always attracting the wrong guy

Why You Are Always Attracting The Wrong Guy


You’ve been wondering why some of your female friends or relatives have been lucky enough to have found the love of their life on the first shot, while you have gone from one bad relationship to another.

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why are attracting men opposite of what you want

7 Reasons Why you Keep attracting Men that are Opposite of What you Want


When you’re thinking about your past relationships you can’t even remember a single one that was a good and healthy relationship. On the contrary, you’ve always had a strong tendency to attract bad men that neglected you at Read more

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women relationship after 40

Finding the Perfect Man after 40: Or How Women can Find True Love

Are you someone who thinks that it’s impossible to find love once you’re over 35?

More and more women are finding themselves single after 40 these days, and the reason why this happens more often today is not only Read more

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Learn to Attract the Perfect Man for you: 7 Steps to turn you Into a Man Magnet

Maybe you have given up on believing that the perfect man for you even exists.

Thus you’ve given up on the idea of ever meeting that man.

On top of that, you are letting the illusion that your age Read more

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How to Thrive as a Single Mom

How To Be A Thriving Single Mom Financially

You are a single mom with young children, and while you are doing OK financially, it’s not always easy to raise kids on your own with your income alone.

While some single moms get child support, maybe in your Read more

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What you need to know before starting relationship

What You Need To Know About Yourself Before You Move Into A Relationship

About half marriages, not only in the United States, but in many other modern countries of the world, end in divorce

And that doesn’t include relationships without marriage, which many also end in separation.

Yet again, not all marriages Read more

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healthy ego success

How Important Is Your Ego To Your Level Of Success?

Let me ask you this one more time; how important is your ego to your level of success? What would you say?

But first, what is the ego exactly?

Even though some people like to make it complicated, the Read more

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