The Secret of Writing Articles About Any Subject Fast

Have you always thought that you need to know a subject like the back of your hand in order to be able to write about it?  If this is what you have been thinking, you probably have limited yourself, not picking certain niches or subjects for fear of having to write about it.

If you really hate writing and don’t think you will ever be able to write your own articles, you can always have someone else write your articles for you.  If you feel that you don’t have time for article writing and can afford to have someone writing for you, it’s fine too, and we can help you with this.

However, this article is to help you understand better and hopefully show you a way to write your own articles about any subject in a very short time.

If you are familiar with my article marketing tutorials you might already know that I usually write a 400+ word article in less than 15 minutes  with any subjects, whether I know about it or not.

Quick Basic Research

So, what could help you to write articles about any subject fast?

Is practice involved in this? Yes, of course.  Practice will help you get better and better and faster as well, but most of all what will help  you to write articles easily and fast is to have a technique that you can apply every time, no matter what article you are trying to write.

For example, at the moment, I am writing a series of articles about celebrity figures which I really don’t know much about, for a client of mine.  So what do I do?  Do I get stuck saying, well, I really don’t know anything about Tiger Woods.  I am not a Golf player, not even a golf fan.  What do I do?

A great place to start would be to visit Wikipedia.  Wikipedia has information about everything you may think of and of course in my Tiger Wood case I will be able to read quite a lot of information about this celebrity figure.

When I go to Wikipedia, I do not go there with the intention copying anything at all. As a matter of fact rarely would I even take notes.  At this point the only thing you want to do is read and digest.  You would be surprised how much will stick to your brain when you just read information, even new information that you do not know anything about. That information will come back to you when you need it.

Extend Your Research Just a Notch

The second thing I would do is go to EzineArticles and read a couple of articles there.  Again do not copy, just read and see how these articles are formatted and presented and how many readers they’ve got.  Right away you should be able to tell as a reader if this article is a good one or if you could have done much better yourself.

Then, Google your subject again and browse other articles and blog posts.  At this time take notes if you feel like it, but again if you don’t, your brain will take note, trust me.  Unconsciously, it will register everything you will need in order to give you juice to write your own article.

Develop Your Creativity

Once you’ve read 3 or 4 pieces, now would be the time to be as creative as you can be to process the info that you’ve read and work with it.  Try to put your personality into your writing.  Each writer can bring something that is unique to them.  Use this uniqueness as much as you possibly can while using the information that you’ve read about.  Let you imagination and creativity run free and use it.

This is when most people will say, well, I don’t have any imagination.  No way! If it’s what you are saying to yourself, then I’m afraid that you are lying to yourself too.  What thoughts come to mind about what you’ve read?  Something must come up!  You are not thoughtless.  That’s just impossible! Start with anything at all. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t even have to be good, but it has to start.

Still stuck?

Go take a walk.  Yes, I am not kidding. Walking is an excellent thought provoking exercise.  I’ve wrote so many of my articles while walking.  When ideas start flowing, and they will, rush as fast as possible to a keyboard or pen and paper (whichever one is closer) and write your thoughts before you lose them.

What Not To Do

Do not feel that you have to absolutely conclude your article, let some things to be unanswered while directing your readers to your link to learn more to find their answer or whatever you want them to do.

Do NOT stop.  The main reason why some people get stuck in their writing is that they stop and think too much while they are writing.  Your writing will flow MUCH better if you just WRITE.  Do NOT stop and look back.  Just write until you feel that you have at least 300-350 words.

Do not be too concerned by errors at this time, you will catch with them later.  Checking for errors in the middle of a thought will simply kill the thought and you might lose it for good.

Writing is the acting of thinking.  Do you have any trouble thinking?  The answer is obvious.  No one does.  Do we?  Most times, the fact that you would be stuck is that your are blocking yourself thinking that you have to write.  Well, don’t.  You just have to put the words that you are thinking into your blank page.

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