How To Become A Great Guest Blogger That Gets Results

become a great guest blogger

become a great guest blogger
You know that guest blogging is a good thing to do to improve your traffic and grow your business.

However, you are scared to get going because you don’t feel that you’re are ready yet, or you are wondering what blog you should target.

If that’s your case, then this post is for you.

I am now an official graduate guest blogger.

I took Jon Morrow’s course, because it’s supposed to open some big blog doors to publish my guest posts on their sites.

The course takes you through 6 modules which go into details about what to do exactly to write and submit your guest post to the big guys out there.

People like Danny Ivy and Henneke Duistermaat have taken that course before Jon Morrow started to sell it in the form that he sells it today.

Frankly, without sounding haughty here, I didn’t take the course to learn how to write, or even to learn how to submit a valuable post with a great pitch, because I’ve done enough of those in the past for me as well as for some of my clients.

The reason I decided to take the course was specifically to get doors to open for me with that guest blogging graduate stamp, which according to Jon Morrow, is a nice little “passport” to have your guest post accepted.

What can I say, that’s the world we live in, and having a proof stamp seems to make people feel more comfortable.

So, here it is. I’ve got it now.

And because of my guest blogging skills and that approval stamp, I may be of some help to you.


What did I Learn that I didn’t Already Knew?

Personally, except for a handful of tips that I won’t deny, I can’t say that I’ve learned big items that I didn’t already know, which is good news, since I’ve been guest for almost 10 years now.

However, if you are new to guest blogging, if you are still struggling with writing and submitting your guest post, or if like me you’d like to get more doors opening for you, you might want to consider Jon Morrow’s course.

However, if you want to build a relationship with Jon Morrow himself, purchasing his course might not necessarily be the way to go.


No Reply to my Emails

I’m not someone shy, and I’m not someone impressed by what we call the influencers.

Give that to the fact that I used to be in the acting business and worked with famous actors, probably, but either way, I don’t think I’ve ever been impressed by those guys as some people seem to be.

One thing that will impress me though, is if big influencers show their humble human side rather than their “God side” so to speak.

Where am I going with this?

Well, I’ve sent a few emails with questions to Jon Morrow, even after I signed up for his course, and never did I get a single reply.

I know we like to say that those guys are busy right? But aren’t we all?

I know that they do get tons of emails for sure, but replying to an email from someone who has paid for your program, should be a no brainer.

When you sell a product and you don’t reply to emails, not even the emails that were sent to you as a reply to your own email, that’s not very good customer service.

Now is it?

If you are at a point where you can’t reply to your own emails, then have an assistant that does it for you.

So while I’m not here to spread negative things, I will always be the one that tells the truth whether it’s popular to do so or not.

That’s probably the French side of me.


Guest Posting is a Lot of Work

Something that Jon Morrow is not hiding from you in his course, it’s that it takes hard work to guest post on a regular basis.

And keep in mind that the more popular the blog, the more work it will take.

When you want to write a guest post, it’s not so much the actual writing that is going to be the most painful, but the ability to come up with brand new or original ideas that will be interesting or intriguing enough to pick those guys’ interest.

Plus you’ll have to do it at the very least once a month, and it would be best if you could do it once a week, at least for a while.

When you set your mind to writing a blog post for a popular high level blog, you need to impress the editors in one way or another, because they do receive many, many requests every single day.

As Jon Morrow mentions in his course, the one thing that’s on your side, is that most pitches are of a very poor quality.

I can confirm that to be true according to the pitches that I’m getting myself.

The good news is that’s is not that hard to write a professional sounding pitch.


Is Guest Blogging a Loss of Time?

In a word, no.

As long as you are able to write a high value and original blog post attached to a great pitch, and that you do this on a regular basis, you will most probably reap the fruits of your hard work.

Guest blogging will never be a loss of time, because of at least the following 5 reasons.

  • You will improve your writing skill a lot.
  • You will widen your audience.
  • You will grow in popularity.
  • You will be able to build relationships with by influencers.
  • You will be growing your business

There isn’t any doubt that guess blogging can pay off big time for you and your business.


What you Must Know about Guess Blogging

If you are new at guess blogging and don’t know how to start, learn the ropes first and start your guest blogging journey only then.

Here are 3 things that you MUST know before you start your guest blogging journey:

  • Learn to write highly valuable blog posts that address the paint points of your audience, and the audience of the blogs you are targeting (the audience of the blogs you guest post on should be the same as your own).
  • Learn how to write good pitches that get the attention of editors.
  • Try to build relationships with editors of the blogs you want to target.

You need to master these 3 things before you even start your guest blogging journey.


Few other Items you Need to Include

  • Make sure you have a clear and specific goal why you are guest posting in the first place.

As I mentioned above, it will take lot of effort, energy and work on your part to write brilliant guest posts that will be accepted on big blogs. So, you want to make sure that you know EXACTLY why you’re doing it.

a) Increase your traffic?

b) Win more clients?

c) Grow your mailing list?

d) Sell more copies of your book?

  • Pick one goal and stick to it.

Guest post with one goal at the time. If you are not clear on your target neither will be your audience.

  • Make a list of blogs you want to pitch.

Having list ahead of time will help you move forward faster and better.

  • Start with smaller blogs at the beginning, and move towards bigger blogs as your skills are getting sharper.

Smaller blogs won’t be as picky and choosy, thus easier.

  • Remember to write for the reader, no for you, not to boast, and not to tell useless stories even if you find them entertaining.

A guest post is not like your own post. This is the time to be 100% focused on your audience and 0% on you.

  • Be sure to funnel your guest post to your landing page in your bio.

No need to guest post at all if that is not possible.

  • Include ONLY one link in your bio.

The more link you include in your bio the more confusing it will be for your reader, and you’ll be taking the risk that they won’t click on any link at all.

  • Write a short, but interesting bio.

Boring bios don’t work. Learn to be sparky in your bio while short and to the point.

  • Make sure you target only blogs that will allow a writers’ bio.

Do not waste your time on blogs that won’t feature you as the writer. Blog guest posting is way to much work for that.

  • Get the Big Black Book from Jon Morrow which is free, to get access to big blog with large audiences.

You can’t get that book without passing by the course.

You are thinking about gest blogging, because you know that it would be beneficial for your blog and your business, but you haven’t made the plunge yet. If that’s the case, follow the tips above and get going.

If you would like help with your guest post, you can always hire some help right here, and get the beneficial results you are looking for faster and stronger.


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I write in such a way that your potential customers will fall in love with your business.

Would you like some advice about blogging for better business? Get it here!

37 thoughts on “How To Become A Great Guest Blogger That Gets Results”

  1. Hi Sylviane,

    Good to have you back in the blogosphere 🙂

    Let me start by saying that your webinar was wonderful! You are right about all that you mentioned in this post, which would help all those wanting to be become great guest bloggers.

    Speaking of myself, somehow I’ve never had much time to guest post, except for those friend’s who asked me to, and never felt the need, though it does work for the various reasons you mentioned above.

    I haven’t taken any course, though know of Jon’s as many others recommend it too, especially who have no idea about how to guest blog. All I know is that you need to give it more than your best, and make your guest posts better than the ones you have on your blog, as they are your showcase to the world, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
    Harleena Singh invites you to read..Creative Branding Ideas For Your Blog Or BusinessMy Profile

    1. Hi Harleena,

      I knew that you had opted for my webinar, and I’m glad you were there. due to time zone difference it was recorded, but the next one will be live.

      I’m like you, so far I haven’t been able to guest post on a large scale, but I know that it does drive traffic, as long as they are very popular blogs and that we are targeting the right public.

      Thank you for coming and glad to be back blogging on my own blog 🙂

      Happy Holidays!

  2. Hi Sylviane,

    I have not a lot of experience doing guest posts, and since those I have done were one only invites from friends who needed help at the time, I had not even considered “guest posting” as a repeating chore on someone’s blog.

    As usual you manage to include some needed essentials along with the broader overview of the task at hand, making it easier to find a starting place.

    Do you have a replay on your webinar? Had a computer problem and couldn’t attend.
    Cararta invites you to read..My Shared Pages Internet Marketing ReviewsMy Profile

    1. Hi Carta,

      I’m glad you appreciated the insights here, and yes, guest blogging is a lot of work, when we want to do it professionally.

      Actually there is a replay today at 6 PT and 9 EST. After that i will have another replay down the road, but don’t know when exactly yet.

      Thanks for coming and happy holidays to you!


  3. Hi Sylviane,

    I actually remember you sharing with me that you were going to do this. Good for you! It seems you learned a lot about this process; with the biggest lesson being don’t forget where your bread and butter comes from.

    I’ve always believed in following up with everyone!!! Mark Cuban, who is a billionaire and sports and TV celebrity (you may know him if you have ever watched Shark Tank) responds to every email and Twitter post. He gets more than we could ever hope for I can assure.

    His feeling is if someone takes the time to message then it’s his responsibility to message them back. Plus, it’s just good business.

    You make time for what’s important!

    Fantastic and eye-opening post. I look forward to watching you grow and extend outwards to new audiences.

    Have a great week Sylviane!!!

    ~ Don Purdum
    Don Purdum invites you to read..If You are “Doing” All of the Time, You May Be Hurting Your BusinessMy Profile

    1. Hi Don,

      I like Mark Cuban then 🙂

      I feel that you are never TOO important not to respond to your emails, especially your customers’s emails, and if you don’t, it means that you certainly have enough money to hire someone to help you with that.

      So in this regards I found no excuse for anyone not responding to emails.That’s why I’m not shy about telling it as it is 🙂

      Like I said in the post, for the most part, I already knew the ropes of guest blogging, that’s why among the some 100+ quiz questions, I had only 1 error about the style of an headline, so that’s pretty darn good.

      Thanks for coming, Don and happy Holiday Seasons to you!

  4. Hey Sylviane,

    Guest posting was one of the goals I accomplished this year and it fid spruce up my traffic.

    Now the only thing I haven’t done was pitch to other bloggers to guest post. I’ve read quite a few articles on how to pitch and they all are great. Now I need to stop procrastinating and just dive into it.

    I’ll have to check out Jon Morrow’s course. I can definitely use it to keep honing my skillset. Another thing I still need to check is your webinar. I was at work when you had it and next week I’ll have more time since I’ll be off for a week and half.

    Thanks for sharing Sylviane! Have a great week!
    Sherman Smith invites you to read..Why Social Media Automated Tools Won’t Work For YouMy Profile

    1. Hi Sherman,

      I’m glad that not only you’ve guest posted, but seen great results traffic wise. If you target the right blogs, that’s what’s supposed to happen.

      If you can, then yes, I would encourage you to take Jon Morrow’s course, even though I’m not too impressed by his behavior communication wise, as I mentioned on the post.

      Actually there’s a replay of my webinar 6 PM PT today, but I will have another one later on.

      Thanks for coming and happy Holiday seasons to you!

  5. Thanks for sharing some really solid insider advice Sylviane!

    And it definitely seems to be, there is a fine art to consistently
    securing guest blogging opportunities, on some of the most popular
    and highly influential blogs!

    Because as you shared, those top bloggers, no matter what the particular niche is,
    they constantly get more than their fair share of requests.

    BTW, congratulations on completing Jon’s course.whatever you discovered along
    the way, can only help strengthen you current skills and resolve!
    Mark invites you to read..Why It’s Critically Important Savvy Entrepreneurs Know The Real Cost To Acquire A Customer!My Profile

    1. Hi Mark,

      Yes, guest blogging is all benefits. It’s just a great investment of time, but with great rewards.

      Thank you, and I hope to take advantage of that stamp now that I’ve got it. Just need to find the time somewhere.

      Thanks for coming and very happy Holiday Seasons to you!

  6. Hey Sylviane,

    Well good for you, I didn’t know you had planned on going through Jon’s course. As you mentioned though, I’m not sure it’s because you needed to learn more about writing or getting your foot in the door. I do see your thinking though about having that certificate so to speak that will help open even more doors. I remember being on his webinar last year I believe where he said that some people will accept guest posts because you were a student of Jon’s but no one else will get accepted. That can put you in front of a whole other audience that’s for sure.

    That’s a shame that he’s still not responding to his emails. His loss and I’m with you. If I spend a lot of money on your course and I have a questions then I expect a response. To be ignored is not only rude but SO unprofessional. I don’t care who you are. Well that’s a huge strike against him in my book but I have no plan on ever taking his course either.

    Well thanks for sharing what you learned from this and I have no doubt that this will benefit you even more as we head into a new year.

    Have a great week and I’ll be by to read your post tomorrow too.

    Adrienne invites you to read..Special Announcement, Happy Birthday Wish, Your Holiday GiftMy Profile

    1. Hi Adrienne,

      At first I had not planned on taking the course, but this past summer I thought I should do it and see if it would open some doors. I spent the year doing everything I can to BUILD some solid bases for my business, and this is just one link of the whole chain I’ve been building.

      I have to say it the way it is, and I was shocked as it is the first time I purchase a program where I’m not getting my emails answered. So yes, that affected my view of him and how he does business too. As you said, he’s loss, because no one is so high that he can’t come down, you know. NO ONE on the darn planet 🙂

      Thank you for taking the time to come, Adrienne, and you too have a great day!


  7. Hi Sylviane,

    Good for you taking Jon’s course. I know so many that have had fantastic results from it.

    When it comes to guest blogging, I have done my share from people that have asked me. But reading through this post, I realize I’m kind of shy asking someone if I can guest post.

    You have given a great outline of how to do so and maybe if I get my nerve up, I’ll give it a try. This is something I need to get over.

    Thanks again!

    Donna Merrill invites you to read..Have You Reached Your 2015 Goals?My Profile

    1. Hi Donna,

      Really? No need to be shy. Those big blogs actually expect it, and if you write well, they’ll welcome it, as many of the pitches they get are of poor quality.

      If you need help, I can do that too.

      Thanks for coming by Donna, and have a great day.


  8. Hi Sylviane,

    Very nice article. When I was working for a small marketing agency I did 120+ guest-posts per month for different clients… yes I know, it’s a lot. But things have changed. Nowadays it’s a bit harder but it’s totally worth the effort. As you mentioned it is important to build a relationship first and after pitch the quality article for guest post but one thing still not changed and I think it never will.

    Bloggers need content, even big sites like Business Insider or Lifehacker etc.

    If our guest article is super high quality they will be happy to publish it and our site will enjoy the link juice. 🙂

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    David Kovacs invites you to read..What is the 80/20 Rule to Building a Blog?My Profile

    1. Hi David and nice meeting you here.

      Wow, you are some writer. Good for you.

      I think that you’re right. Those big guys always need content, and if we give them value they will be pleased to publish our posts, and we can reap the advantages.

      Glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for coming/commenting.


  9. Hello Sylviane,
    This is one of the best article I have read on guest blogging as I just started started my blogging path and today itself came to know about Guest blogging. Saw “Monna” doing guest post on Sue blog and some how come here.

    After reading the post I think now I know when I should start approaching other bloggers, you need to be a authority within yourself to be a successful Guest blogger.

    PS: You were not trying to influence negativity on Jon’s but If someone is getting paid for the task they should reply or have a system in placed so that clients queries should be answered.

    it’s your open mind and goodness that you have still took it in a positive way and carried on.
    Back to you!! 🙂
    Ashok SIngh invites you to read..Fallout Shelter PC Free download for Windows/MacMy Profile

    1. Hi Ashok,

      Thank you so much for the compliment. Really makes me feel good.

      I hope this was helpful and that it will motivate you to guest post to promote your blog and business.

      Have a great day.


  10. Hi Sylviane,

    Well I can certainly attest to the fact that you do write a beautiful guest post. You put a lot into that, and even though you are aware that my (newer) blog is still developing traffic, you delivered a heartfelt, authentic and very well-written post that chimes in perfectly with what my blog is about.

    I happen to enjoy doing guest posts, but yes, they are work. You have to be able to tailor your writing voice to match what their blogs are about and do so in a way that it makes sense that you would be writing for them. That takes some creativity.

    I still share the posts I’ve written for others (you and Adrienne included) in my portfolios, and everywhere else the subject matter fits.

    And I’m with you in regard to not having your questions/emails answered by the person you bought the course from. Showing someone (in this case, a paying customer) some care and respect goes a long way – and not doing so leaves an impression as well.

    We’re all human regardless of status. 🙂
    Dana invites you to read..The Magic of CreativityMy Profile

    1. Hi Dana,

      Yes, guest posting is both great investment and a lot of work. As a matter of fact, it is said that the time spent to complete a single good guest post is between 10 and 20 hours, so that’s a time investment.

      I have to add my post on your blog in my guest post page. I meant to do it last week, and still didn’t but doing it now 🙂

      Thank you for coming Dana, and wonderful holiday seasons to you!


  11. Guest Blogging is one of the most trusted way to attract more traffic and of course the much needed attention to your blog. Before getting started with Guest Blogging, one should have a proper blog to introduce himself. Really a good share it was! Got to know some hidden facts about Guest Blogging from here! Thanks for the share Sylviane!

  12. Hi Sylvaine,

    There are many bloggers who want to become a good guest blogger. But you know they can’t until they learn about writing and influencing their readers.

    You have written a great post here. There is no doubt that guest blogging is useful. You will get to know more and more people. the new audience will know about you.

    It is not about link building. It’s about human bonding. Connecting with people through guest blogging is good.

    Is is not about impressing anyone. It is about showing your writing skills to all the people.
    Thanks for this wonderful post.
    Have a great day.
    Ravi Chahar invites you to read..How To Stop Featured Image Appearing Twice In The Post?My Profile

  13. Hey Sylvaine,
    You did a daring job by revealing the truth behind it. generally, authority bloggers do not reply to other bloggers’ email. It is really a bed practice. even you enrolled for a paid course, and he was not answering your emails. This issue must be sorted out.

    I need your help for guest posting. I was looking over the internet about basic link mention email template, but i didn’t find any relevant. May you please provide some email templates so I could pitch influencers for guest blogging.

    I also want to invite you for a guest post on my blog.


    Nikhil invites you to read..Top 100+ Internet Marketing Posts to Make You a Better MarketerMy Profile

    1. Hi Nikhil,

      Glad you found me and sorry for the late reply.

      Sure I can give you a hand. Give me until after Christmas and I’ll be contacting you. Is your gmail address here?


  14. Hello Sylviane,

    It’s my first visit to your blog. I stumbled upon this post of yours via Donna Merrill’s share on FB.

    This is a great article with actionable treasures. I am new to guest blogging. Your post couldn’t have at a better time as I am currently working on one.

    I love the fact that you tell it like it is.

    I’m a fan of people who in spite of reaching heights of success still remain down to earth. Harleena Singh is one of the best examples so far. She has so much on her hands but never failed to reply to my emails.

    I will start implementing the points you mentioned above and hopefully I can land more guest blogging opportunities.

    Thank you for this post.
    Off to share it.

    Wishing you a wonderful week 🙂
    Hema Unnoop invites you to read..25 Ways to Make Positive Thinking Work For YouMy Profile

    1. Hi Hema,

      So happy you found me, thanks to my good friend Donna who never fails to share my blog posts.

      Indeed, I don’t care how successful you are, there is no excuse not to answer emails, and I feel that no matter how high you think you are, not respecting your customers can come back to bite your behind.

      I’m so glad you appreciated my post and thanks for your comment, and looking forward to getting to know you.


  15. Hello Sylviane,

    Very first visit to your blog, I really enjoyed your post on guest blogging and learnt many actionable points.


    Subha Sadiq

    1. Hi Camilla,

      So nice to hear that you are in the process of getting guest posts out there. Let me know how it goes!

      Thanks for coming to my blog and commenting. Have a great day.

  16. I know guest blogging is good for the traffic and getting exposure too, but there is this saying where I come from Charity begins at home…my own blog must offer value that would make the visitor from my guest blog want to stay on mine…thanks
    Akinola invites you to read..Start Your 4 Corners HereMy Profile

    1. Hello Asif,

      Just a little feedback about your comment on my blog here. My name is not Admin, and addressing a blogger this way is the best way to have your comment deleted from blogs if you don’t even take the two seconds that it takes to look at the name of the person who owns the blog or wrote the post. That’s very rude too.


  17. I need to up my game when it comes to guest blogging and have read your post with interest Sylviane. I’ve picked up some good pointers that I’ll put in to action at some point soon.

    As for the unanswered emails, that’s just rude! I’m actually quite shocked that someone you’ve paid good money too doesn’t extend the courtesy of a response 🙁

  18. I need to up my game when it comes to guest blogging and have read your post with interest Sylviane. I’ve picked up some good pointers that I’ll put in to action at some point soon.

    As for the unanswered emails, that’s just rude! I’m actually quite shocked that someone you’ve paid good money to didn’t extend you the courtesy of a response 🙁

  19. Amazing post. It’s my first visit on your Blog but it seems like there is plenty of nice stuff scattered around. I will certainly refer it gradually.
    Thanks for this wonderful article about guest posting, it is indeed a great help and a time saver. Gladly shared it on my twitter timeline 🙂
    Hemantkumar invites you to read..10 Awesome Sites to Get Free Stock PhotosMy Profile

    1. Hi Hemantkumar,

      Welcome to my blog and I’m glad you enjoyed it content. Thank for referring it to those you know who might need this info I share here.

      Have a great week ahead!


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