How To Turn A Browser Into A Reader – Part Three

OK, we made it! This is the last chapter of my series on how to turn a browser into a reader.

If you’ve just landed on this post I suggest that you read part one and part two first, and then come back here for the final part of this series.  If you have read them already, let’s continue then…

Now that you have attracted your reader with a very attractive title, and kept them reading because of your high quality content while making sure you played the emotion; what else should do to make your reader comes back time and time again?

I am sure you that sometimes you’ve landed on someone’s blog knowing that you were going to come back, and sometimes knowing that you were not.  Why is that?  Why are we more attracted by some blogs than others?  Is it the article itself? Is it the blogger themselves? Is it the topic?  Interestingly in many cases it’s none of these three.  So, what is it?

Let’s analyse 3 areas that you can use to attract your reader to come back over and over.

Be Yourself

The great advantage of being yourself as a blogger or writer is that we are all different.  As a person, outside of blogging, you are different than anyone else, and I am sure that sometimes you have even been told how different you are.  The important thing is not to try to be someone else.  The more your blog will show your own personality the more people will be attracted to you.

Do not try to be politically correct

  • Do not try to please everyone
  • Do not refrain from using words that may shock some people as long as you do it in life
  • Do not be afraid NOT to agree with everyone and have everyone agree with you every time
  • Do not be afraid to be who you really are

You are an amazing being and you are unique.  Sounds “cliche”? well, maybe, but it’s true. There is no one else on the whole wide earth like you.  The main reason why this is fantastic is because it’s true.  Remember this and use it in your writing.  Let this be the first thing that you will give to your writer.

I know, I had trouble being myself for a long, long time, that why I thrived when I was acting and playing someone else years ago.  Some people may take it for granted, but sometimes being yourself is a very hard thing to do.  But get the courage to be yourself, and do not try to please everyone.  Those who do this are the most successful bloggers.

Don’t Ever Take Your Reader For Granted

Do you take your readers for granted?  I know some bloggers who do.  I know some bloggers who have a large amount of readers and don’t really care about one more or one less. This would only be fine if they didn’t need to make another sale ever again.  The funny thing is that they do.

My point is that if you are online it’s probably that you are selling something, even if it’s only your adsense ads.  This means that you should never take a single reader for granted, because you will lose them.

How do you take a reader for granted?

  • By not replying to their comments or questions
  • By not visiting their blog after they visited yours
  • By showing a cold and none inviting persona

Are you kidding, do such bloggers even exist?  Yes, they do.  As sad an unprofessional as this may sound, bloggers like this do exist.  Even though they may have a large amount of readers, I do not see how they can last online in the long run.  You’ve got to acknowledge each one of your readers.  It’s a MUST for the sake of your business.

To give you an example, about 8 month ago I started following two blogs about the same kind of niche at about the same time.  One hosted by a talented, yet rather cold female blogger while the other by a warm and very personal one.

Over time I found myself less and less attracted by the cold blogger and now that I have so many blogs to visit and comment on I rarely visit that blog anymore.  What makes this interesting to know in this case is that’s a blog that I use to visit like 3 times or more a week, but the coldness of this blogger got the best out of me.  I will never buy anything from that woman if I can avoid it.  Yes, that’s that bad!

Now, she might not need me you may say? Wrong, she does!  Her blog is full of click here and click there, so, yes she does need me and you.  She just doesn’t know how to attract people.  As my mother liked to say, you don’t attract flies with vinegar.

The other blogger that I met at around the same time was Adrienne Smith.  Who doesn’t love Adrienne?  One of the main reasons why people do is because she is very warm and personal and doesn’t take her readers for granted.  If you post a comment on Adrienne’s blog (unless you’re just a spammer) she will visit your blog back and become one of your most loyal visitors.  This alone really pays off for her.  If you don’t believe me, just ask her.  I am sure she will tell you.

So, out of these two blogs that I started visiting at around the same time, one lost me and one got me, because one totally took me for granted and the other one didn’t.  Which one are you?

Give People What They Really Want

Recently, I was reminded by one of Nicky Price’s posts of a great marketing book that I read few years ago called Magnetic Sponsoring, by Mike Dillard.  An incredibly interesting statement I read in the book was by Perry Marshall and I never forgot it.  It goes like this…

Nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill.  They wanted a hole.  Therefore, if you want to sell drills, you should advertise information about making holes – Not information about drills!

How true that is!  This book was created for network marketers, mostly, but it can serve anyone in any business.  Nobody cares about your drills even if they are great drills, people want to know how to make holes.

What does this mean?

When you write blog posts or articles, teach people how to do something. Show them the way, show them how it’s done and how you did it yourself.  Write something that they can apply.  Don’t just tell them that you did it.  That’s great, but what’s in for me?  What is the reason that would make me want to stick around and come back for more?

If you write to inform and teach people how to do something they want and need to do, and if you do it by writing in a clear and simple manner or by adding a video that can even make it better in some cases, you are teaching people how to make holes, not what type of drills they should be using. That’s what is going to turn a browser into a reader.

Turning a browser into a reader, and better even, a loyal reader, takes a lot of different actions and behaviors.  This series of 3 posts was my way of showing you how it can be done.  However, you might want to add to this in the comment area.  So, bring it on!  I love comments and I do not take my writers for granted.  Never!




31 thoughts on “How To Turn A Browser Into A Reader – Part Three”

  1. Really great post! And don’t we all wish we could be Adrienne ?? Sometimes I don’t know how she finds the time to do what she does. But it’s very true that you have to “give to get” and if you’re not giving back to your readers, they aren’t going to build that bond with you. I also loved that line about the hole, not the drill. I’ve been repeating that to everyone I know 🙂

    I never had that bad of an experience with a blogger but I’ll tell you this much… if I comment on people’s blogs and they don’t answer back or don’t bother to pay attention at all, I do stop going. There are soooo many bogs out there and I can find content that’s good PLUS a person that I like. So just because you have good content, don’t get all comfortable thinking it doesn’t matter if you talk to your readers! I am in agreement with you 100%.

    Also, you have to be yourself. Who else are you gonna be? Like I always tell people who are hung up on doing their own thing… “Get out of your own way!” Sounds to me like you have most certainly found your voice and you have a pretty great “self” so keep doing what you’re doing!
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    1. Hi Carol,

      Yes, indeed, Adrienne is great with comments, really love that about her. But as a matter of fact, when I wrote about Adrienne, the next person I was thinking about it’s you 🙂 I am not making this up, it’s true. You’ve been so incredibly present on all my posts and blogs since I’ve met you on our common Facebook group. I really appreciate that you know 🙂 You were even first here today 🙂

      As for me, it’s so easy to read your posts because they are darn good and very well written. But I know I’ve told you that already 🙂

      For sure, no blogger should think they’ve made it so good that they can ignore their readers.

      Thanks for coming by and take care 🙂

  2. Hi Sylviane,

    This is a great post that can give very important clues as to how we should treat our readers and followers.

  3. I was nodding and agreeing through this entire post Sylviane and then I get down to where you’re comparing the bloggers and there I am. Surprise! It just made me smile so big and I had a lump in my throat. I was just so touched so thank you for mentioning that.

    I know when I first started blogging I wasn’t myself. I was stiff and wrote for the search engines. I didn’t hardly get any traffic either, none that commented and stuck around.

    Once I opened up and started just being me, which I didn’t think anyone would take to, my blog took off. Imagine my surprise and delight!

    I hope everyone will take your advice from this series because it will get them a very long way.

    Thanks Sylviane and hope you’re having a great Monday!

    Adrienne invites you to read..Why Blog Maintenance Is ImportantMy Profile

    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Ah! I got you. Indeed, I thought this comparison was a great one, because you and this girl are so opposite, as a matter of fact. I tried to connect with the lady, but no can do 🙂

      There’s even two very important “personal” things that we have in common and once I’ve emailed here about it, but nada. There’s nothing you can do or even want to do with people like that. But, hey, she’s got the right to be the way she wants, maybe it works out for some, but not me.

      Thanks for coming by as always, Adrienne. Now, let me hop over to your blog, because I couldn’t do it earlier.

  4. While I love to see comments on my blog. I really like them to be relevant with the post. A comment is valuable only when the visitor has read the post. I know it takes time, I myself read a lot of blogs on a daily basis, but that’s the name of the game.

    Thanks 🙂

  5. Great points, I especially like your last one, Sylviane.

    Give your readers what they want. The popularity of my blog changed drastically when I changed from teaching what I thought my readers needed to providing tips and trainings on what they actually wanted.

    I made sure I knew this by asking questions on my blog and by using surveys. I actually used one such survey to decide what I should place in my optin offer, and the response has been outstanding.

    Thanks, Sylviane!
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  6. This is a very interesting post, sylvaine. I wish I could be like Adrienne. She is fantastic at what she do and I don’t know how in the world she gets so much time to do what she does.

    When I first started blogging in 2009, all I did was copying content from here and there and publishing them for search engines. But after doing that for few months, I re-launched the blog with the original and high quality content and within few days my blog took off. Later I sold it, for a good money.

    Thanks for sharing this great post, Sylviane. Hope you’re having a great Wednesday.

    Devesh invites you to read..Building Loyalty: Comments, Social Media and Guest PostsMy Profile

    1. Hi Dev, Thanks for the compliment 🙂

      You know, the thing is that Adrienne is just as busy as you and me, but there is more power in willing than wishing. If you really want to be like Adrienne, just do it. No excuse :)! I am very, very busy and yet I comment on 5-7 blogs per day. That’s about 1800 blogs a year, right? That really adds up! Imagine the backlinks?

      Copying content is really not something one can get away with anymore, and I am glad that you are now publishing only original content and have been rewarded for this with success.

      Thank you for coming by, Dev and hope to see you again.
      Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read.. How To Turn A Browser Into A Reader – Part Three My Profile

  7. Nice series of posts dear. First time I’ve enjoyed your post about lemon and landed here via Adrienne’s blog. If you remember, I’ve thanked you for not making that topic boring as most others do, ’cause if I read such a topic somewhere as a newbie, I’m lost. Who will think of this kind of posts after reading about lemon? 😉 I’ve landed on this post after seeing your tweet and bookmarked to read later. Today I’ve read your 3 of posts in series and really enjoyed.

    I believe two things when it comes to writing, being myself and writing about what I know, not what I think I know. I didn’t get them first too. But over time, I start to write my own way and share what I know mostly. And absolutely, readers should be respected as like writers respected by them. Sometimes I wonder why people who teach about ethics not even trying to respond or acknowledge their readers. They even don’t say a word in response to reader comments. You’ve shown a great example – Adrienne. She’s an admirable writer and blogger. She always down to earth, respect others and when it comes to starting conversations and building relationships, she’s an awesome personality. First time, I was surprised of having her comment on my blog, ’cause she never knew me.

    “Give People What They Really Want” – You were giving what I need throughout this series. When it comes to my role on my blog, I do write tutorials mostly. I wanna guide or help people learn something. I don’t wanna do it for them. Believe me, sometimes I read my own tutorials to get help sometimes, so I’m giving what I need too. no? 😉

    Thanks for your ideas, solutions and sharing knowledge 🙂 Really appreciate it.

    Mayura invites you to read..How to Create a Group on FacebookMy Profile

    1. Mayura you seem to be such a sweet young man. Please, don’t change 🙂

      Of course, I do remember you saying on Adrienne’s blog that you would have never read an article about the health benefits of lemons, but that you did because you thought it was well written. Of course, I do remember this very, very well 🙂 and I loved reading it.

      Then, as you know I replied to your comment there and as soon as I had a minute I went to your own blog and left a comment there. And will again, promise. I really do try to do what I preach. I’ve sometimes visited blogs time and time again without even having seen the person on my blog once, but that’s OK, I am getting the backlinks by linking to their blog.

      Some people don’t think, so don’t care and some have no heart 🙂 I just don’t want this to me me 🙂

      Thank you for your great comments and feedback 🙂

  8. Hi Sylviane,

    Great end to the three part series. I think it is very important to reply to comments on your site, occasionally thanking them for their time.
    Many bloggers do not practice comment reciprocation. It might be the fact that they are too busy with their work but then because of comment reciprocation we build relationships. Though it might be time consuming, it is very beneficial.
    Adrienne Smith is a great example and if I had a company, she would be chief relationship officer in it :).
    Ashvini invites you to read..Building great brands: Learning from GodrejMy Profile

    1. Hi Ashvini,

      Thanks for coming by. Yes, no doubt, blog commenting is time consuming, I am a very, very busy person, believe you me. Yet I do set time aside just for blog commenting.

      Blog comments are really the life of your blog and one of the best ways to find new readers. To me that’s really not an option.

  9. Hey Sylviane,

    This is a great finish to a great series…. I have not yet had a chance to read the rest of it yet, but I will be checking them out here soon.

    I have to completely agree with you, though… You make some really great points that any blogger can benefit from. Sometimes, I find that people try too hard and end up coming off fake and your visitors will quickly pick up on that. If you just be yourself, admit your mistakes and struggles, your blog visitors will relate to you and want to visit again.

    Take care,

    Jeremy Ruggles invites you to read..My First Click Bank Payday – And A Valuable Lesson LearnedMy Profile

    1. Hi Jeremy,

      Thanks you for coming for the first time here 🙂

      I am glad you enjoyed your read. I definitely believe that if you are fake, people will pick up on that. No doubt. The more you are a real human being the more readers and followers you are going to have.

  10. Hi Sylviane,

    thanks for sharing your insights. Yes, being unique sounds like a cliché, but do we have a choice ? In fact, we don’t. So we’d better figure what makes us unique and why let this authentic voice guide our life, and that includes our blogging life too, doesn’t it ?

    People’s behaviour online reveals a whole lot of who they truly are – or who they are not. The one knows how to bon with a random visitor, the other doesn’t. Of course, it can be learned to do exactly that, and it has to be learned in order for us to succeed.

    I second you on everything you say about Adrienne. She’s wonderful blogger.



  11. Hi Oliver,

    Yes, our blogging does reveal our personality, and so is the way we treat our readers. Do we respect them by visiting their blog once they came to ours? Some bloggers don’t feel that way at all, but that goes to tell you.

    Yes, Adrienne is the kind of person I understand because I am a lot like her. That’s why we really get along. She is never too busy to visit everyone 🙂

    Thanks for your visit, Olvier, and I’ll see you again on your side 🙂

  12. Awesome way to finish it off, Sylviane 🙂

    I admit committing these mistakes – trying to be someone else and taking my readers for granted. It all comes down to creating impression – through valuable content, design and blog speed (I think these 3 are the most important elements of your blog; as far as creating impression goes). And in the end, the impression itself motivates visitors to subscribe.

    Jeevanjacobjohn invites you to read..10 Things To Do Before Launching A BlogMy Profile

    1. Hi Jeevan,

      Thank you for your honesty. We all have made mistake and still do as long as we try new things. The most important thing is that we are acknowledging that we are a work in progress and doing our best to get better.

      Thanks for your feedbacks, always appreciated.

      1. No problem, Sylviane 🙂

        You are right, everything will be good as long as we try until we succeed (most people don’t get that part of keep on trying, can’t blame them. We are living in a society of instant availability. We want every instantly. Even success.
        Jeevanjacobjohn invites you to read..10 Things To Do Before Launching A BlogMy Profile

  13. Hi Sylviane,

    Awesome, awesome post! I agree, with a lot of what you mentioned above including that Adrienne is an awesome blogger and very caring person. Sometimes I don’t know how she does it. When I grow up, I want to be just like her.

    About appreciating your readers…well, if you don’t, eventually your blog will die because there is nobody who comes to read what you write. Sometimes it happens that a comments slips through the cracks on my blog and I find days later. I feel horrible when that happens, because I never ever want to be thought of as “not caring.”

    Thanks s much for sharing your great insights!

    Ilka Flood invites you to read..Who Are You Catering to in Your Network Marketing Business?My Profile

    1. Hi Ilka,

      Thank you for your compliment. You are just like me, you want to make sure your respond everyone. Sometimes WordPress is a bit off and some perfectly good and legit comments will get lost in moderation land and that’s how you may miss them. However, since I am aware of this now, I check every day and sure enough I find one here and there.

      I am so glad that you are one of the caring bloggers that I love and respect 🙂

  14. Sorry it has taken me so long to get here! Crazy couple of weeks, but thank you so much for the link – Magnetic Sponsoring is indeed a great book.

    This is such a good post in so many ways – we all need people in our business because business whether online or offline is built on relationships and the most successful people know that. I also love the fact that you mentioned that most people when reading a post will think “what’s in it for me?”. It reminded me of a very good boss I used to have when I used to write text for competitive government bids – he always said to us “When you have finished writing it, apply the SO WHAT test to it” – If you can’t see the point, then re-write your blog post and give more value!

    Great tips here Sylviane and I totally agree with you about Adrienne too!
    Nicky invites you to read..What Are The Top MLM Companies 2012?My Profile

    1. Hi Nicky,

      I understand about being busy, believe me. I thought that the mention of Mike Dillars’book was appropriate here so, what better post to link to for this, but yours which I had read only a couple of week earlier.

      The “so what” test is a very good one, indeed. If you can’t answer the question that’s a sign for some editing 🙂

      Thanks for coming 🙂 Nicky!

  15. Being authentic and relevant goes a long way in really “reaching” our readers, Sylviane.

    The connection begins when we drop what we want to write in favor of discerning what browsers are looking for from us. When we pick up that call to action to write meaningful and relevant content, we acquire readers in place of browsers.

    1. Hi David,

      Very well said! That is what I try to do more and more. I am asking myself the question, before I write a post, what do my readers and potential readers might want to know, today?

      Sometimes, what I come up with is not at all what I wanted to write. But that’s how it should be, unless you want to blog for yourself 🙂

  16. you have posted very good post that is badly needed for me. where will i get your part 1 & 2. can you give me suggestion. thanks a lot for the valuable post.

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