3 Tips to Write Killer Articles

In the internet nowadays the competition is too great to be able to afford to write mediocre copies.  It doesn’t matter that you are writing articles, emails, ads, blog posts or anything else you may think of.  If you don’t grab the attention of your readers from the get go you will lose them before you even get their attention.

With this in mind, as an article marketer you need to do all that you can to grab and keep your readers as much and as long as you can.  Your internet business depends on it.

Killer headline

The first thing you need to learn is to write killer headlines and sub-headlines that will grab your prospects attention to the point that they will not be able to resist to open your article.

If you are not writing killer headlines, you can say good bye to any prospect or any success with that piece of work.  You will have spent some time an energy that will not come back to you a hundredfold as it was suppose to.

So, here is your number one point to a killer article – your headline.  Become a master of the headline or you’ll die as an article marketer or even as a marketer all together; unless you have someone else who knows about killer headlines, writing your articles for you.

Addictive copy

OK, you’ve got your killer headline ready, now it is time to develop an article that will literally addict the reader to your words.  I mean by this that even if they are too lazy to read EVERY word, they will make sure to at least scan the whole article until the end and will want to know more.

In order to do this you need to learn what the emotional buttons of your readers are.  What are the buttons you can push to make people want to read your every word so that they will have a thirst for your article, not wanting to click away.  Make your readers feeling happy that they have found your article.  Make them feel that this is what they had been looking for a long long time and they have finally found it.

Use picture words that will highlight both the prospect problems in a subtle fashion as well as the solution that you are providing for them (your service or product).  Picture words are very powerful, because of course, the readers will make a mental image of what you are saying (writing) and this will make them react the way you want them to react, depending on your persuasive skills.

Powerful call to action

Integrate a call to action that the readers will not be able to refuse.  Let them know that if they didn’t take advantage of what you have now, they will be losing out big time.  But, not only that, help them FEEL how good it would be, what a relief it would be for them if they just clicked here, If they just bought what you have or even if they just tried it at no risk with money back guaranteed.

As an article marketer it is your job to write a killer article that will leave no chance to losing the readers who are in your target market.  The completion is too strong to lose potential buyers.  Every potential buyer that you are losing will still buy, but they will do so from the best copy writer.

This is the true fact about the internet marketing of today.  Huge competition, lots of similar products, lots of articles out there.  One good thing though is that lots of articles are not good articles.  Some of them even really suck.  This fact gives you room to be the one article marketer who will get that sale because you know how to write killer articles.

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