ve made based on a recent post about writing a professional pitch for guest blogging to demonstrate how you can create an info-graphic based on  your content.  Then you could publish such info-graphic outside of your blog where it could generate traffic that you could redirect to the original content on your blog.

Info-graphics can be excellent leverage for your content while it gives it a different perspective.

2 – eBooks

A very smart way that could leverage your content is by creating free eBooks based on some of your blog posts or other articles.

Do you know that if you could even write an eBook that could be ranking in search engines if you offered it without any sign up required?  This means that people could find your eBook with or without finding your site first.

Of course your eBook should redirect the traffic back to your blog or where you want such traffic to go.

But your eBook can also be a leverage tool to build your list.  I’ve written several Free eBooks over the years based on articles that I had previously written online. Two of them are my wine guide and  success eBooks.

FranceTravelAndFood.com — France  Travel Food and More


UnderstandingYourSubconsciousMind.com — Taking Better Control Of Your Life


3- Videos

One of the easiest thing you can do to leverage your content is shoot a video using the topic of one of your post. To make sure that your videos is short and entertaining, you could take each subheadings and talk about each one of them for about 30 second.

I’ve done that in past with some of my articles a long time ago. I know that’s something I’ve got to start doing with my blog posts as well.

Videos are a great leverage you can use for your blog content.

4- Podcasts

You could do the exact same thing with a podcast as you would a video. Then all you need to do is publish your podcast on social media and other sites where your podcast could get more traffic for you.  They are plenty of free podcast sites out there that you could use as well.

Another cool way to leverage your blog posts.

5 – Newsletters

Are you running out of ideas to write about in your newsletters?

Take one of your blog posts and write a newsletter based each subheading and dig deeper into the topic.  A single blog post could generate anywhere from 5 to 10+ newsletters depending on the length and value of your blog post.

Newsletters are a great way to recycle blog posts and can help you leverage that content of yours.

6- SlideShares

I love SlideShare because this site gets a lot of traffic without you doing anything about it at all.  Turning your content into a SlideShare show is a great way to leverage your posts while you can redirect the traffic to your blog.

plus on SlideShare while delivering valuable content you can literately advertise for free, such as adding your link or anything you want.

Here is one I’ve created a short SlideShare show  based on my last post about 5 ways to market your business like a pro.  It’s just that easy to leverage your content with SlideShare. Here is a post that gives you the step by step to create a SlideShare show.


7- Social Media/Forums Discussion Topics

A very efficient way you could use the content of your blog for leverage is using it for discussion topics on social media and forums. Your blog posts are full of very valuable tips and how tos that would make you look great on social media platforms and forums.

This is definitely something I haven’t done enough of and I really want to seriously start doing on a regular basis.

As we all know social media and forums work best when we participate, contribute and build relationships, so using the topic of our post create a thread with a question or answer others’ questions, can help you to be view as an expert sharing valuable tips and knowledge.

This is excellent leverage for your content.

The End!

I hope this gave you some great ideas to leverage your blog content, so it doesn’t collect cyber dust for no gain anymore.

Please, leave your comments and thoughts below!


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51 thoughts on “7 Smart Ways To Leverage Your Blog Content”

  1. WoW Sylviane!

    You have covered everything in this post! I was surprised at the graph of guest posting. Hmmm Gotta get more of that in my game.

    I think videos are great! Every time I have put a short video on my blog, I have seen more action on it. Another great reminder for me to start that up again lol.

    Slide shares are another one of my favorites. I don’t do it on my blog, but working with clients and/or capture pages. When we use a slide share, we are appealing to people through sight and sound and that works well.

    I still haven’t done an ifographic yet. It’s another learning curve for me, but I do know that it pumps up your blog and makes it interesting.

    Thanks for putting together these great ideas that I personally need to act upon. It’s a big help for me.

    Donna Merrill invites you to read..Time For A Blog Makeover?My Profile

    1. Hi Donna,

      I’m glad you enjoyed this.

      I had a lot of fun making that little fun infographic and SlideShare show, and it’s a great way to leverage and recycle your traffic to reach out to more people out there.

      Thank you for coming.

  2. Happy Monday Sylviane!

    Thanks for sharing these ideas with us.

    I love the infographic you made for that post. I did one but I think I need to work on it more before I do another.

    I was thinking about some ideas for Slideshare and now that you’ve shared this suggestion I know I’m on the right track with that.

    I finished my eBook last month so now I’m in the publishing stage and I’m not too good with making videos but I am ready to learn.

    Podcasts was new to me. I had never thought of that before.

    I definitely see myself doing more of these this year. Hope you’re having a great Monday!
    Corina Ramos invites you to read..Monday Madness: New Work-from-Home Job Leads #WAHMy Profile

    1. Hi Corina,

      I’m so glad I gave you a few ideas about sharing your stuff more out there, and they are fun to create too.

      Thanks for coming and have a great rest of the week 🙂

  3. Hey Sylviane,

    You definitely covered a lot here my friend, great job.

    These are all really great areas we should take advantage of and I know I haven’t done nearly enough myself. My goodness, I can’t remember the last time I shot a video. As you know I prefer tutorials so unless I have to show you how to do something online then I just don’t do videos. I guess I’m going to have to fix that soon.

    I still haven’t done slideshare even though I had intended to implement that into my things to do last year but we all know how my year turned out. Thank goodness this is a new year.

    I’ve toyed with the infographics but they never turn out well so I prefer sharing others. I do need to have my own name on it though, you’re so right.

    Thanks for lighting a fire here girl, I appreciate that.

    You have a wonderful week and thanks again.

    Adrienne invites you to read..Why Connecting With Influencers In Your Niche Is CriticalMy Profile

    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Ah, I thought that was a good post and that eventually people would find it and like the ideas in there.

      The reason why I haven’t done videos is that for the life of me I still don’t know HOW with this darn new computer. LOL! But I have to figure it out once for all and do it already!

      It’s a lot of fun to make your own infographics and slideshares. I really like it and will make more and more, and spread them around. That does leverage your blog posts quite a bit.

      Well, I’m so glad this gave you fire to do some cool and advantageous things to promote yourself more!

  4. Hi Sylviane,

    Great article and great infographic. I’ve always wondered how people do that. It’s awesome and very creative. Everything you mentioned are awesome ways to leverage your blog content. I’m going to look more into slideshare. I’ve done a few before and actually it was the main way I build my network marketing team. I should use it more often. Great post.

    Barbara Charles invites you to read..Over 50 EntrepreneursMy Profile

    1. Hi Barbara,

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post and yes, you should definitely do some slideshares as this is a great way to get more and new traffic.

      Infographics are so much fun to make. This is just a very small one, but you can make them as long and as detailed as you wish.

      All those ways could really leverage any content/post on your blog.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  5. Hi Sylviane,

    I love the idea of using content to get the most bang for your buck, so to speak. You’re right, writing a long blog post is a lot of time and effort so you don’t want to leave it there to collect dust. I especially love the idea of turning subheadings into deeper blog posts. It’s funny because there are plenty of times I think that a subheading section is getting too long but would you believe I never really thought to turn each one into a post?? That’s pretty dumb of me 🙂 It’s such a good idea though, especially because sometimes there is a lot more to say but how many words can you use in one post? I’m going to go back through my posts now and see how I can use that advice. I bet there are a ton of ideas right on my own posts that I never thought to leverage. Awesome!
    Carol Lynn invites you to read..What To Do Now That Facebook Has Killed Your Business Page ReachMy Profile

    1. Hi Carol,

      Well, I very glad that you enjoyed this and that it made you want to go back to your blog posts and leverage them.

      Especially your posts which are quite long, and it seems that you have even more to say. You could use any of these ideas to do more out of them.

      Thanks for coming by 🙂

  6. Hi Sylviane,

    You just gave me another push to do some slideshows and find a way to get some infographics done to leverage some of the content from my own site.

    I have been thinking about these for a while but you know we all need some push….

    I have done a few slideshares and that’s it. I got distracted by my passion for writing and creating better and better content and I didn’t take time to look at what I already have and may be resurrect some of them 🙂

    I thank you for a great reminder in a very systematic fashion! Have a wonderful week!

    Kumar Gauraw invites you to read..Why You Shouldn’t Use WordPress.com If You Are Serious About BloggingMy Profile

  7. Hey Sylviane,

    This is a nice list of options you gave to leverage our content.

    I do like the idea of the infograph and the one you made. It looks very professional and gives you enough information of what direction you want to go with marketing your blog or your business.

    I have created an ebook and actually, even though it was a lot of work for me and trying to fit it in my schedule, it was fun making it. I never wrote an ebook and I’m glad you pointed out the advantage of writing one.

    I’m interested in looking into slideshare. Just like the infograph, it brings the value that your target audienced want in a paraphrased format. With this leverage you can’t go wrong with it.

    Thanks for sharing these excellent options!
    Sherman Smith invites you to read..How Do You Get SearchedMy Profile

    1. Hi Sherman,

      Sorry I think I’d missed replying to you as it seems that an avalanche of new readers have just popped up to my blog post which is sweet as honey to me.

      Congratulations on your eBook. I know that as you said, it’s both lot of work and fun at the same time.

      Indeed, one can’t go wrong with any of the tools I mentioned here to leverage they content.

      Thanks for coming and see you at your place in a little while 🙂

  8. This truly lends credence to what we stand for on Kingged.com, which is the “Content is King” mantra! Awesome content, Sylviane!

    It’s indeed time for bloggers to think beyond just writing mediocre (crappy?) articles, over and over again. I see bloggers writing crappy articles and wondering why they are not raking in the money with their blogs. How can they?

    It’s no longer enough to write several articles daily and dump on your blog. Gone are those days, if there ever were those days, 🙂

    Instead of writing several crappy articles daily, why not spend time to really write an article that is truly EPIC and KINGLIKE. The type of article that can use some leverage.

    One can’t leverage crappy articles. A crappy article, even if it’s dressed up with infographics, ebooks, podcasts, newsletters, slideshares, will still be crappy, 😀

    For those who are really serious about writing truly EPIC and KINGLIKE content… those type of content that deserve the “Content is King” mantra, thankfully this article covers not just 7 ways, but 7 smart ways of doing just that.

    Thanks for sharing this on the Internet marketing social networking and bookmarking site, Kingged.com. I have “kingged” it and hope others do to, 🙂
    Kingsley invites you to read..7 Smart Ways To Leverage Your ContentMy Profile

    1. Hello there,

      Wow, nice to see you here and I have to say that one of the best things I’ve done this new year is joined your social media platform, Kingged.

      I signed up a couple of days ago and posted my first post this morning. As I was there I started following and befriending some people there. Then what happens? I see an avalanche of people landing her on my blog. Wow, that was the fasted social media result I’ve ever had and I think this has to be said.

      I will definitely write about your program as soon as I’m familiar with it, and hope this keeps coming and I understand that I’ll get back what I put in of course.

      You’re right no crappy content could ever be used for leverage, and my tips here really apply to great content, only!

      Thanks so much for dropping by.

      1. Good to see you have already got some great results from Kingged.com, Sylviane. But that’s even nothing compared to what other active Kinggers (members) are getting.

        And with what we have coming in the next couple of weeks, bloggers can focus on writing truly awesome EPIC and KINGLIKE content, share it on Kingged, do a little promotion to get it to the frontpage, and they sit back and watch the avalanche of traffic that we will help them get… all for free.

        Exciting times ahead, Sylviane. Good to see you on board. And yes, please keep the awesome “Content is King” type of content coming. We happily eat them up over at Kingged, 🙂
        Kingsley invites you to read..A Business Is Only As Good As Its Social Media ManagerMy Profile

        1. That’s wonderful. I had not even thought about that. Very exciting indeed! I can’t wait to navigate around and see more about what I can do there.

          If it’s nothing compared to what I can get I’m thrilled, because while I’m an avid commenter on blogs, so far I have dealt more with lethargic people than I would have wanted to.

          I’m not trying to be negative here, that’s just the fact. I’ve visited so many bloggers several times over, and never seen them coming to mine ever! I want my blog traffic to grow!

          Many thanks.

  9. Hi Sylviane,

    blog readers are not one, we should target to reach our contents and there were a lot of underground secrets to make our contents reach in to targeted audiences, you’ve revealed some wonderful ways here.

    Infographics and slide shares are one of the top ways to leverage the content after the video presentation.

    Thanking you, have a great day.

    1. Hi Naveen,

      It was nice to find you on Kingged this morning and I’m so glad I’ve joined. I recognized you as you came to my blog recently for the first time.

      Hope to get to know you more over at your blog, and thanks for sharing yor input here.

    1. Hi Jon,

      Yes, I like your fiverr suggestion and I’ve used them before. I agree the quality is pretty good for the price. I’ve used them in the past and I will again. At time a good reminder is all we need 🙂

      I’ve just read your post this morning where you mentioned this and other cool tips. I’ve bookmarked it.

      Thanks for coming and I hope to get to know you more over at your blog.

  10. Sure Sylviane, This post has given us new ideas on how to leverage on existing blog content. The concept of “leveraging” has been explained very well in this piece to give better understanding to the topic.

    At least, converting the content into different effective formats can help readers see new light in the once boring blog post that has been getting “cyber dust” in the blog’s “cyber life”.

    A good content has the capacity of being leveraged in different formats, and these are smart ways to do just that!

    I have left this same comment in kingged.com where this post was shared and bookmarked for Internet marketers.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


    1. Hi Sunday,

      I know you’re coming from Kingged. I’ve just joined a couple of days ago, and posted my first post this morning. As I was telling Mr. admin who came here too, I love it so far. You guys rock!

      I’m glad you appreciated the content of this post and thank you for coming.

    1. Welcome here Kareem, and I’m so glad that you enjoyed your first visit here.

      You’re right, it’s the “little” things that help a whole lot often.

      Thanks for coming by.

  11. Great article i must say. I leverage my blog contents as well and it has improved my site in a lot of ways, one post i converted to a a slide and uploaded on Slideshare has had over 50k views and with embedded links on the article, a reasonable amount of traffic have overflowed to my site.

    I also have also made infographics using visual.ly from my contents and shared on Pinterest as pins and even asked other bloggers to embed on their site and this method has also improved my site traffic and engagement.

    I will try out the other methods i haven’t tried yet to see how it improves my site more. Thanks for sharing.
    Nwosu Desmond invites you to read..Scan WordPress for Vulnerabilities with these toolsMy Profile

    1. Hi Nwosu, and welcome here.

      It seems that you’ve done a great job at leveraging your content and generating more traffic. That’s the very purpose for us leveraging that content, so it has multiple uses and brings great benefits.

      Thanks for sharing this.

  12. Hi Sylviane,

    Great infographics and great articles!
    The first time I read this article, I feel that’s great infographic. I never thought there would be someone who wants to make it on their posts. Furthermore, the infographic is easy to understand.

    Indeed, if we use these ways, we will be able to leveraged our content.
    Thanks for sharing these ways, Sylviane.

    Nanda Rahmanius invites you to read..MetaPro Glasses VS Google GlassMy Profile

    1. Hi Nanda,

      I don’t think that another blogger would want to post my infographic on their blog, but I can post it on any social media and other plateforms to leverage my article.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this and thanks for coming. Very much appreciated.

  13. Leverage content system includes:

    Research White Paper
    Video and Podcast
    Mobile Content / Applications and many more and that includes social media and the traditional traditional ways to connect and engage buyers.

    By doing so, you are putting the content in motion.

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social bookmarking and networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

    1. Hi Metz and welcome here.

      Indeed Kingged has been THE BEST social media platform I’ve ever shared my blog posts on forever.

      Putting your content in motion is what’s needed in order to get more out of it.

      I appreciate your feedback and will come visit your site as well.

  14. Hello Sylviane,

    The methods you shared here are sure very easy ways to ensure that a post never dies! I have personally used slideshare and I must make it known that it is a great way of ensuring referral traffic to any site any day.

    Sadly, I’ve not really given videos and ebooks the attention they deserve. It is my hope however that 2014 would be a better year in that respect.

    Akaahan Terungwa invites you to read..5 GREAT TRUTHS ABOUT LIFE YOU PROBABLY DON’T KNOWMy Profile

    1. Hi Akkahan,

      there’re always some areas that we tend to do more easily than others, but I’m glad that you want to give a try to videos and eBooks. I haven’t made a video in a long while myself, and need to get back to it.

      Thanks for coming and have a great day!

  15. Hi Sylviane,

    All 7 ways you listed are winners! I can personally say from my experience (only 6 months), that slideshare and infographics are easy and reader-friendly ways to optimize/leverage content. I wish I had more time to do each one of these things once a month.
    Amiti invites you to read..Learning from 2014 Super Bowl AdsMy Profile

    1. Hi Amiti,

      I’m glad you enjoyed this and that you are familiar with slideshare and infographic. It’s the same for me. I only wish I had more time.

      Thanks for coming by.

    1. Hi Reginald,

      I know that video is a big winner and most people like them. I know I have to make more of them.

      One thing I want to get more into is podcasts even though it’s less entertaining than videos. I guess you’re not a fan of slideshares, but that’s OK, there’re some many different ways out there.

      Thanks for coming and nice seeing you back here.

  16. A gem of a post there Sylviane,

    You raise some awesome tips like eBooks! When I first started blogging 5 or so years ago I had written 3 eBooks but alas I gave up and lost them!

    Now I am back I have been involved in a launch of a great eBook by top blogger Ryan Biddulph so I am thinking of making another one of my own! Actually tell a lie I have started writing one and will offer it to my fellow readers once I got a few more posts published! Got about 50 to my name now after 4 months of blogging!

    Had never heard of Slideshare before so will deffo be checking that out!
    Wonderful blog you got here anyway! Have a great day!
    – PD
    Phillip Dews invites you to read..Is your Hosting Provider Ripping You Off?My Profile

    1. Hi Philip, and welcome here!

      Yes, eBooks are great to share content, either recycled or new. I am myself just about ready to publish and give away a free eBook for my opt-in form. It will be all ready in a couple of weeks.

      If you don’t know slideshare, I’d advise you to give it a try. Slideshare gets quite a good traffic and ranks pretty well too. Plus, most people like it.

      Nice having you here and see you around soon.

  17. Awesome Sylviane 🙂

    I love how you not only talked about the topic, but showed us hot to do it – I like that…show ’em instead of just telling ’em 😀

    I have considered most of these options…some of them are ongoing, some of them are in the back burner (like audio and video..I am only planning to invest into those later this year, once I have build my blog).

    Slideshare – well, I have already started with this (one presentation so far..I will be doing more in the coming months).

    Infographics – Love your example! I am still looking into this…I have researched and found a bunch of sites to help me out…all I have to do now is ‘make’ them 😀

    Newsletters – I am putting a lot more effort into this guy…still crafting my campaign emails (I have got 6 subscribers so far – not too bad!).

    The only thing is I don’t have a solid incentive (I am considering eBooks..but they are too common. I am planning to work on this later, in March/April. Right now, my priority is just building up the new blog).

    Hopefully, it will all go well 🙂 Anyways, thank you for the awesome tips, Sylviane 😀
    Jeevanjacobjohn invites you to read..Social Media Strategy, Tips/Quotes and Socializing!My Profile

    1. Hi Jeevan,

      Yes, I wanted to make a point here of not only telling but showing the “doing” as well. I myself have to implement this on social media and forums, and create a newsletter which I don’t even have. I haven’t for years.

      My new Writing tip eBook is coming up within a couple of weeks and I’m excited about that.

      I’m sure your list will grow in no time, Jeevan. Look at your blog!

      Thanks for coming. Very much appreciated 🙂

  18. Great ideas. I definitely will follow these tips as I too fear that some of my content are just not gaining the attention I thought it would. Infographics and videos are the best for me. Thanks!

  19. Hello; its rare that i get new ideas from a post. but thanks for your information about slide share. I have saved the link to that post so i can read it in the morning. I’m also thinking that i could use the same photos to create a slide show and then add audio and upload to youtube as well two products from the same images? am i following you? and i find i have gotten better response on a couple of the forums i belong to after sharing blog posts than i ever have just replying to other people’s posts. thanks again and take care, max
    maxwell ivey invites you to read..Caliope Corner Episode 1 featuring a chance park model carouselMy Profile

  20. Love these ideas Sylviane, I use blog post to ebook and blog post to infographic a lot of the time. The ebook offering is a good one to give to subscribers as they may not have seen the original posts and missed a tonne of useful information. Sometimes I expand on it even more and turn it into a Kindle book as well.
    I don’t use content for forum posts though, I’ll have to look into doing that more.
    Sarah Arrow invites you to read..The Blogconomy [infographic]My Profile

  21. Hi Sylviane,

    Enjoyed your post. Loved the graphic which I’m not great at. but they
    make easy reading.
    I did a post today and just used a “plain” photo and a
    photo of a video to leave a link so when you click on it you can watch
    the video, but I don’t have it weighing down my page. A Jason Fladlien
    suggestion I saw on a webinar he did and remembered.

    Most everyone these days seem to store the videos in the clouds somewhere and
    post a photo and you watch the video without leaving the page, but I haven’t taken the time to do all the set up!
    Thanks for the share.
    What are the ways and means to post a pdf so it will end up on search and display on its own. Know I have seen several, but they don’t seem to be attached to a website.

    You must have that somewhere in your bag of tricks.

    Cararta invites you to read..Leverage Your Marketing Skills: Social Marketing WorksMy Profile

    1. Hi Carata,

      Actually any free pdf that you post out there (for free and without opt-in to access to it) can rank on Google. One way to do that is using Scribd, which I wrote a post not too long ago.

  22. Hi again Sylviane!Thank you for sharing some very thought provoking content. Your info graphic is really cool BTW.That is definitely a marketing tool that I need to leverage more. I really like your idea and graphic of your wine guide simply being offered as a sort of stand alone free product, as opposed to a more traditional lead capture page approach.And I definitely should look into converting more of my blog posts into Slideshare presentations. Because that site generates an awful lot of free, extremely targeted searches! Much food for though here! thanks for sharing!

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