Why You Will Always Be A Work In Progress

you will always be a work in progress

you will always be a work in progress


I will have special guests on the personal development section of the blog throughout the year.

I know it would be hard not to guess who is my first guest here today!

I’ve known Adrienne longer than most of you here, and I have been a guest at her blog over 2 years ago. However, she’s never been a guest on mine until today.

That’s why I’m so thrilled to have her!

As you may know by now, I create a special quote for each of my guests, and  here is my quote for Adrienne.

Take a lively hard working lady with a good heart, as well as a huge love for life and for people, and you get Adrienne Smith!”


For those that don’t know me, my name is Adrienne Smith and Sylviane and I have known each other for a little over three years now.

I blog over at AdrienneSmith.net and my area of expertise happens to be showing bloggers how to build their blogs one relationship at a time.

So why you might ask has Sylviane invited me to write a guest post for her here in her personal development category instead of blogging!

Probably because she knows how passionate I am about this subject and how hard I continue to work on myself each and every day.

Don’t we all?


What I Know For Sure

We are all and always will be a work in progress.

Granted, you might have reached a time in your life where you think you have it all.  Maybe you have the life you’ve always wanted right now or you’re pretty darn content.

You’ve got the great family, doing work you love, you have a gorgeous house, cool cars and you get to travel to exotic locations often.  That’s what I would say is a pretty great life!

Are we ever guaranteed anything in life though?

Work changes though, some for the good and some not so much.  For instance the economy can take a turn for the worst and the next thing you know what you were doing is no longer possible, at least for a time being.  Or you find that you’re at a crossroads and it’s time for a change.

We hope to always have our loving family but we also know that life happens and sometimes we lose our loved ones way before their time.

Maybe the circumstances call for you to downsize that nice house of yours or trade in the fancy cars.  The vacations get put on hold due to budget cuts or they just aren’t logical right now.

Life happens, it’s inevitable.

Should you always wait for the shoe to drop though?

Heck no!

I’m not trying to be “Miss Down and Out” here by any means.  I personally STILL have a pretty cool life considering everything that’s happened in mine.

I own a one bedroom condo, 23 years this April, which is just the perfect size.  It’s getting a new face lift as we speak by the way.  Yay!!!

I once owned the cool sports car but I’ve been over that faze for quite some time now.  My current vehicle will be 16 years old next month but it’s all mine.  It still runs like a champ, it’s very reliable and gets me everywhere I need to go.

I may not have the awesome family with a loving husband and fabulous kids but I do have a four legged daughter whom I love with all my heart.  I also have two nieces and two nephews who are the light of my life, a brother, a sister, a sister-in-law and my awesome 89 year old Mom who we moved right next door to me a few years back.  I’m the caretaker of the family in case you’re wondering.

I can honestly say the worst thing that has happened to me is losing loved ones.  That one definitely hurts the most.  Everything else doesn’t even compare.

At times life can throw you a curve ball but that’s just part of life right!


Are You Where You Want To Be?

I’m still a work in progress.

Sylviane is still a work in progress.

You are still a work in progress.

Is that a good or a bad thing?

Personally, I think that’s a fabulous thing and you want to know why?

Because you care enough about yourself to continue improving, never giving up until you have everything you’ve ever wanted in life.

Is that possible to achieve?

Well heck yeah it is.

If you’ve been a reader of Sylviane’s for any length of time then perhaps you read her post last year when she shared with her readers that she was now a certified life coach.

Guess who she used as a test subject in order to complete that final phase?

Little old me and I loved it.  When she asked me if I would do this for her I jumped on it and you want to know why?

Free coaching of course, who wouldn’t want to do that right!

She had me write out my own personal mission statement based on answers to questions she had asked me.  Although I’ve tweaked it numerous times now I still read it religiously every single morning before I start my day.

Want to know why I continue to tweak it?

Because some of what I had on my list has already happened so it needed to be revised.

That’s the coolest thing about continuing to work on you.  The things you want to happen in your life will come slowly when you’re ready.

Some of what I have on my list is still way out of my reach though and I’m not exactly sure why.

I do the work, I know what my issues have been but I still fall short in getting to where I want to be.

Does that sound familiar to you at all?  Have you been there yourself?

The funny thing is that I’ve worked with two life coaches now yet I’m still not where I want to be in one major area.

Want to know what I’m doing about that?

I’ve signed up to work with another coach.

See, I’m still a work in progress.  I’ve done really well in certain parts of my life but I fall short in others.

What a coach can do for you is help you dig down deep to figure out why.  Even though I know what the issue is I still can’t seem to resolve it.

Sylviane mentioned in a recent post that she too had hired a life coach to help her move forward in certain areas of her life.  See she’s still a work in progress and through her continuing to improve herself, she can continue to help us.

What a life coach can do is help us figure that out what those underlying issues really are.

I’ll go ahead and share with you exactly what my issue is and perhaps you can relate.

Like a lot of people, my issue continues to revolve around money.  I KNOW where it stems from, my parents.  I’m aware of it but I also thought I had dealt with it because I am aware.


Resolving Those Underlying Issues

Because I consider myself to be an open book, here is what I continue to deal with and maybe you can relate.

I LOVE my Mom but she grew up in the depression and lived a very hard life for a good number of years.

She penny pinched her entire life and saved everything.  Because of that she’s got a LOT of money.  She’ll still to this day say she can’t afford something.  Her issue is she doesn’t want to spend the money.  She thinks everything is overpriced and I mean everything.

Although I do not share my finances with my mother she continues to lecture me pretty much on a weekly basis about finances.  It’s who she is, she’ll never stop and it’s annoying as hell.

If I purchase one thing that she either thinks I shouldn’t have bought or she thinks I didn’t need, I’ll hear it for weeks.

I LOVE my mother but that ends up being one more issue I have to deal with regarding money.

My entire life I heard the phrases, “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “we can’t afford that”.  In all honesty we probably couldn’t afford it with my Dad’s salary but my Mom always made it work and I never felt that I had to go without.

So I’ve dealt with these issues and I know what they are.  I do feel I’m worthy and I don’t have my Mom’s money issues.  Yet here they are, still holding me back from obtaining the financial security I KNOW I deserve.

I’ve followed in her footsteps and am VERY budget conscious as well.  I rarely spend money on myself and purchase elaborate things.  I’m just not big on material things, relationships are far more important to me than that.

But something keeps holding me back from moving forward and I have to resolve these issues once and for all.

That’s what a coach can help us figure out and teach us how to deal with.

I’m aware of the issues, I’ve been taught some ways to deal with them, I thought I was doing great but obviously something is still standing in the way.  Something continues to keep me from being where I want so badly to be.

A coach is that sounding board, that person to discuss things with; the one that can pinpoint issues you didn’t know you had.  The hidden issues that are there yet you don’t know they are, it’s that kind of help that at one time or another we all need.


Coaches Need Coaches

If you’re into personal development then you’ve definitely heard of Dr. Joe Vitale right!

I was listening to one of his talks just last week and he stated that he still has life coaches today, even after all his successes.

Want to know why?

He mentioned that with each new project he undertakes, it’s hard at times to counsel himself and Sylviane used the perfect example in her post.  It’s like a dentist needing a root canal; he can’t give it to himself.

We all have things crop up in our lives as we become more successful, have more money, move into new business ventures or perhaps form new relationships.  At times we all need a little assistance understanding possibly why we aren’t moving forward or if we’re having issues in that area or we just want to be crystal clear on some things.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help because we are all still a work in progress.

I personally believe it’s just part of life, what drives us, what keeps us going.  Being able to admit it, act on it and do something about it, those are the people who will continue to achieve what they desire in their lives.


You Are A Work In Progress

Can you see why we are all still a work in progress?

Sylviane has helped me in areas I didn’t realize I needed help in.  Can you imagine working with a coach when you know what your issues are!

In my brain at times I think I’m doing okay but then a coach will ask the right questions and all of a sudden it’s like the lightbulb just went off.  Once you recognize it then you can do something about it.

It’s those eager to take action who will continue to excel in life.  I sure hope you’re one of those people.


We Appreciate You

Thank you for reading this post and we would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

As we continue to move into this new year and into another month, are you heading in the right direction?

Do you have issues you believe might need some work?

Are you where you want to be in life or do you feel you will be able to accomplish everything you have set for yourself on your own?

Not that Sylviane needs a plug of course but trust me when I say she can definitely help you in these areas.

Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section and please do be sure to share this post with your friends.  Sometimes its hearing how other people have coped that can spark something within someone who may need that advice today.  Maybe this will be that post.

53 thoughts on “Why You Will Always Be A Work In Progress”

  1. I am definitely still a work-in-progress. I could be the spokesperson for work-in-progress.
    Some days I’m okay with that and others I feel a restlessness that I can’t get more ahead. I have so much I want to accomplish, but it isn’t happening nearly as fast as I would like it to.
    I know finances are a big one for people. I wish I had more money, not for material things, but to travel and experience the world.

    My parents taught us so well about money. I just have roadblocks to getting more financially ahead and stable.
    Great guest post to both of you. I enjoy both your websites.
    Have a great day.

    1. Hey Kerry,

      You are NOT alone my friend, I’m right there with you.

      Life never happens as fast as we would like it to. I think at times it drags for a reason, maybe we need to learn these lessons or experience these feelings for a reason. I think it’s just like what we do, blogging. Everyone wants everything yesterday but if you don’t take the time to learn, grow and experience your success then how can you explain that to others! We don’t all move at the same pace, that’s just how it is. So enjoy the experiences and look at them as the lessons you are suppose to learn along the way.

      Finance are huge for most people and they don’t have to be. I know what my issues are and I’m finally learning how to put those behind me. It’s possible for everyone if you get the right information and start applying that so you can move those mountains out of the way once and for all.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us today and I appreciate your comment. You have a wonderful day as well.

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    2. Hi Kerry,

      Thanks so much for getting here first.

      OK, take a big breath here to start with.

      I know, we would all want to get ahead faster, don’t we? So do I 🙂 But that’s why we need to keep working on ourselves and on or goals,to improve our game.

      The more you will investigate and apply what you learn, the more progress you will make. I can assure you of that.

      But no matter what you learn, you will still have to take action, and be patient as well.

      Thanks for your feedback and have a wonderful day ahead!

  2. Hi Adrienne,

    Sorry for being a bit late here this morning, but I almost forgot that this is not my post LOL! And that I should leave a comment.

    Thank you very much for accepting my invitation here and writing such a beautiful post.

    Indeed, we all are a work in progress, even if we are on top of our game, but at the same time we need to remember that we are also “perfect” as Donald Welsh likes to remind people that he coaches. When I heard that for the first time, I thought that it was very powerful.

    Such statement actually tells us that we don’t have to feel bad if we need a coach. The best coaches do have coaches too. The best athletes have coaches.

    Back in the days when I was acting in New York, do you know that I had a pronunciation coach? Well that coach had coached a lot of famous actors. One that I remember was Robert De Niro. Yeah, they have coaches too.

    So, yes, we are all a work in progress, and that’s great. I like it like that!

    Thanks for being here today, and have a great day, my friend.
    Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..7 Day Super Coaching GiveawayMy Profile

    1. Hey Sylviane,

      Well I appreciate the invitation and thank you for having me.

      I can relate to what Donald said about us being perfect. We are all perfect in a way, that’s what makes us unique, one of a kind, the only one on this planet like us. Going through life is just a process and we are all constantly learning along the way. For those who want to always improve themselves then they will have coaches. That’s why actors and athletes are so good at what they do. They are always improving themselves to be the best they can possibly be in their given crafts.

      I’m proud to be a work in progress and I hope that with this post everyone will realize that as well.

      Thanks again for having me and you enjoy your day my dear.

      Adrienne invites you to read..An Open Letter To Bloggers Who Have Lost Their WayMy Profile

  3. Hi Adrienne,

    Great to see you here on Sylviane’s place! Oh yes indeed I truly believe we are all a work in progress. Well, there are some out there that won’t budge and never want to work on themselves. But for the rest of us that know life is all about growth….YES!

    I’m an open book too and can tell you that I’ve been through many therapists and life coaches. Every time my life takes a turn … for the better sometimes, I do need to adjust to it. It think when it comes down to it all it is about adjustments for me.

    My life took a big turn last year and I needed to brush up on some of the stuff that was holding me back. You know…that “critic” in the mind… So I had to go out and do some EMDR (rapid eye movement) therapy for a few sessions to sweep out those bad thoughts and replace it with positive ones…It worked!

    When it comes to life coaching, Sylviane is a licensed coach and you can’t go wrong with her! Because I know her well, I do know that she does put others first and that’s what is important. I remember when she was helping a man that was brilliant and she gave her time to him, helping him grow. Hmmm I wonder what happened to that guy…..But I digress….

    Just when I thought I knew just everything about you Adrienne, I didn’t know mom was a penny pincher. I could just imagine that….the two of you going out to lunch he he he

    Guys, it’s been so great to see you both here in one place!

    donna merrill invites you to read..When Customer Engagement Matters MostMy Profile

    1. Hi Donna,

      I know that Adrienne had some errands to run so I’m going to get you first here.

      I know that you an Adrienne are such open books for sure. I’m not quite as open as you gals, because, well, that place I go to everyday still LOL! And also there are some things that I left out to put in my book.

      You and I have had some tough times as a child, even though they were different tough times, but that’s why we had to face some issues as we grew older, and all the way to adulthood.

      But the fact that we are even successful at anything, that’s so amazing Donna! We have made it, above and beyond, and in spite of a tough beginning. And we have not even arrived to the top that we will be at yet 🙂

      That guy that I was helping, I still help at times. He’s got some things that he needs to work on, but he’s got some good basis to work on. Even my coach told me that “I can help so many people” so, I believe I can. That’s why I’m trying to be more “in tune with my destiny” and go for it. that’s what I’m working on right now.

      I’m glad you came to say hello to Adrienne today, and I’m sure she’ll be here soon.

      Have a great day, and stay warm. Even here it’s cold today. So ready for spring!

    2. Hi Donna,

      So nice to be Sylviane’s guest this week, I’m happy she opened that invitation for me.

      That’s something I admire about you Donna, you’re open to change and continuously improving yourself. You know when things aren’t exactly right and you do what’s necessary to make sure that you’re on the right path. The more I get to know about you the more I admire you my friend.

      I enjoyed working with Sylviane even as she was going through her certification. I like the direction she was taught and it always helps to have someone else ask you the right questions in order to dig down deeper to find where some of those unresolved issues lay.

      I also remember that guy she was helping that wouldn’t budge. I’m sure he’s still in the same place too, what a shame.

      Yeah, you have NO idea just how bad my Mom is. Gosh I love her so much but I need to learn to tune her out a good bit of the time. The funny thing is though that going through this training now it’s like I have had an epiphany. NOt that I didn’t already know all of this but I guess I just had a long talk with myself and it’s like this big huge weight has just been lifted off my shoulders. I can’t tell you what a relief that is. Now to make sure it sticks when she starts up yet again for the 100th millionth time! LOL!!!

      Great to see you, thanks for stopping by and you have a fabulous rest of your week okay.

      Adrienne invites you to read..An Open Letter To Bloggers Who Have Lost Their WayMy Profile

      1. We love our parents, Adrienne, for sure, but they did teach us negative stuff.

        As a matter of fact, I think that people our generation, when it comes to personal development, we are really the “parent” or our parents. I remember how I used to teach things about the subconscious mind to my mom during her last couple of years when she had her mind working still.

        This was a tough generation, because their parents were even more ignorant than them. And I don’t mean it in a bad way, that’s just a fact. My grandparents had absolutely NO clue, and my mom and her brother and sister did their best, considering. I can only be grateful that I was born when I was, I guess.

        1. We definitely do love our parents Sylviane. I tell Mom all the time to stop being so darn negative. She wonders why things happen because she’s always waiting for the other shoe to drop. She won’t complain to anyone else, just me and she does that a lot. I’m glad she feels she can talk to me about anything but I tell you, it gets really really OLD.

          She is of the old way of thinking and doesn’t put two and two together that our thoughts bring about what happens in our lives. I’m always on her about that too, I’m the teacher for sure.

          I love her anyway and am learning to deal with her constant negativity about things and especially money. I’m getting there though. 😉
          Adrienne invites you to read..An Open Letter To Bloggers Who Have Lost Their WayMy Profile

  4. Hi Adrienne,

    So glad you wrote this post. We are always a work in progress. We should be always changing and adapting as the world is otherwise we can stagnate.

    I love that you mention even coaches need coaches as they need to resolve their own inner issues as well. We all have them as we are quite simply, people. As we are all works in progress, life and learning and improvement are a continuous cycle as life changes. Serious issues and some non-serious issues, anything that stays with us that holds us back, definitely do need to be resolved, and coaches can help us.

    I’ve not tried a personal development coach yet. I’ve tried business coaches that have helped tremendously, but I am a proponent of personal coaches to help get us through life issues, past and present.

    This is a great article Adrienne. Thank you for sharing a little bit more of *you* with us. I appreciate your honesty and your life as you use it as a method to teach us as well.

    Great job and thank you.
    Barbara Charles invites you to read..The Three Laws Of BloggingMy Profile

    1. Hey Barbara,

      I agree, if we don’t continue to learn and move forward than we’re all just stuck in the same place. That’s not a great enjoyable place to be.

      Even coaches need to continue improving so that they can continue helping us with whatever it is we need. Because things are always changing, even the way we look at things, there is always some new way to do things or a new way to look at it. To me it’s like we never know it all so there are steps to each level and those eager to go to the next level and then the next are the ones that I believe will get places in life.

      I worked with my first life coach back in 2008 I believe it was, maybe early 2009. Anyway it was a great experience for me, I had no idea what to expect and I wouldn’t change that experience for anything. Beth was my coach and she’s still doing that today and she’s very successful. She really did help me build my confidence back up because that was my issue back then having come online and not doing as well as I had been lead to believe I would.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Barbara and happy to share a little more about me and my issues so it might be able to help others understand why we all have things we need to work on. I just seem to lay mine all out on the table. 😉

      You have a great night my friend and thanks a bunch.

      Adrienne invites you to read..An Open Letter To Bloggers Who Have Lost Their WayMy Profile

  5. Hi Adrienne and Sylviane

    So glad to see you here Adrienne as I already enjoyed a lot while talking to wonderful community of Sylviane’s blog as guest author a month ago.

    Work in progress is both a positive and negative concept. It is negative if someone is work in progress because of procrastination or daring not to take bold steps to finish a risky task.

    Positive is for those who keep struggling and never take any achievement as the final one. I once read somewhere if you want someone not do anything more so just give him a life-time achievement award to suggest him now better stay at home. 🙂

    Struggle is the lifeblood of hope and hope keeps us alive. Unlucky is the person who doesn’t see dreams and we must be afraid of the day when we get up with simply the memories of overnight and no sweet or sour dream we would see while sleeping.

    To never let such stage comes into our life we must always be work in progress to keep progressing.

    Thanks a lot for being here and sharing your very inspirational story that has ignited my passion to kiss any big volcano of this world. 🙂
    Mi Muba invites you to read..How to never fail in blogging with these 11 tips for success?My Profile

    1. Hi Mi,

      A lot of people don’t see their dream come true, because, first of all, they see their dream as a far away unreachable fantasy, rather than a potential goal that they COULD achieve if only they put themselves to work.

      Most people were not raised with a success mindset, that’s why we’d better work on ourselves for starters, but even if we feel that we have achieved a great deal, we should still work on ourselves.

      Let me tell you that as someone who has worked with wealthy and popular actors (back in France), I can assure you that they had plenty of room for work on themselves 🙂 So it’s not because you have so called “made it” socially and finally that you’re done either.

      However, I want to see the working on ourselves thing as a positive thing. Not negative. Because I believe that our very purpose on the is earth is to LEARN.

      Thanks so much for dropping by, Mi and have a wonderful day ahead!

    2. Hi Mi Muba,

      Thanks for stopping by and we appreciate your support.

      I agree with Sylviane actually, I don’t like to view this topic as negative. Sure, people are going to have that mindset because they don’t believe enough in themselves to know that their dreams can come true. If they only realized that by getting some help and being willing to do the work that they actually can.

      I wish that everyone would see this as something positive instead of negative. I think that there would be a heck of a lot happier people in this world and actually reaching their goals and having success.

      Thanks for your comment and you be sure to have a wonderful rest of your week.

      Adrienne invites you to read..An Open Letter To Bloggers Who Have Lost Their WayMy Profile

  6. I’ve tried business coaches that have helped tremendously, but I am a proponent of personal coaches to help get us through life issues, past and present.

  7. Hi Adrienne, and welcome to Sylviane’s blog 🙂

    It’s so wonderful to see your post this time, and you are right, though this post relates to personal development and not blogging – we all still need to read it!

    Yes, I know your story as you mentioned it in one of your earlier posts, and more about your Mom, in one of my parenting posts. But it’s always good to learn more about you and your family.

    Ah…I can so well relate to your mom feeling the way she does, and that perhaps is because she’s gone through a phase when there might have been lack of money, thus she saved it all for a rainy day. It’s not easy to make them understand or dish out money, or even accept the fact that we are spending on things we feel we need. I know as my aunt was just the same way, and she still is, and I see her kids feel so much like you 🙂

    But being parents, we just can listen to them and respect their views, though we know we have to do what we have to. Yes, we are ALL work in progress, and as you mentioned, we all do need coaches to help us understand ourselves better.

    I wish we had more of life coaches our end too, which isn’t the case, and the ones online are pretty expensive. That’s one reason I thought of taking up the course myself, and have just done a wee bit in that regard, but will be doing the full course shortly. More than anything else, it helps us, and thus, we are able to help others too.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead, both of you 🙂
    Harleena Singh invites you to read..15 Free Blogging Apps for Your Android Mobile PhoneMy Profile

    1. Hi Harleena,

      Thank you for stopping by and I’m happy to be here as Sylviane’s guest.

      I’ve heard the stories from both my parents what it was like to grow up in the depression. Back then there were no modern conveniences that we have today. They were raised to never spend money on things they didn’t need. Even in my teens they were very strict with us. The weird thing about it is that they never sat us down and taught us about money or budgeting or how to invest, nothing.

      My Mom complains about everything and I mean everything. It’s actually depressing and really tiring to hear the same thing day after day and it doesn’t matter what you say to her. She just rolls her eyes and thinks I’m the one that’s nuts.

      You are right though, we just listen yet we have to continue to think for ourselves and do what we believe is right for us. I think a lot of people have a hard time in this area because they don’t want to disappoint their parents.

      In order to keep moving forward though, at times we need coaches to help us in areas we aren’t as knowledgeable. Whether that’s about life, relationships or business.

      I’ve been told over the years I should be a life coach as well but I don’t really like people to invest their money into someone who isn’t walking the talk. Not on the level I feel I should be at least. Granted, I’ve come a very long way and I’m at a very good place in my life but I’m still not where I want to be. Maybe when I reach that place I will have that experience under my belt that I’ve done the work and gotten the results I wanted. The big results! I actually think you would make a great life coach Harleena. Now to find the time to do that right!

      Appreciate your comment and thank you so much. I wish you the best moving forward with your course and know that it will not only benefit you but all those that you’re able to help.

      You have a great rest of your week now.

      Adrienne invites you to read..An Open Letter To Bloggers Who Have Lost Their WayMy Profile

    2. Hi Harleena,

      Yes, I guess we all have someone who is or was a penny pincher in our family. For me it was one of my aunts on my father side, it was so bad it was sickening.

      As for my mother, even though my grandparents were “poverty minded” even though there were not, my mom was very generous, never scared of spending money, and we were never in need either. That’s why I do believe from an early age in money flow. When you keep money from flowing from you, it doesn’t flow back to you. My parents were good at that somehow, even though they still did have some negative beliefs about money.

      Yes, coaches are expensive. My coach is not cheap for sure, and she told me to raise my fees, which I did, the very next day. One thing that I found out is that cheap coaches don’t have any more clients than expensive ones do. So I took all my prices down and discuss them only one on one now, just like my coach does.

      Thank you for coming, Harleena and sharing your insights.

  8. Hi Sylviane and Adrienne,

    You did great landing Adrienne for this article!!!

    Adrienne, you are absolutely right. We have weaknesses, blind spots and things buried in our hearts that are ultimately holding us back. Maybe we even lost a bit of our dreams?

    I have always had a business coach and that has been instrumental in helping me learn business over the last ten years. I’m very fortunate to have some men around me who are like coaches and it’s all out on the table to deal with.

    I can’t wait to see both your stories unfold and watch the successes flow that you are earning; and watching how you push through setback that make you both better people and business owners.

    I’m very blessed to have met both of you nearly 8 months ago now. You enrich my online experience and push me to be better than I am in both my business and my life!

    I hope you ladies have a wonderful end to your week; and I know this is just the start of our conversation!

    ~ Don Purdum
    Don Purdum invites you to read..How to Supercharge Your Brand with a Little Online Wisdom?My Profile

    1. Hi Don,

      That we do Don, we all do. It’s how we handle them that defines us right!

      I’ve been part of a few mastermind groups where I’ve met some exceptional people and now I can call them my friends. They are also here for me if I need advice or help with anything pertaining to my business and even my personal life. It’s great to have someone to talk to about it and having Sylviane as one of those friends who happens to be a life coach, well that’s just priceless.

      I’m excited where this year will lead me. I’ve come a long way, that I know but I still have a ways to go yet. I have the right tools though to get me to where I’m going so I’m eager to continue this journey and celebrate my results.

      I appreciate your comment Don, thank you so much and I sure hope you’re enjoying your day.

      Adrienne invites you to read..An Open Letter To Bloggers Who Have Lost Their WayMy Profile

    2. Hi Don,

      Same here, I certainly feel enriched to have met you and the other wonderful bloggers and entrepreneurs I met this past year. To prove how much I appreciate that… my upcoming guest authors on my blog “except for Adrienne” I’ve met this past 10 months. I feel about you and them just as you said. I’ve got so much from you guys. Very smart people, strong personalities and kind too 🙂

      I’ve seen your podcast with Brittany, but haven’t had to the time to listen in yesterday, but will do. Now that’s another great lady I’ve met recently and she’s very inspiring too.

      Thanks for coming Don. Always a pleasure.

  9. Hello,

    That was an educative piece.I enjoyed reading. Your facts are right on track. Thanks for sharing this with us. I would love to share this article with my followers at Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

    Have a great post.

    1. Hi Sonam,

      I’m glad you liked the article. Next time try to be more specific on what you liked most about the piece, so you can make your comment more valuable to others and people will notice you more as well.


    2. Hi Sonam,

      Educative piece? Now that’s a first but thank you for saying that. I agree with Sylviane though, what was it that you enjoyed about it? Have you had similar issues or perhaps dealt with some of the same types of things? I know we all have our own issues so to speak but just knowing that it’s okay and we’ll work through them, I think that’s the lesson here.

      Always appreciate you sharing our content across your social media accounts so thank you in advance.

      Hope you have a wonderful day and a fun weekend.

      Adrienne invites you to read..An Open Letter To Bloggers Who Have Lost Their WayMy Profile

  10. How did I miss Adrienne’s post on your blog Sylviane?!
    Thank goodness for catch-up Fridays!

    Hi Adrienne!
    Isn’t funny how we all have a “Mom” story. And if we have kids, they will have “Mom” stories too, no matter how enlightened us Moms feel we are!!

    I was recently writing about the “journey” – as opposed to the “destination”. If you believe that’s it’s continuously a journey – that each destination achievement is also the beginning of the next journey, then we must always be a “work in progress”. In fact, if were stop growing in our own soul and skills then what exactly are we here for??

    You know the money relationship topic is my soapbox Adrienne. Not only is it a cornerstone of the work I do with my clients, but also one that I write and speak about. Last week I met on the phone with Barbara Turley in Australia who is the owner of Energise Wealth. She brought in another perspective of the women and money baggage issue related to the community consciousness that has pervaded culture since the beginning of time. Not only do we absorb the messages and meaning from the culture in which we live, but in a Jungian kind of way we also carry historical cultural messages within our psychic DNA, about money and women’s connection to it. It’s a powerful perspective that I am in the process of researching further and bringing into my work as well.

    I believe that sometimes all the “talk” in the world will not create the shift we are searching for. It’s one thing to “know” something and another to change it. When a story or belief about money is deeply embedded in our psyche the shift can only come from touching the place where it lives in our unconscious and releasing it. It’s like a treasure hunt to find the place where the story is stuck. Sometimes it’s where we expect and many times it’s not. That’s why I love to move beyond conversation when business coaching, into guided exercises, imagery and energetic work. Somewhere in there we usually find the right key!!

    I am touched Adrienne that both you and Sylviane shared such personal stories and journeys in this thread. It’s that kind of realness and openness that not only gives other the courage to look more deeply at themselves, but also compels your readers to want to connect with you authentically!

    I’m honored to be friends with both of you.
    Deborah Tutnauer invites you to read..Meaning of Money – Success Beyond Dollars and SenseMy Profile

    1. Hi Deborah,

      Goodness, I don’t know how missed this post LOL! But am I glad you came and left such deep and powerful comment.

      Needless to say that I so agree with you when you say that unless we touch that part of the unconscious where the belief resides it will stay there. There is no doubt about that. That’s why my personal development blog is centered around those subconscious beliefs that we all need to get in touch with if we want to be able to change our lives.

      I so agree with that psychic DNA theory as well, I have no problem believing that. Women and money is a sad story for sure.

      Yes, it’s one thing to know something and another to change it, because knowing is “conscious world” as for changing, as we said, it comes for the “unconscious world.” From that psychic DNA. But I do believe that’s possible.

      I’m certainly happy and honored to have met you as well, Deborah. Man, I’m so blessed. This past 6-8 months I’ve met some of the most talented, smart and nice people online, and you are really enlightening my life.

      So glad you enjoyed this beautiful post from Adrienne.

      Have a great weekend.

  11. Hi Deborah,

    Well I appreciate your visit and glad you take the time to catch up on Friday’s. I usually do that on the weekends.

    I read you recent post when you mentioned Barbara I believe. I’ve also heard that same thing, that our money issues may be passed down from generation to generation. That what we are currently going through really didn’t form with me but perhaps my Mom or her parents, etc. I can understand that to an extent mainly because they all did grew up in the depression and in hard times. That just came over to us as kids although I know my parents did the best they could.

    I’m still a work in progress though and I will be seeing big changes this year for me. I’m bound and determined to rid myself of all this mess and move on to better things.

    Thank you for sharing that with me and your kind comment. It’s always so very much appreciated Deborah.

    You have a great weekend and thanks again.

    Adrienne invites you to read..An Open Letter To Bloggers Who Have Lost Their WayMy Profile

  12. Hi Adrienne and Sylviane.

    I really connected with this post, I’m absolutely a work in progress and I always will be, at least I hope so.

    Like everyone else with dreams and ambitions, some days I wake up and feel as if I’m really making progress, other days I feel as if I’ve not achieved anything, and that I’m still stuck where I was 12 months ago.

    Back in the autumn of last year I sat down and came to the conclusion that I was taking on too much, I’d write a to-do list for the week as long as my arm and rarely would I accomplish even half of the things on that list, heck I’d be lucky if I got 3 or 4 things done.

    These days I still use a to-do list (which I now call a success list), but it consists of nothing more than just 2 items. 2 things that I want to get done each week. I’ve now learned to narrow down my focus to concentrate on just two things, sometimes just one thing. One of those things usually consists of writing a blog post, the other is something else that will ultimately get me a step closer to reaching one of my goals this year.

    Life coaching is definitely on the cards for me too, like you Adrienne I have something deep inside holding me back, fear. Not fear of what others think about what I’m doing in general, I think I get plenty of support and praises from people I’ve connected with and the community, but fear of my family, let me put it mildly, they don’t share my enthusiasm to want to succeed online with my businesses and my blog, I’m constantly compared to my siblings and often told that I should get a real job! It does nothing but kill my motivation at times, but it is what it is I guess.

    Anyway ladies, thanks for sharing this wonderful post 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your week both of you.
    Fabrizio Van Marciano invites you to read..Thrive Leads Is Going To Help You Build Your Email List Faster!My Profile

    1. Hi Fabrizio,

      Thank you for sharing your own struggles with us, I can relate so much to what you’re sharing.

      I also have a “list”. Basically I don’t overdo it though because I want to be sure to achieve what I have on it each day. Whatever I do have on my list though helps me move forward but there are mornings I wake up and scratch my head wondering why I haven’t gotten any further than where I am.

      I have so many mixed emotions about what I’m doing that I get lost at times. It’s hard to explain but we do put so much pressure on ourselves to succeed.

      Although my family and friends support me and my ventures I do have my Mom always asking me, how many sales did you make today. Why didn’t you make more than that? When are you going to make that big money you always talk about? They are constantly in my brain because I hear them so often. I have my moments when I start to question myself too. Why am I not further along? I’m doing the work and I know it’s the right type of work. Just so many thoughts that are always popping into my brain and those are the thoughts that are holding me back. Those are the demons I have to conquer once and for all. That’s what a life coach can do for you, hold you accountable and remind you of your thoughts.

      From what I see of you and what you do online Fabrizio I think you’re doing great. I believe we’re both moving in the right direction and because of that we’ll always be a work in progress. Don’t you worry, I have faith in you! 🙂

      Thank you for your visit and comment, I really appreciate that.

      Adrienne invites you to read..Magical Monday: Blog Promotion, Loyal Audience, Your List, Triberr, SuccessMy Profile

    2. Hi Fabrizio,

      I can totally relate with what you’re saying here. At times we feel like I’m doing great, and at times I feel like I’m on a treadmill. Been there, done that 🙂 you’re not alone. I think it happens to everyone.

      For the better part of last year I was in a huge pit, but as a matter of fact, my coach confirmed to me lately that it’s not uncommon to see a surge of success in the middle of heartache and grieving such as I’ve been through this past year. That’s exactly what’s happening to me now.

      It’s excellent to use to do lists, goals lists and any kind of productive/powerful lists. I have notebooks full of them.

      Keep up the good work. I think you’re on the right track.

      Glad you enjoyed Adrienne’s post and thanks for coming.

  13. Hi Adrienne,

    Great post here on Sylviane’s blog.

    It’s very true.

    We’re all a work in process … and the thing is, there’s never going to be a finished product. There’s always going to be new things to learn … new things to improve upon. The only way to truly grow as a person is to allow yourseld to continue to improve.

    My parents taught me about money .. but foolish me didn’t listen. Instead, I had to learn the hard way about money and credit. But I learned, and I’m still learning.

    I feel blessed to have gotten to know both you and Sylviane over the past year and a few months. You both help motivate me to be better than I can be and I appreciate that.

    Hope you have an awesome week.

    – Andrew
    Andrew M.Warner invites you to read..24 Bloggers Reveal Their Secret, Can’t-Fail Strategies To Effectively Generate Blog TopicsMy Profile

    1. Hi Andrew,

      I agree with that my friend, we are always improving ourselves and our business. It’s never ending I believe because there is so much more still to do in life and experience.

      I with my parents had taught me about money. All they did was tell us we didn’t have much. I still think I do okay, I’ve never been a big spender anyway. I’m not about material things, I’ve extremely content with the life I have and as I’ve told Sylviane many times before. If I became a millionaire tomorrow I wouldn’t move from where I currently live. As odd as that sounds, I love my little home. I truly truly do plus I have my Mom next door to me so we have the perfect situation.

      I can honestly say that I’m blessed to know you too Andrew. You are an amazing man, a gifted writer and someone I enjoy calling my friend. Thank you for your continued support and I wish you all the best in what life has to offer you.

      Thank you for your visit and comment. You have a wonderful day.

      Adrienne invites you to read..Magical Monday: Blog Promotion, Loyal Audience, Your List, Triberr, SuccessMy Profile

    2. Hi Andrew,

      I’m glad you came read Adrienne’s post, here.

      Yes, we need to be willing to keep on learning. I think that’s wonderful. Every day can be new day full of new discoveries. There is no end to learning about ourselves, about others, about everything in this universe.

      I’m glad you eventually learn about money the hard way 🙂 I did too, few years back. But now I practice more the abundance side of money.

      Thank you so much for your input.

  14. Hi, Sylviane and Adrienne,

    Wonderful to see you on Sylviane’s blog, Adrienne – awesome surprise when I landed today to see what Sylviane has been up to… 🙂

    I couldn’t agree more with the topic you’re discussing, and wholeheartedly concur with every point you listed, especially that coaches need coaches. I have a mentor, and will have one until I reach 7 figures, that’s for sure.

    We’re all at a different place in the life cycle of our business, and have specific individual needs, without a doubt.

    Love the challenges in life that help us grow, and being confronted with breaking free from our comfort zone in order to do that.

    A lot of times it requires accountability from an ‘outsider’ or ‘onlooker’ because of course, as you and I have discussed, we don’t see ourselves the way others see us.

    Personal development is an area that each and every one of us should be interested in, and you give a lot of encouragement to do this, Adrienne, so thanks for so much wonderful ‘food for thought’ and inspiration!

    Hope you have a wonderful rest of the day, and I’ll be talking with you soon.

    Carol Amato invites you to read..Attract and Influence Readers with Case StudiesMy Profile

    1. Hi Carol,

      Thank you for visiting Sylviane’s blog and commenting on my guest post.

      I know that you’re someone who definitely has a mentor and I can see why you would keep them until you reach a certain amount in your business. We need the people who can help us get to where we need and desire to be. We don’t have the knowledge most of the time as to what that takes to reach that level. That’s why coaches need coaches and we all do as well.

      The personal development area is the way we perceive ourselves which is a big part of what holds a lot of people back. So it’s just as if not more important to dive into that area before we can proceed with making things happen with our business. Even coaches of personal development fall back into area they need work on as well.

      We are all a work in progress and that’s nothing to be ashamed of at all. I just wish everyone the best in the direction they are headed and thank you as well for your comment.

      Adrienne invites you to read..Magical Monday: Blog Promotion, Loyal Audience, Your List, Triberr, SuccessMy Profile

    2. Hi Carol,

      Nice to see you back here.

      Actually, what’s interesting is that more successful people than unsuccessful ones have a coach. That’s kind of sad, but a fact of life I guess.

      For this reason and upon my coach’s advice I took my affordable prices down altogether and will now charge much more:) Because I realized that people who don’t have much money won’t get a coach no matter how affordable I make it to them. So the heck with that. It’s gone now LOL

      It’s very important to have a coach and I’m so glad I’ve got one who’s helping me to get to the next level. Since I’ve started working with her a lot of things have started happening for me, and keep on happening. Good stuff.

      My goals are sharper and sharper every week and we are really making things even sharper so I can grow and travel just like I want to.

      Thanks for coming by and I’m glad you enjoyed Adrienne’s job here! She did everything, even the picture 🙂

  15. Hi Adrienne and Sylviane,

    That’s a great post, thanks for sharing so much.

    I’m definitely still a Work-in-Progress, and although I have a business coach AND a life coach my best coaches are probably my sons. They’re always encouraging me to “live life for today”.

    But, like you Adrienne, it’s a constant struggle not to be overwhelmed by Mum’s negative thoughts. I love her dearly, and I’m sure it’s too late to change her now, but instead of focusing on the MANY happy years and comforts of her life, she still thinks of bad things and war-time poverty instead of the benefits that came from the successful family business.

    Daddy has always been a positive person and, when we went into town he would tell me he could “see” a parking spot waiting for him – YEARS before visualization was something that regular folk would do. Sadly Mum’s worries and fears are wearing him down now, although I do a daily “pep-talk” for them both.

    Maybe when I’m 91 I will understand better, but actually I hope that I’ll still be able to find some positives in my life. Always assuming I make it to 91 🙂

    Meantime – let’s all keep growing 🙂

    Joy Healey invites you to read..Business Network Group ReviewMy Profile

    1. Hi Joy,

      Nice to see you here. As I was watching my real time traffic I could tell there were many clicks coming from a site called adriennesmith.net LOL!

      In the old days, there were more negative people than they are now, because they didn’t have personal development information back then, and even though people like to talk about the good old days, times were tougher then, than they are now in many ways. So yours and Adrienne’s moms grew up during the depression and harsh times which didn’t help.

      My mom didn’t grow up during the depression but her parents went through poverty as children, and even though they got to be OK, they still carried on with the poverty mind stricken feeling crap. They never got out of it mentally. Plus my grandmother was always AFRAID of something, even if there were no reason to be afraid of. It’s funny that both my grandmother and aunt were both psychics and never made good use of it either.

      My mom managed to actually be the best reacting person in her family and she did great considering, but they were still lots and lots of negative programmings. By the time I discovered personal development my mother had been diagnosed with a type of Alzheimer disease which they actually never called like that but which is the same thing. She died last March.

      I also believe that negative thinking/feeling can develop those types of diseases too.

      Thanks for coming by, Joy.

    2. Hi Joy,

      Even with all the coaches you have in your life, including your children, you still need encouraging. As I’ve shared many times over on my own blog Joy, we never see ourselves the way other people see us. So others can help point things out to us at times we don’t realize we’re either doing or thinking.

      I understand what you mean by Mom’s negative thoughts. My Mom is the same way. Just like my brother has to drive to Dallas tomorrow for a meeting and it might possibly snow there. Of course our weather forecasters are not always 100% right so what does she do. She starts thinking the worst case scenario instead of being positive and knowing that he’ll be watched over. With her negative attitude I’m really shocked that we’re not worse off than we already are. LOL!!! I kid you not.

      She use to get SO mad at my Dad. As you know he had cancer for 42 years so every time they went to the doctor’s for a checkup he would fall asleep in the waiting room. She couldn’t believe he could sleep because she was worried sick about what they would be telling us “this time around”. He use to tell her that it was out of his control so why worry about it. Exactly my point so I definitely got what positive attitude I did from him. I do know that at the end of his life he just gave up. He was tired of fighting it any longer.

      We’ll never change their way of thinking Joy but we can have a different attitude moving forward. I definitely intend to which is why I think I’m as healthy as I am. I refuse to let her get to me in some ways. Now I have to figure out how to make sure she doesn’t continue to get to me in the others.

      Thanks for your visit and let’s keep growing for sure.

      Adrienne invites you to read..Magical Monday: Blog Promotion, Loyal Audience, Your List, Triberr, SuccessMy Profile

  16. It’s great to hear you share your views on money, Adrienne. Thanks, Sylviane for featuring Adrienne on your blog, too.

    Personally, I believe that we are all works in progress, and will be until the day we die.

    Not too many people achieve the top level on Maslow’s hierarchy of self-actualization!

    However, it’s great that we have something to strive towards.

    I know that I’m constantly improving myself and my skills, adding more each year to my repertoire.

    Having goals to attain and dreams to bring to fruition is what keeps us motivated to be the best we can be.

    I have to say, it’s a real pleasure being in the company of both of you lovely ladies, too, as we continue down our paths of self-actualization. 🙂

    And, Sylviane, just to let you know, I removed AdBlock Plus from my Chrome browser just so I could leave this comment! 😉 Recall how I had difficulty commenting on your site last week? Problem SOLVED! 😀
    Lorraine Reguly invites you to read..Become More Successful By Providing Others With a Personal TouchMy Profile

    1. Hi Lorraine,

      Happy to hear that you also believe we are all still a work in progress and there is still so much to do, learn and accomplish. I don’t think we are ever really finished learning new things are taking some cool adventure.

      Even at my Mom’s age of 89 she is still learning how to do new things due to the technology changing and her wanting to stay in touch with people. If she’d had the attitude that I’m just done then she would be missing out on so much more.

      Thank you for sharing that with us and I’m happy to hear that you’re able to comment on this post. I guess that ad blog extension was blocking her pop-up and in. Another reason they are annoying right! LOL!!!

      Have a great week Lorraine and thanks again.

      Adrienne invites you to read..Magical Monday: Blog Promotion, Loyal Audience, Your List, Triberr, SuccessMy Profile

    2. Hi Lorraine,

      For sure we are all works in progress. I don’t think it ever stops for anyone, even those who are seemingly on top of their game.

      That’s what I thought, Lorraine, some type of popup blockers were preventing you to get in. I’m glad the problem is solved and nice seeing you here.

      Have a great day!

  17. Hi Adrienne and Sylviane,

    Great and timely post Adrienne and I absolutely relate and say I am a work in progress.

    I hate it when success is measured by the amount of money we make. I can relate to your story as my husband is the same, he asks me how much sales I made but he never asks how much I have grown in the process.

    Looking back from when I started, yes I have come a long way but I am still way too far from where I want to achieve and I will always be a work in progress. And I do believe we can’t do it on our own, we definitely need coaches to help us move forward.

    Thanks Adrienne for sharing your experience with us and thanks Sylviane for inviting Adrienne to write such a powerful guest post.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!!

    Be Blessed,

    Neamat Tawadrous invites you to read..Unleashing The Power Of Encouragement!!!My Profile

    1. Hi Neamat,

      I look at what we do online as a growth process too Neamat. Whenever you learn any type of task, even if that’s doing some type of work in Corporate America for a company, you don’t learn everything overnight. You don’t start earning the big bucks right away and it might take you months or years to get to where you believe you deserve to be. Isn’t that right?

      It’s no different carving our paths online either. Granted, it might not take some people years to get to where they want to go but you still have to look at it as a process. We don’t learn everything all at once, we don’t have success in one area all at once so the money will start to come slow but will gradually start to pick up over time depending on what it is that you’re doing.

      If only the people who weren’t involved in the online activities would understand this then I think they would stop asking those stupid questions. I certainly don’t ask them how much money they made today.

      Just like going to a seminar with our jobs or taking more classes to learn new skills, we need coaches and mentors to help us online as well. So we will always be a work in progress and that’s okay. Maybe some day your husband will finally understand this all Neamat.

      Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it and you have a wonderful day.

      Adrienne invites you to read..Magical Monday: Blog Promotion, Loyal Audience, Your List, Triberr, SuccessMy Profile

  18. Hi Adrienne,

    I just had to pop over here to visit. I love Sylviene’s site and had her bookmarked in my other computer before it died. Thanks for helping me to get her bookmarked again. ; ) Your post was so right on. We are all a work in progress.

    I certainly am and will be for the rest of my life. I believe just like you stated in your article we all need coaches. In fact, I believe as a coach myself that we benefit from many different types of coaches. For example, I am a motivational coaching and advocacy for both one on one and small groups. I also do online ecourses in personal development. That is my strength areas. I used to think I was an advocate called to do just that for life. Deep down years back, my heart ached to do something positive and motivating. One day a co-worker said to me “I want to get some of that!” I was so confused and then they said “Whatever it is that you have in you with that positivity is contagious”. Best comment EVER! That is when I began putting all of my strengths that I am aware of together to do what I do. On the other end of it, I have so much growing in so many areas that finding mentors and coaches in those areas helps me to be a stronger person. You are my go-to when I want to learn about relationships. Donna is my go-to for sales funneling my business. Marty is my go to for inner personal growth development and well, you get the picture my friend. I could go on and on.

    Thanks for sharing all this and have a great week.

    Irish Carter invites you to read..Different Types of Area Rugs to Keep You Warm in This Cold Weather and your home beautiful!My Profile

    1. Hi Irish,

      Happy to help you bookmark Sylviane’s blog once again and good to see you. Thanks for checking out my guest post here.

      I appreciate you sharing your own story and what you’re involved in. You make a great point about me being your go to person for relationship building, Donna for sales funnels and Marty for inner personal growth, etc. We all have different areas of expertise so we go to those people who can help us most in those particular areas. We can’t be good at everything although we sure wish we could. LOL!!!

      Thank you for that Irish and I hope you’re having a good week and on the mend.

      Adrienne invites you to read..Magical Monday: Blog Promotion, Loyal Audience, Your List, Triberr, SuccessMy Profile

    2. Hi Irish,

      I’m so happy to meet you here and thrilled that you like my site. Truth be told I love it too. It’s a brand new design that I did late November. I even have some offline friends who told me they love my site, so I take it that’s a good sign.

      Even though I’m a coach, it’s the fist time that I’ve a paid a large amount of money to a coach who’s helping especially on the business side of my life, but on all the other sides as well. It’s good to have a coach, and everyone should invest in one at least once in their life, but best is do it once in a while, because as you said and as Adrienne said we are all a work in progress.

      I am also a motivational coach. I teach people to get in touch with their subconscious mind and understand the law of attraction. Those are my 2 best areas of knowledge, but I also teach people how to use a pendulum which I’ve learned about like a year ago and getting better and better at it. I use it for everything, small and big decisions.

      Eventually, I want to go into energy healing. Last year, in March I learned that my 4 legged child (my cat Sophie) whom I adored, had a cancerous tumor, so I learned some basic energy healing stuff to try to help her.

      Energy healing is very spiritual, and interestingly, after having done some of that on my cat for 6 months she let me know went it was time for her to go. The way it happened was incredible, and I still think of it every day still. She died in my arms, and I’ll never, ever forget that no matter how old I am when I die. Two psychic friends of mine me that I had a very strong spiritual connection with her (one of them was Donna) I always did, but that energy healing, I think made it even stronger.

      I already know about an energy healer teacher, and I really want to take her class. I feel that I’d be a good energy healer 🙂

      So here’s a bit about me. I’ll come and check you out and hope to get to know you better.

  19. Hi Sylviane and Adrienne,

    I don’t see anything wrong with being a continuous work in progress. Life is a journey and there is always something to learn.

    Besides you needs and desires can change for the course of time so your journey can change along the way.

    It kind of keeps like eventful. Anyway, there’s always room for growth, things are always evolving, as we should.

    Lea Bullen invites you to read..7 Vicious Beliefs You Need to Abandon to Get on the Road to SuccessMy Profile

    1. Hi Lea,

      That’s my girl, we’re all a work in progress in all areas of our lives. Life is definitely a journey and I for one am always eager to continue learning more and more.

      I agree with that, our needs and desires can definitely change over time. We might actually reach a certain point and get what we were striving for. Then it’s time to take it to another level so we need more help and direction being able to get to that point.

      It definitely does keep life eventful.

      Thank you for visiting and your comment. Love hearing from you.

      Adrienne invites you to read..Magical Monday: Blog Promotion, Loyal Audience, Your List, Triberr, SuccessMy Profile

    2. Hi Lea,

      Sorry for replying so late, but I can hardly keep up with all the comments I have to reply to. Not only they keep on coming EVERY single day on my blog, but I had to catch up with my guest post on Don Purdum’s blog as well. But I won’t complain. It’s all good.

      Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being a work in progress. And we should. As you said as we grow older, more mature, we change constantly.

      Thanks you for coming by.

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