The 3 Most Important Factors Of Persuasive Writing

Persuasion is a big deal and people who have the ability to persuade others will definitely get what they want in the end.

There are many different ways to be persuasive.  An online acquaintance of mine just wrote a great series of 4 blog posts about the art of persuasion.  However, in the case of this blog we are going to concentrate on persuasive writing and how it can make your articles more attractive and convincing to your readers.

My experience with writing has taught me that there are three most important factors of persuasive writing.  Let’s analyze them one by one and see how you can implement them into your article marketing in order to get better results.

The Number One Factor of Persuasive Writing is Exposing a Problem That is Real to a Lot of People

Exposing a problem or issue that a lot of people have is always a very important factor of persuasive writing.  The choices you have for doing so are so numerous that you should never run out of ideas no matter what product you are selling.

Whatever your niche might be, there are tons of problems that people are faced with and need a solution for.  Usually, exposing one of such problems in the title of your written piece as well as in your introduction will attract anyone who is looking for a solution.

Here are few examples:

– Is your dog barking all day?

– Are you suffering from migraines?

– Has your boyfriend dumped you?

– Need to improve your golf swing?

– Need more money?

– Looking to quit your job?

– Don’t know what to do to make sure you are getting the right babysitter?

– Don’t know what to do to get rid of that fat?

As you can see, here, I have covered eight different niches (problems) that many people want to fix.  The important thing to do is to expose such problem right from the get go in the title of your article and empathize with the reader that it’s hard to live with such problem.

This is how you will capture the attention of your targeted reader and persuade them that they should keep reading.

The Second Factor of Persuasive Writing is Providing a Solution to The Problem

After exposing the heartaches of having such problem it’s time to give a solution.  A promise of the solution should also be part of your title and introduced immediately after exposing the problem towards the end of the first paragraph.

Here are my examples again…

Is your dog barking all day? How can you help your dog to become calm and quite starting tomorrow.

– Are you suffering from migraines?  Discover a natural way to get rid of them for good.

– Has your boyfriend dump you? Discover how you can get your ex back.

– Need to improve your golf swing? How can you improve your golf swing using a very simple method.

– Need more money? Discover how you can get multiple sources of income.

– Looking to quit your job?  Find out how you can make money online and quite your job within 6 months.

– Don’t know what to do to make sure you are getting the right babysitter?  Learn key questions you need to ask your next baby-sitter.

– Don’t know what to do to get rid of that fat?  Discover the diet that will help you get rid of you fat while you’ll never be hungry.

As you can see, here, I have exposed a problem and revealed a solution for it right behind it.  If anyone stumbling upon my title is having that exact same problem and, promise of a solution, they are most likely going to be persuaded into reading more.

The Third Factor of Persuasive Writing is Refraining from Revealing Everything

The third very important persuasive writing factor is NOT revealing the whole solution in your article, because the real solution is beyond the click.

Have you ever noticed movie trailers?  They give you just enough to make you want to go see the movie but, they won’t reveal you the whole plot.  If they did, what would be the reason for you to pay for your ticket and go see the entire movie?

It’s the same thing with your article.  Your article is meant to give enough to your reader to become interested and see the benefits of what you are offering, while not revealing too much.

If you do reveal too much, they won’t need to buy your product anymore.  Revealing too much would just kill the very purpose of your persuasive writing.

There You Have it – The 3 Most Important Factors of Persuasive Writing!

Exposing – Providing – refraining from revealing

Exposing a problem or issue, providing a solution to such problem or issue but, refraining from revealing too much about the solution will make you a writer who can master persuasive writing.



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  1. I know I say “great post” a LOT but when I read something that gets me all excited I just can’t help it.

    Sylviane that was excellent. I used what you shared when I was writing a lot of articles but got away from that in my blog posts because I wanted to be more real. I wanted to share my own experiences with my readers instead of feeling like I’m trying t,o as you so nicely put, persuade them into doing something. If I can only find a happy balance I’ll be in heaven.

    Excellent post and so right on. Really appreciate you sharing this with us. Now if only more people actually learned how to do this.

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  2. Hi Sylviane,

    Sorry for not getting here sooner. It was seeing your commentluv link today that reminded me I still had to come and read this post.

    I thought you explained it all very well and the examples you gave really drove home the point you were making. I love posts like this one, short and to the point but with a great lesson and examples.

    Excellent Sylviane.

    Take care, Barry
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  3. I am not a writer at all, because I have you, Sylviane 😉 to write for me and because of your knowledge about writing, all my articles and press releases are doing very well. Thanks for your hard work.

  4. A great Post and article Sylviane!

    Your post has motivation and makes one excited and full of enthusiasm!
    This is an art that many people are not able to reach, unfortunately

    I enjoyed browsing through your “Network Blog”
    Thank you for the opportunity
    Warm regards ~Allan~

    1. Thanks for passing by, Allan. Not everyone can write as well, that is for sure, but everyone can surely try to do their best in putting what they have inside out there. This alone will improve anyone’s writing skills.

  5. Well written. Readers gets engaged because of persuasion and so far I’ve found your posts very persuasive. I’m learning some very important values which can help me become a good blogger if I ever plan to become someday. Your blog is all about values, information and quality. Now that I’ve learned about persuasive writing I’ll be able to know more about those writers which put more effort in trying to persuade the readers.

    1. Care to elaborate? It’s very important to leave an intelligent comment, you know. As one of my article here talks about.

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