What Is Good Content For Your Article?

Very few internet marketer teachers are teaching how to write persuasive articles.  What is more emphasized on is good content, valuable content, etc…  But really what is valuable content?

This a good question because valuable content can mean several things.  What kind of valuable content are you looking for?

This article will show you what good content REALY means and when to use them.

Articles meant to generate backlinks only

Articles that are ONLY meant to generate backlinks could be as informative as you want and give as much free information and tips to your readers as you want.  The main reason for this is that in such case, you are NOT looking for clicks to your link.  Again, what you are looking for here is just good baklinks to your site or page.

In such case and ONLY in such case you can write articles with real free information.  If you are looking for clicks to your site, however, this kind of articles will not be what you want.

Why am I saying this?

Well, let’s think a minute.  The more information you are giving away, the less your readers will feel the need to click on your link to know more.  In other words, your article will mean good content for your readers but not good content for you.

So, what would be good content that will to make your reader go through your article and click on  your link at the end of it?

What would be good content for your article to work for you would be the kind of content that will make the reader hungry for more information.  It would be the kind of articles that have the following:

1)      A pulling title.

2)      Content that will make the readers keep reading and reading until the end of the article.

3)      Convince the readers to click on your link to know more.

Without these 3 needed ingredients there is no way that you would make much sales from your articles.

What is a pulling title?

A pulling title is a title that arouse curiosity, make people think or even shock them.  You have only one chance to make people want to read your article and it’s with your title.  Many people are killing their article right from the get go in the title.

Words that you should use in your title are words such as, how, why, discover, find out, revealed, unleashed, chocking, incredible, unknown, etc…  Words that arouse feelings of curiosity while they give the promise of a solution.

When using words that are doing the job you want them to do, your chances of having your articles opened and read increase tremendously.

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  1. A good content does include a catchy title, the content keeps the readers engaged, the images used…etc. I don’t feel that all good content should be only about the breaking news, it should be informative, interesting and fun.

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