How to Make a Good Blog Post

how to make a good blog postTo know or not to know how to make a good blog post? That is the question!

By now anyone reading this article should know that the ingredient number one to make a good blog post is content, content and again content.  Well, that’s good to know, but maybe at this point you want to know more about how to make a good blog post – Something more like a step by step that you could follow every time you are writing a blog post article. If you do it right, by the way, your blog post could be one of the first three results on Google.  So, without further ado, let’s see how you can make a good blog post.

1)      You need to have an attractive, useful and optimized title

These are the three MUST ingredients of a good blog post when it comes to the title.  An attractive title that catches the eyes and rises interest.

Now, what does catch the eyes and rise interest?

What people are looking for is answers to their questions.  An answer to a specific question is the most eye catching blog post title you will ever have.  Ask yourself what people might be asking about your product or niche – one question at the time – and all you have to do is answer that question.  Such question should be the title of your blog post using specific keywords.  Were you looking for an answer about how to make a good blog post? There, you have it! You clicked on this link, opening to this article.

My title wasn’t only attractive, but also useful, because a lot of people are wanting to know how to make a good blog post.  But now, was my title optimized?  To make sure you are using an optimized title the first thing you need to do is type your title in Google and do a search to see how many results are coming up for this title.  Myself, I like to do it once with no “quote” and then again with “quotes” and see what comes up.

Of course no one does a search with quotes, but this will give you a more exact search result for your specific keywords.  Then, look at the top 10 results which are your REAL competition and see what kind of sites they are.  Are they little insignificant sites? Are they big 100 pounders? Will you be able to be placed in the top 5?  Those are questions you can only find answers to by studying your competition.  I know it’s not much fun, but it’s worth it! You can use this free tool which will give you juicy information about your competition and help you to play with it.

Once you have done that, you can just go ahead and write your blog article or you can go even deeper by using a keyword tool that will give you priceless information about your title and its article power.

NOTE: Some of the reasons why you might or might not be able to beat the completion may also have to do with the age of the sites, their PR, the amount of links they have, If there are using their keywords in the title or not, etc… Thus, the need to use a tool to evaluate your competition.

When those steps are completed, you know that you have an attractive, useful and optimized title which is the starting point of making a good blog post.

2)      You need valuable, original content

Now, of course we all know that the “plat de resistance” of a good blog post is valuable and original content.  I am told by SEO experts that when it comes to a blog post article it needs to be 800 to 1000 words.  While before a 500 to 600 word blog post would have done well, it will probably lose in ranking against a similar article that is 800 words or more.

So, if you want all the chances you’ve got to rank high on your side, you know what to do from now on.  That’s why you may have noticed that the posts on this blog have gone from 500 to 600 words to over 800 words now!  Yes, I do follow my own advice!

We have talked a lot, all over the place, about how important it is that your content be original.  While it’s perfectly okay to look for ideas in other people’s content, it should not ever go beyond that.  No coping, no paraphrasing and no content farm is okay anymore with Google.  If you want your blog to rank high it really needs to deserve it these days.  Deserve it means 100% valuable original content.  It’s as simple as that!

Here are two simple questions you may want to ask yourself in order to write a good blog post

a)      What do I know that people might want or need to know?

b)      How can I tell them the best possible way? (Forget about selling!)

When you can answer these two questions it should be a short lip to be able to start writing your blog post.  If your niche is something you know well, at this point, all you have to do is choose a specific theme and tell your readers something they might want to know or better still that you feel they need to know for their own good.  Blogging is about giving! And, yes it feels good. I love writing blog posts that I feel can really help someone.

Then, find the best possible way to explain what you know as you would explain it to a friend who wouldn’t know anything about the subject.

You do not need to use pompous words that only a few people might understand, and do not write for lawyers and doctors.  Do you know that the average newspaper article is written for 4th grade level?  So, should be your blog post.

3)       You need to do correct SEO

How to make a good blog post also includes using correct SEO.  I am not going to go into lengthy explanation on this subject since I just wrote another blog post about it .  This will help you understand how to set your blog post article in order to have a better chance at high ranking and  fast as well.

Once you’ve done all that, you will be able to say that you know how to make a good blog post.  Now, let’s get to work!

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  3. I have noticed that long blog posts do much better than shorter ones. Thank you for confirming this for me.

  4. Thank you for the wonderful advice on blogging. I will bookmark this page to use it when creating my first blog, because it seems like a comprehensive resource of the fundamentals of a successful blog. I have read that shorter blog posts are better than long ones, but there seems to be an incongruity among bloggers on this matter. My opinion is that short texts might be easy to run through, but long posts have the potential to contain much more value. Thank you for your help! All the best, Leonard Evenson

  5. You’ve pointed out all the mantras of writing a good blog post. As a regular reader of blog posts I’d say that what you’ve pointed out are exactly what draws me to a blog post. A catchy title and really good content never go unnoticed.

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