The Power Of The Mind To Attract Incompetents Beware

The Power of the Mind to AttractA great pass-time of mine is to dig for French videos on YouTube. As a matter of fact, that’s all I’m watching online these days.

To me it’s the easiest trip back home where I can enjoy French clips or even full movies and TV shows of old as well as new ones.

You know, what they say is true – You can get the man out of the country, but you can’t get the country out of the man.

So, this past weekend after I had enough packing stuff for my upcoming move, I decided to sit down and relax a little watching French TV on YouTube.

Now, I’m the type of person who kind of like “real” stories of serious matters. I know I don’t that may sound weird to some people.  But that’s how I am, so I always look for shows or documentaries that talk about “people”, because I love to analyze what makes people tic.

Ok, enough rambling…

There’s a great French TV show/documentary nowadays titled “Un Jour, Un Destin” (One Day One Destiny) which is a gold mine of human behavior analyses.  Perfect for someone like me.  This show is about biographies of famous people who for the most part have died prematurely.

What makes it so interesting to me is that you can get into the mind of those individuals portrayed in the show because of honest testimonies from the people who were very close to them.  As a matter of fact, this show is not about the “famous” man or woman, but the “real” man or woman who happened to have been famous at the time that they died.

The reasons why this show is so interesting to me are several.

  • Firstly, those are actors and singers who were very popular when I was anywhere between 5 and 20 Years old. So, that’s memory lane travel to me. And we tend to like to go back to our beginnings don’t we? Well, it’s because it’s linked to when our subconscious was very impressionable.
  • Secondly, with this show I discovered the real person behind the show business mask that I didn’t know. I love that!
  • Lastly, those stories are excellent case studies for anyone interested in the human brain, the law of attraction and the subconscious mind as much as I am.

As I am watching those life stories that ended either in premature accidental deaths or even suicides I can’t help but notice that there is a common factor that links them all.  Each of those people has had “death in mind” so to speak, for a long time before it actually caught up to them.

But Let See What I Mean…

Psychologist Carl Jung said, until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

As I’m analyzing those somewhat sad stories, I can truly see how true this is.

Perhaps when each of those individual died a premature death whether by accident or suicide people might have called it fate or bad luck.  However, as I am listening to all the testimonies of people who knew those individuals well, and noticing all the details that preceded their death, I can clearly see that it wasn’t not fate.

Rather, I can see how our good old Law of Attraction is always at work, and just like you can attract the perfect or worst partner, a car, a job, or even a disease, you can also attract premature death into your life.

At the risk of sounding weird to you, death is part of life, and you can attract it according to the Laws of the Universe just like anything else.

But how you might ask?

Let’s analyze the common thread that I’ve found with those people that led to what they’ve attracted.

Lack of Gratitude

Interestingly, sometimes people who should be the most grateful on this planet happened to be the least grateful. It’s as if those who have the most to be thankful for just become to totally blinded.  This lack of gratefulness turns into a type of chronic misery borderline depression.

Lack of conscious gratefulness is serious stuff and it will get you with a vengeance.

The point is that if you are not consciously grateful for what you have, you will start to concentrate on everything negative that surrounds you, even if you have more good things than the average person.

This is the first common thread that I’ve found with those rich and famous people who died prematurely.  They totally lacked a grateful attitude which was the beginning of their down fall.

Beware of What you Wish for

Once those individuals managed to be oblivious to their blessings they started wishing they were dead, which happens to a lot of depressed people.

To the question, how do you see yourself when you’ll be old? This actor said “I will never be old”.  Really? How interesting! Or should I say, how shocking!

This question was asked to him a couple of years before he killed himself. Hum, he had already convinced himself that he will never get old, which in other words means that he will die young.  He got his wish at age 35 shouting himself in the head after a phone call from his wife telling him that she was leaving him.

This French singer said that he was scared to turn 40. Guess what? He died at age 39 while trying to straighten an electrical appliance above his bathtub. The appliance was in a bad shape, he had wet feet, and got electrocuted.  He died just a year, almost to the day, before he turned 40.

This stand up comic fell into a deep depression where he wished he was dead many times during this dark period of his, and talked about suicide. Just a few months after he started getting better and was starting to come back, he died in a motorcycle accident at age 41.

And there’re more…

As I was analyzing those cases I was so convinced that those guys just attracted death. What fate?  The Law of Attraction never stops, and works for everything, and anything.

When you feel your mind with death thoughts, you attract it, whether you really want to die or not.  Remember that what you’ve been thinking strongly about yesterday, you’re attracting into your physical world today!

What do we Learn from that?

I hope I’m not totally depressing you with this post, but this article’s purpose was to make a very strong point.

Our thoughts and state of mind are very powerful.  This post shouldn’t depress you, but rather show you how powerful we are! Yes, we are powerful to the point that we can rush our own death, because we can attract just about anything and everything.

All it takes is a strong belief that you will, until you are subconsciously convinced that it will be so. This is what those famous people who attracted a premature death have done one way or another.

In conclusion, to take Carl Jung words, make your unconscious conscious and direct your life the way you want it to go. Quit calling it fate.  You are the creator of your own destiny.

Over to you now. I know this was a bit of a different post, and I’d love to have  your thoughts on that.
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18 thoughts on “The Power Of The Mind To Attract Incompetents Beware”

  1. Hi Sylviane,

    Lovely post, and no, it’s not at all depressing. 🙂

    I liked the way you are enjoying yourself watching French videos and am sure they are taking you back home. Reminds me that it’s been a while since I saw a real video for leisure of the one that I enjoyed.

    Coming to the post, just like you mentioned cases where could call upon their own death, we also have people our end who do this – in-fact in a particular religion when people grow old and feel they are ailing or won’t live long, they stop eating and drinking anything and wish for death, which comes rather peacefully to them – it’s kind of leaving the world with their own will. So, you are right that we can attract just about anything and everything if we wish to do so. And all of this happens because of the power of the mind. I wish that people would use this power for better things.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice day ahead 🙂
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    1. Hi Harleena,

      You should try YouTube videos for pleasure it’s great 🙂

      Yes, I’ve heard of people who know that they’re dying and who are able to speed up the process. I believe that anyone can do that, but very few know how, especially on this side of the world where people are less inclined to those things than they are in your country.

      Thanks for your input. I appreciate that!

  2. Hi Sylviane.

    Well this post is not depressing at all. It is interesting to me. It goes to show how powerful the mind is. Those people you mentioned all had one thing in common, they stated that they would never reach 40, or they would never get old. Those are powerful statements!

    As Psychologist Carl Jung said, until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

    Now I am a great believer in this as you know. I had my bouts with depression over the years and fought like a crazy woman just to overcome it. Believe me, this is one dark place I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy!

    But I fought it because I knew the power of the mind is so strong. So, whenever we find ourselves in a dark place, or negative thoughts, we must fight that any way we can.

    Gratefulness is the beginning. Wherever we are in life, we must be grateful FIRST for all we have around us. That starts to tell the subconscious happy thoughts.

    But then, as you know there is so much more to work with. Help is all around us, all we have to do is take the first step to enjoy a long life.

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    1. Hi Donna,

      Yes, I love that quote by Carl Jung. So, so true.

      I know what you mean. I’ve been in a very dark place myself when I was younger.

      I had a lot to overcome with years of bullying and the trauma of losing my father. I was a mess for a long time, but I got out of this. If you don’t the outcome looks like the cases I mentioned in the post.

      I’m glad you’ve got out out of your own dark place too and are doing great now 🙂

      Now we can both be grateful for what we’ve been though and came out victorious!

      Thanks for you input.

  3. As you point out a lot Sylviane, the law of attraction is always working so that’s why we have to beware of our thoughts.

    I had a boss years ago that always use to tell me that he didn’t see himself living past the age of 55. He made it to 53 and died of throat cancer. He was really a great guy but I have no idea why he always thought that. He would never really tell me.

    I’m sure that show is pretty interesting but it does sound kind of depressing. For you though I can see why you’d like it.

    So, we all need to just watch what we think or don’t be surprised when things don’t always come our way.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Well, there you go. Another case that you know about. Those people may not have any ideas of what they’re doing, but they sure are doing a great job. What happens is that they convinced themselves so much to the point that it really becomes a belief, and then, here it comes.

      I know this show can be a bit depressing but I love the stories and how it all reveals things.

      I’ve known those people when they were alive and I remember very well when each of them died. So now I just learn about the why, so it really glues me to that YouTube screen. It’s great homework too.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

  4. Hi Sylviane,
    As I was reading this I realized how much I actually knew about this stuff. I have always said ‘be careful what you wish for’ On more than one occassion I have received way more than I wanted which wasn’t always the best thing! 🙂 It’s just how funny how things work out with the law of attracting! Good article for people who are not aware. And I’m here to tell you, this stuff works exactly as you say!
    Great job,
    Barbara Charles invites you to read..What is Triberr and Questions? What Do You Do First?My Profile

    1. Hi Barbara,

      Yes, it sure does. I wish more people would be aware of it, though.

      But most of all I wish more people would take the time to live and be thankful for all that they have. That’s why this blog exist. I Hope I can help someone here and there.

      Thanks for coming 🙂

  5. Hi Sylviane,

    Another great lesson you teach me here about the power of the mind. This is not a depressing post at all but an interesting and educating one.

    Interesting! I always believed that death is a fate or so I learned about it. I never knew that it is something that can be attracted by how we think. It is really necessary to be aware of what we think and what we wish for.

    Although I am still learning about the Law Of Attraction but I can say and I believe that being grateful about life and what we have can attract great things our way. Nothing like a grateful heart.

    Thanks Sylviane for another great post.

    Be Blessed,

    Neamat Tawadrous invites you to read..10 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up On Your DreamsMy Profile

    1. Hi Neamat,

      You’re not alone to believe (or have believed) that way. While not every person dying has attracted their deaths, some have, and I even know personally of two cases where this was so obvious.

      When you fully understand the law of attraction it becomes evident that you can also attract death to your life, like you can attract money, a partner or a job. It’s all the same. The law of attraction makes no different. That’s why being aware of this is very important.

      I am glad that you are enjoying this blog and I value your comments, always.

  6. Sylviane – I find this stuff fascinating. I’ve always said I wanted to live to 100 and lately I add to it, as long as I’m healthy. But I do know someone who does not want to live to 70, I wonder what that will mean. Stuff like this really fascinates me. So what we think could become what is? And the part about being grateful is another interesting aspect. Something to think about each morning when we awake. Thanks for sharing this with us Sylviane.
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    1. Hi Lisa,

      Well, do you know why most people don’t wish to be 100? Fear! Not fear of dying, but fear of living, because they “believe strongly” that if they are 100 years old they’ll be in a very bad shape. But that’s BS. It doesn’t have to be so, but I bet it would if you thought that way.

      Congratulation on not being that way, and long life to you!

      When I turned 30 I had all my peers saying that when you turn 30 this and that and the other will happen. I wanted to flee from those people so bad. Since I didn’t believe none of this crap I’ve never felt any of the symptoms they were talking about. Oh, and, yes, I turned 40 since then 🙂 and still don’t.

      People in general are creating they own lack of health, misery and yes, even death in many cases.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this topic and nice seeing you here!

  7. Wow Sylviane!
    What a powerful post. No No NO it is not depressing at all. I am attracted to this type of post. I agree so much with your points. Our thoughts create and manifest exactly what we think. How powerful is the mind.
    Like Lisa, for the pass 15 years I have been decreeing and saying I am going to live to 100 or even pass this number. Now I do not want to live till that age, if I am not healthy. That’s is why we need to take of our health and do everything in our power to create longevity.
    Thank you a wonderful post…
    Gladys recently posted…Emotional Health…Developed Through Self-Esteem
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    1. Hi Galdys,

      Sorry for taking so long to reply to your comment.

      Studying the mind and how we attract what’s happened to us is, indeed, fascinating, and as I realize some facts such as these I can’t help but shake my head and think, I so understand this.

      Once you understand the law of attraction it’s always the same thing, and you see why they attracted what they attracted.

      For like 20 years I’ve heard my mother saying almost on a daily basis, I’m losing my mind or I have no more memory, well it became true. She is now in the last phase of some type of Alzheimer disease, which the doctors have by the way, never named it Alzheimer. I always thought that she attracted that to her. Yes, the mind is powerful indeed!

  8. Sylviane,

    It is so true that the we attract lots of stuff to ourselves. The problem is many people tend to attract the bad instead of the good.

    If these people would of been as excited to live life as they were concerned about death, they would of attracted life.

    I have always believed that people actually cause many of the problems they face and it is really just self fulfillment of bad thoughts or wishes.

    Great post.

    Dee Ann
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    1. Hi Dee Ann, and sorry for getting it back to you so late.

      That’s exactly right. All it is is just self-fulfillment.

      The problem with lots of people, and that goes for anyone whether they’re rich, poor, educated or not, it’s that they are just so darn miserable! And misery as they say, likes company. Misery attracts misery.

      If we don’t watch it we can attract bad stuff to ourselves. So, we need to beware!

      Thanks for coming by 🙂

  9. I absolutely agree with you that you can’t always take a country out of a man. Just like you, I also love watching documentaries of real people and real lives rather than watch films made out of people’s imagination.
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