Why Has The Law Of Attraction Not Worked For You?

If you have been introduced to the law of attraction, I am sure that you were told to have a “self talk” also called affirmations of positive statements that you should repeat every day a good number of times.

I know that back in the days when I was introduced to the law of attraction concept it’s what I was told to do.  Then, in all confidence I started with my positive “affirmations” and repeated them all through the day out loud, anytime I was alone.

The problem is that like a lot of people out there, it didn’t work for me.  Was I doing something wrong? Was I told a lie and that stuff just didn’t work?  Does it work only for some people?

Would you like to know the answer to those questions and more?  Then, keep reading.

Why Do Affirmations Just Don’t Always Work For Everyone?

The first time that I was instructed to use affirmations in order to change my life, my coach just forgot to add the most important detail that would have made all the difference to me, which was to – choose affirmations that could  believe.

You see, our mind and more specifically our subconscious mind is more complicated than that.  In order for any affirmation to work it needs to be believable to the subconscious mind.

The huge detail that some so called self development coaches will forget to tell you is that if you don’t believe the affirmations, subconsciously, you could repeat such affirmations until you’re blue in the face and it still wouldn’t work for you.

The reason why this is the case is that you are not “believing” what you are saying because your subconscious mind is saying – no way – and, therefore, the vibrations that you are sending out there, are not in alignment with the higher vibration frequency that would be in alignment with what your affirmations.

Sounds a bit complicated?  Here is a simple example that will help you understand fully what I mean.

Let’s say that you are making $25,000 a year right now, and in your affirmation you are saying I am a millionaire or even I am making $100,000 a year! Such statement is not believable to your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind holds all the beliefs that you have accumulated since you were a small child.  Now, let’s say that you have grown up in a family that never made even close to that kind of money and you haven’t ever made that kind of money has an adult either.  What do you think subconscious belief about money would be?

Your subconscious belief about money would be that you are always going to make just about what you have been making all your life, and that even includes before you were an adult and made your own money.

Let’s say that your parents were making up to $35,000 a year and you are making $30,000 a year, that’s what is deeply embedded in your subconscious mind.  Thinking that you can shift this with simple affirmations like “I’m making $100,000 a year” would be a long shot, because your subconscious mind is saying “that’s impossible”.

Because your subconscious mind is saying that’s impossible, you are not vibrating at the frequency that says $100,000 a year, You are vibrating at $30,000 a year.

Our vibrations is energy that attracts like.  Energy = vibrations = like- attraction.  In other words, the more you have, the higher your energy/vibrations, the more  you attract.  If this is still a little bit fuzzy for you, Melody Fletcher as a great eBook called Deliberate Receiving that can clarify all that for you.

Subconsciously, you don’t believe your affirmation, therefore, you are not vibrating at the energy level that you would need to in order to manifest what you want in your physical world.

This is why people who have watched the movie or read the book “The Secret” are saying that it’s not working.  It’s not that it’s not working, but it certainly is not working for them.  The reason why is because they are coming from a too far away place and have not understood the concept beneath attraction according the law, which is that the “belief” needs to be there first or be introduced little by little.

How to Introduce the Belief of Your Affirmations to Your Subconscious Mind

How did you come to be a little toddler to a grown adult?  Little by little, right?  You were not born one day measuring 36 inches and woke up 3 months later to be 6 foot tall!  The growth of your body, brain, organs, ears, nose, etc… happened little by little, gradually, over a period of 16 to 21 years.

That’s how the universe works.  The evolution of things happen gradually, so our body, brain and mind have time to get used to it and our subconscious mind has time to accept it as true and act accordingly.

It is the same thing with your affirmations; if you are making only $25,000 to $35,000 do not set your affirmation to $100,000 (just yet).  It’s just too much for subconscious mind to believe it.  You need to do it gradually, just like the way you grew up.  There were a lot of sizes you went through between 36 inches and 6 feet, right? 1 foot, 2 feet, 4 feet, you get the picture!  In the same manner there’s a lot of income ranges between $35,000 and $100,000 isn’t there?  What about a nice $50,000 to start with. That’s much better than $25,000 or even much better than $35,000, but that’s also much more “believable” for the subconscious of someone who makes only around $30,000.  Isn’t it?

When you grow progressively, your affirmations will work better and you will be able to bring your vibrations up in alignment with such affirmations much better as well.  At that time, and at that time only, you will be able to notice a shift in your life that will most likely going to bring you closer to that “believable” amount.  When that happens, you can move to a higher level.  Just make sure that you are at a level that your subconscious can believe in.  Little by little you will be reaching your $100,000 and above, but not before it’s too much for your subconscious mind to believe.


If you have tried to use positive affirmations before, but have not achieved any results with them, it’s most likely that you have set the bar too high.  Come down the ladder a little bit and start where it feels more comfortable for your subconscious mind to believe.

If you do, your affirmations along with the belief and the right vibrations, you will finally attract what you want.

How did those affirmations worked for you so far? Let me know in the comment area below!


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6 thoughts on “Why Has The Law Of Attraction Not Worked For You?”

  1. Hi Sylviane
    I could not agree more with this post. While it is possible to create a life light years away from what we are experiencing now, we need to be able to own the fact that we are carrying around a lot of negative programming and we need to incorporate that into the attracting process. So many LOA people advocate shooting for the moon right away, but like you said, you will only attract what you believe you can attract and chances are, if we could raise our vibration that high that quickly, we would probably already have what we want. Starting off smaller is in no way doubting faith in the concepts or limiting yourself, it is simply a way to make the process work for you. Sure, it is totally possible to go from 30 to 100 grand a year, provided we have no resistance to that idea but we likely do, so instead of wasting time trying to convince ourselves we can take that leap if we truly believe we cannot, start off with something your subconscious can buy into and you will get there much more quickly.
    Kelli Cooper invites you to read..Why Does Trying to Be Happy Make Me So Unhappy Sometimes?My Profile

    1. Hi Kelli,
      Nice to see you here again. You are totally right, even though there is nothing wrong to be shooting for the moon is that most of us won’t reach there from one day to the next. Again, as you said, if we could we would be there already, wouldn’t we? Great insight here 🙂

  2. This explains a lot about some affirmations I’ve done for myself. Looking back on it all, I can see the ones that worked were the ones I believed more. It was the affirmations that I really stretched the truth where I had difficulty. I guess this shows that you shouldn’t try to make yourself believe something that isn’t true. Your subconscious will always know. I like the way you put it by comparing the affirmations with growing up. I can see how that would work.
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    1. Hi Steve,

      Yes, you’ve got it! I just wanted to add that we shouldn’t try to have affirmations that are not true TO OURSELVES it’s OK to say all day long that you are making one thousand dollars a day, AS LONG AS YOU BELIEVE IT, please, do! If you don’t,though, just reduce the amount until you believe it. That’s all there is to it! 🙂

  3. There really are some people who encountered having problem with this because they do not know how they will be able to use Law of attraction accordingly. Thank you so much for this post and reminder that you have.

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