3 Tips to Write Killer Articles

In the internet nowadays the competition is too great to be able to afford to write mediocre copies.  It doesn’t matter that you are writing articles, emails, ads, blog posts or anything else you may think of.  Read more

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How to Influence People With Your Written Words

For some reasons the word “influencing” might sound like a negative word for many people.  This is due to the fact that people use this skill for selfish reasons to make people do what they want them to Read more

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What Is Good Content For Your Article?

Very few internet marketer teachers are teaching how to write persuasive articles.  What is more emphasized on is good content, valuable content, etc…  But really what is valuable content?

This a good question because valuable content can Read more

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Persuasive Article Marketing – Discover What Makes Perfect Articles

What is persuasive article marketing?  Simply stated it’s being able to persuade your readers to do what the article is meant to lead them to do.  But, it is also more than that.

Persuasive article marketing is Read more

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What Are The Advantages of Guest Blogging

For those who are not familiar with guest blogging let me first explain in a few words what it is.  Guest blogging is basically an exchange of content from one blogger to another.  The “guest” will write Read more

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Persuasive Article Marketing – What Are the Three Different Article Types?

What we call article marketing is a general term which means writing articles in order to promote products or services.  However, most people out there do not understand that there are several different ways to write articles depending Read more

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