Persuasive Article Marketing – Discover What Makes Perfect Articles

What is persuasive article marketing?  Simply stated it’s being able to persuade your readers to do what the article is meant to lead them to do.  But, it is also more than that.

Persuasive article marketing is also being able to persuade the article directory that your article is NOT what they don’t like to see in an article while it will still accomplish YOUR purpose.  And third, persuasive article marketing is being able to let Google know that your article is relevant to the subject of your title.

When you have accomplished this with your article you are in business.  If you fail to accomplish even one of these three steps, your article will not bring you much back in return for your efforts of having written and published it.

However, if you get to master persuasive article marketing, your articles will bring everything you want from them, which is the following:

1) A great number of readers.

2)  A high CTR.

3) It will be and stay on Google’s first page.

4)  Get published many times over.

This is why there is nothing more efficient than article marketing for promoting your products or services.  It is GOLDEN!

What would prevent you from writing persuasive articles?

–          Lack of pulling title

–          Lack of promising introduction

–          Lack of relevant content

–          Lack of effective resource box

–          Lack of making your article easy to understand

How can you make your article persuasive?

–          Learn how to write attracting title

Use pulling words such as: Discover, Unrevealed, Top, Essential, Fast, Immediate.  Ask a question in the second part of the title that will be answered in the body of the article.

–          Tell your readers in a couple of sentences what they are going to get in the introduction.

Tell your readers something like: This article will show you how to…. Keep reading to find out.  There are many different ways to say this using different expressions.

–          Making your content relevant to the article doesn’t mean that you are giving too much away.

As a matter of fact make sure you DO NOT give too much information away.  This would be an article killer.  You don’t want that.  Remember, the article is meant to PULL, to ATTRACT and to PERSUADE the reader to click on your link.  Not to give things away.

–          The good thing with a well built article that is meant to attract is that it makes it easier to write a convincing resource box.

As a matter of fact, the better is your article the easier will be your resource box.  After a persuasive article you won’t have to work as hard on the resource box alone, because it will flow so easily and the work will already be done for it.

–          Interesting articles don’t mean that you give lots for free.

People are often confused into thinking that interesting articles mean that they have to tell a lot to the readers.  That is no so.  As a matter of fact the perfect “interesting” article is the article that just pulls the reader to the end of it with a thirst for wanting to know more or even better, wanting to buy.  It is the kind of article that pushes the “emotion” button and it’s a killer article.

Once you apply those five essential steps you are in business for a super duper persuasive article.

3 thoughts on “Persuasive Article Marketing – Discover What Makes Perfect Articles”

  1. So true, in order to attract readers the article don’t have to be lengthy. Great writers can connect to their readers even through a short post, a few lines. What you’ve pointed are exactly what I watch out for when coming across some articles I’m interested in.

    1. That’s right, Gary, not too long and not too short either will make it just right for both the reader and the directory and 3rd even the search engines.

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