I Can’t Imagine Myself Rich, Help!

Today I wanted to address a question that was brought up by one of my faithful readers.  I have answered that question in the comment area of the post, but as I was doing so, I thought that this topic could be a post of its own.

So, here I am going to answer the question using tips that I have used myself.  The post I am referring to was titled, are you still broke? And the question was the following:

Okay, here’s my deal. I don’t believe I have an issue with money. I don’t think it’s bad, horrible nor do I have that lack mentality. Okay, maybe I do I’m not sure. I think my problem is that I can’t consider the possibility of me having wealth because I can’t see that for myself. I don’t know what that looks like or even feels like. I try to put myself in that situation but I end up laughing at myself because I can’t even picture myself there. No matter how badly I might want it, I just can’t see myself actually having it. Does that make any sense? Sylviane to the rescue!!! HELP!!!

Do you have troubles SEEING yourself with money, seeing yourself living in abundance or luxury of any kind?  If this is so, it’s a BELIEF issue.  I get it that when you have NEVER experienced something it might be hard to see yourself that way.  If this is your case, what you need to do is trigger your imagination.  You do have some of that don’t you?  We all do!

How to Trigger your Imagination?

The best way to trigger your imagination if you have some inner resistance that prevents you from seeing yourself being wealthy is to take a pen and a notebook and start writing a story.

Yes, that’s right! When writers write a fiction story that’s what they do. They do not try to “believe” the story, but they create it and start imagining each character and situation.  They even go so far as imagining a past and a specific personality for those characters, don’t they?

For example, when Agatha Christie created her character Hercule Poirot, she gave him a personality (a very specific one) picky, arrogant, neat, nice to ladies and sometime a real pain in the butt.  But also clever, smart and super duper meticulous. That person that she invented and created out of her own mind was so specific that actors who have played the role of Hercule Poirot have used such specific traits to portray the character of Poirot.  What is more is that detective Hercule Poirot had taken such a life of his own, that Agatha Christie, herself, had said at one point that she “couldn’t stand him anymore”.

Wow, talking about someone’s imagination becoming real!

You can do the same thing Agatha Christie did with her Poirot with YOU.  If you have troubles seeing yourself what you would like to become, create a character of yourself that you could make go as wild as you can imagine.  Nobody’s watching; it’s just between you and your notebook.  Go wild and go deep.  Just make sure that you give the character YOU, your own name.

What Does this Will Do for You?

What this exercise will do for you is train your subconscious mind (where your deep beliefs are located) to get used to the idea that it refuses to accept at the moment.  This is a very practical way to change the programming of your subconscious, and it works.

So here is what you do step by step…

– Get a brand new notebook and a good working pen

2 – Start writing a story with a main character (like Agatha Christie did with Poirot) but make sure your character is named after you.  Your character will be YOU.

3 – Make sure your character has the traits and personality that serves YOU best.  Like Poirot had the type of personality that Christie chose for him.

4 –  Write a story around your character “you”. Where do you live?  What type of house do you live in?  What type of car are you driving?  What type of people are you surrounded by?  What type of events do you go to?  What type of trips are you taking?  What organizations are you helping? And of course what do you do for a living?  I am sure you are getting the point.  You can add as many things as you possibly want.

5 –  Be as specific as possible. In order to do this well, write what you see, hear, smell taste, and touch. Using your five senses will always make your story more REAL to you.  Also, write how you feel and feel it.  Notice how much of that we read in fiction books.  There’s a lot of it, isn’t there?

Stop Laughing!

Yes, that’s this only time I would tell you not to laugh!  Do you remember what this reader said when imagining herself being rich and living a life of abundance? She said she starts laughing. This happens when your subconscious mind is telling you, no way! You are not going to get that! Not ever! You know, that little ugly voice that is telling you that you’re crazy thinking that way!

That voice comes from your subconscious mind which is trying to “protect” you from something you don’t know.  Our subconscious mind is ALWAYS protecting us from the unknown, good or bad.  The Subconscious mind can’t tell the difference, as you probably know by now.

That’s what the subconscious mind does. That’s its job and it does it well.  It’s up to you to erase this type of programming and re-program your subconscious using the technique I mentioned above.

Do it Now!

OK, now that you’ve read about it, do it! Go grab or go buy that notebook and start writing your story.  Remember the more detailed you will be the better it will work.  Keep on writing regularly. When you feel like your story is complete, then read it every day until your subconscious start believing it.  Remember, Agatha Christy started to believe that Poirot was real, and became annoyed by him, because her character had taken a life of its own.

As you write and read your story don’t forget to visualize it, just like you do when your read a fiction book.  Over time the character “YOU” will take a life of its own.  This will shift your subconscious mind from not believing into believing.  Once your subconscious believes, you have arrived.

So, what do you think? Have you tried this methods before? If not try it and let me know how it goes.


35 thoughts on “I Can’t Imagine Myself Rich, Help!”

  1. Hi Sylviane,

    well, I could have written this comment with the fine difference that I could imagine myself being rich and I had even gotten a pre-taste what it feels like.

    With that being said, I am turning all personal development myths, mantras, “truths” and lies upside down.

    One issue is certainly, and you mention it, resistance. I’ve come to the conclusion that we don’t have any chance if and when we try to work against it in any way, be it by writing or by chanting affirmations. By doing these things, we will even increase it very likely and thus preparing us for further failure and suffering.

    I learned to deal with resistance by welcoming it (all resistance of the entire world, as a matter of fact) and even increase it for a moment on a conscious level and letting it speak to me. And I just listen to what it wants to tell me…it might tell us a story and then we can let go of the emotional attachment to this story.

    Fighting against resistance would be like fighting against the current in the ocean. The (only ?) chance we have is surrender.

    That, though, is not a recipe to become rich. It’s an idea how to stop suffering, feelings inadequate and guilty.

    And it will definitely allow us to live in the present moment and to enjoy our journey whatever our destination may be.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

    Be blessed


  2. Hi Oliver,

    You are right about resistance. Resistance is very strong and if there is still any resistance no self talk will help. That’s why good personal development coach will try to detect such resistance in the first place, because it’s the source. Thank you for pointing that out.

    Thank your for your valuable insights, Oliver 🙂

  3. Thanks for making this timely post, i call it timely because as i speak now there are too many folks out there who are already throwing in the towel, they feel nothing good can ever happen to them.

    To them, no one can make it on his own, they fail to realize the great potentials hidden right inside of them, and as a result, they remain in the patched places of life.
    “See What IGNORANT Can Do”

    1. Hello there!

      Ah now I recognize you from your email. I’ve got to check that inbox.

      Yes, unfortunately there will always be some people who feel that they CAN”T. Unfortunately, only they can help themselves. Starting to read personal development blogs and books is a start, but there have to get there. If it’s in them, eventually they will.

      Thanks for your feedbacks 🙂

  4. Well you know everyone is going to want to know who prompted this post so I’m not ashamed at all to say it was me. You know I laugh at everything so that was just a natural response for me Sylviane. Now I know, once again, I was just hurting myself. Dah!

    I have a friend who is a law of attraction coach and she told me to write down on a piece of paper what I want most in this life right now. Write it as if I already have it and read it out loud twice a day. Feel as if you already have it as you’re reading it and how happy it makes you. I do read it out loud three times a day and have been consistently doing that now for a short period of time.

    I haven’t done the visualizing, that’s still a tough one for me. I have no idea, once again, what any of that would actually look like but I definitely have the feeling part down. I get really happy and giddy each time I read it and I can’t help but smile, laugh and feel so much joy. I’m not doubting it because I’m feeling overjoyed that I have it. I would think this would be along the same lines right?

    Thank you for writing this post Sylviane. I definitely appreciate it and I’m getting there. I’m going to finally get rid of all that little bitty doubt I STILL didn’t realize was there and bust through this once and for all. It’s on it’s way, that’s for sure and I have you to thank for that too.

    I appreciate you Sylviane, thank you so very much.

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    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Indeed, there is no shame what so ever to be the person asking this question. As a matter of fact, hundreds and thousands of people out there are asking that same question.

      What your friend told you works great, and yes it’s very similar to what I mention on this post. The only difference is that with my method here you need to include every minute detail you can think of which is a plus. But you could do both methods together. That’s what I do myself. It’s like having a short and a long version.

      As you persist with this exercise I am sure that little by little you will be able to visualize. I known you will, Adrienne 🙂

    1. Hi Shamelle,

      I am glad this gave you some ideas. When you write don’t forget that the character is YOU, not just any character. That’s very important to remember that 🙂

  5. Well, I’ll tell you this much, Sylvaine, I have a very good imagination and no trouble at all imagining myself rich 🙂

    I can think of a lot of ways to be rich… on the French Riviera, on a Greek Island, somewhere in Barcelona… surrounded by people who do nothing all day but bring me drinks with pink umbrellas and a chocolate cake… yeah, that’s my story!

    I like your suggestion to get a notebook and pen – no computer! There is something very direct about actually writing on a piece of paper. Plus there are no distractions like blogs to write or Twitter to read…

    I always wrote for fun in a cheap spiral notebook. I picked my favorite color and just wrote whatever I wanted. It’s a great suggestion for people who need to spark up their imagination! I hope everyone listens to you and starts dreaming big.
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    1. Ahaha, Carol, I knew that already, but this proves it even more, we have so much in common. You see, people like you and me we don’t need to stir the imagination… when I was little, my mother wished some times I’d turned it off a bit 🙂

      I have written all my life since childhood just like you. I’ve written pages and pages of people’s name that didn’t existed but in my head. I’ve written about the life of my 20 cats I had over the years of youth, I’ve written poems about a French actor I was in love with, I’ve written about my thoughts constantly…. and it goes on and on.

      That’s right no computer. The pen and paper is much more efficient and still easier to carry around.

      Dream big and have fun, Carol!

  6. Hi Sylviane,

    I have actually done this. But in a different way. I wanted to once and for all create a husband. After two horrible marriages I decided that I was just creating the same situation over and over again in my life. Yes..I was an enabler! So I purchased an expensive notebook and pen and started to imagine the man of my dreams. Don’t Laugh….this is true!
    I had a detailed list that took a month to write down and put in order. I also slept with it so my subconscious would know that notebook was there. To make a very long story short…I met David. Now here is where it is important: You have to keep your eyes open to what comes in.
    My description of a man was not Davidesque ….It was in the 80’s and I was clubbing in Manhattan, going to the best parties, and was a punk rocker. In comes this man, dockers, loafers and a republican hair cut!
    Yikes! Could this be him? He fit all of the description I’ve written down but didn’t look like the guy I had imagined. That’s a good thing….I couldn’t repeat the same kind of guy.
    Bring it up to 23 years later…here we are happy as can be.

    Many of my clients have done the same, the stories vary a bit, but lessons learned along the road. It Works!!!

    I imagined the home I’m living in now. I didn’t know where it was, but the events that took place were truly magical. I was paying attention and landed upstate NY in the Finger Lake area. Perfect place for the gal who wants to keep her heels on (sidewalks) Never learned to drive (too many taxi’s) and a little nature (a waterfall 2 doors down) Whoopie!
    Thanks for writing this
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    1. Hi Donna,

      What a great story. No way, I wouldn’t laugh. I even said so in my post 🙂

      I had two failed marriages myself that should have never even happened to start with. I know exactly who I want now.

      Thank you for sharing how you met your hubby which I also had the pleasure to meet through blogging. I am so happy to see that this was a true match for both of you. That writing thing sure works. It really does!

      Thanks for coming, Donna!

  7. Well hello Sylviane, well I did the first part, imagining my perfect day, job done now back to my normal routine!
    Your post is a very timely one for me, yesterday I resolved to make that day my last chocolate fest, time to get this fat boy into the shape I saw in my perfect day and begin working towards that life rather than away from it.
    Of course like Adrienne that means defeating the internal barriers that insist that this is as good as it gets for me and that prevent me from doing the best for myself and those around me.
    Time to return to that perfect day and continue to write the story, but this time in the first person and really believe what I am writing.
    Thanks for this post, you may have just saved a life.

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    1. I Igore,

      You are the second person in this comment area who said “this post came just at the right time”! That is really great and yes, that’s called the law of attraction. If you are looking for a certain type of answer you are going to be attracted to where you are going to find such answer. I am so glad that it was my blog in this case.

      We all have to “fight” some kind of resistance, but as long as we constantly remind ourselves and try to do our best, we are on the right track. I think that you are on the right track, Igor 🙂 Thanks for your visit.

  8. “That voice comes from your subconscious mind which is trying to “protect” you from something you don’t know. ” We laugh at what we believe we can’t achieve or don’t know. This is why I make up a character that can actually do the things I can do. I create a character that visits places in the world but not in fancy hotels but just regular inns or motels. No extravagant jewelry or clothes, just me in jeans doing what I love to do. Then I don’t laugh. I’m not saying not to envision great things, I just like to envision the next step up from where I am now.

    Some day, when those dreams come true maybe I can bumped up the ante and dream of opulence.

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    1. Hi Allie,

      If you don’t feel like dreaming in big opulence that’s totally fine. In the end it’s not about money but about what you really WANT. The problem would be more if you couldn’t see you where you want to be, have, or do.

      As I said to another reader on the comment thread, seems that you are on the right track too 🙂 Thank for coming, Allie.

  9. Sylviane, I like what you suggested about writing a story with me as the main character when I imagine what my lifestyle will be. That seems to make it more real. Like Napoleon Hill said “Thoughts are Things” Thanks for sharing! Tracey

    1. Hi Tracey,

      Yes, writing a story is really important and it does work. I’ve learned this from the best mentors that’s why I am trying to pass the message along and also because I know that it really works.

  10. Hi Sylviane,

    The imagination is a very powerful thing! I’ve always had a good imagination and I was creating vision boards for myself long before I knew what they were. Whatever the mind can conceive and convince itself to believe, it can achieve.


    1. So true, Stacy.

      It seems that writers have no problem with imagination, so I am not surprise that you have lots of it. I can say amen to that, and guest what? I’ve made vision boards since I was a child. How interesting… kindred spirits 🙂

    1. Thank for coming, Saad and I am glad you enjoyed the post and the comments 🙂

      Donna always gives great comments on all my blogs. She is a great lady, indeed!

  11. Oh, actually, I can! I have pictured myself so many times that I would win on the lottery and I would move to a big house on the seaside and drive fast cars on the mountain serpentines… That would be really nice:)

    1. Hi Reanate,

      For some reason your comment just appears to me now, you know there are many other way to become rich. The lottery is not even one of them. Keep reading this blog and you’ll know what I mean.

  12. Its not quite this simple though is it?
    I mean I’ve been imaging myself as a rockstar for years every time I listen to music but I still dont believe I could be one despite how detailed my imagination can be.

    1. Hi Catherine,

      Welcome to my personal development blog 🙂

      Well, you’ve given part of the answer in your very question. You are saying it right there “I don’t believe” I could be a rock star. Unless you switch from that “not believing” state from only imagining it, but believing it, nothing is going to happen.

      My question to you is WHY don’t you believe it? I already know that’s deep down your subconscious, but ask yourself that question, and see what comes up to mind.

      Let me know 🙂

  13. Imanging myself rich is what gets me through the day Sylviane. Hope the physician of all misery as they say. I truly believe in visualisation. As a golfer its a much talked about technique and it works very well!!

    1. Hi Eoin,

      I’m glad you are a living proof that visualizations work. Thank for coming and hope to see you again soon. Lots of videos are coming with my posts these days 🙂

  14. Hi Sylviane,
    The short exercise you instructed in this post of yours sure is interesting and amusing. I actually wrote mine, and of course, imagining myself to be very rich and living the life I want is quite ridiculous. However, this really made me smile! One of my wishes in life is to put up a shelter for homeless cats and have a pet shop (only for their accessories, shampoos; not sell kittens or other animals). I sure wish it will come true someday.
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    1. How amazing, Felicia, I have the same goal as yours for homeless cats. How interesting is that?

      However imagining and visualizing your life as you want it to be is NOT ridiculous. You need to take this word out of you vocabulary.

      1. Hi Sylviane,
        If ever my wish in life to have a shelter for homeless cats would come true, I believe it would be when I’m retired (about 60 years old or so). Anyways, so far all I can do is help out sometimes at the animal shelter here by giving out some catfood, cleaning cages and playing with the cats/kittens.

        You know, the only way I could visualize myself being rich and living the life I want is if I won the lottery or something like that. 🙂
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        1. Hi again Felicia,

          If the only way you think of becoming rich is wining the lottery, then it’s as not having a way at all.

          Keep on reading this blog and you might find a REAL way, to open you mind and let your subconscious talk to you. That why this blog is for, after all!

  15. Hey Sylviane nice post. You truly seem to be a lifecoach. Well I liked you tip saying to write a story taking myself as a character but when I thought about it I can’t even make out what kind of person I am.
    I might sound weird but I don’t know myself. I don’t know what are the good and bad qualities in me and thus this would be quite difficult for me to build a character like me.
    Need help..
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    1. Hello there, is your name Shiwangi? Just wanting to make sure 🙂

      If you have trouble defining what type of person you are, maybe you could ask people around you who know you well, how they see you. As a matter of fact, that is an exercise we can all do even if we think we know ourselves, because sometimes what we feel we are and what we project are two different things.

      Another tip I would give you is maybe write your qualities down and that would help you find them… for example write words such as “generous”, “positive”, “negative”, “happy”, “sad”, and see if you could put a yes or no in front of each quality. Do you see what I mean?

      Try these and let me know how it goes… Also come watch my videos sometimes 🙂

  16. Hi
    A lot of people don’t succeed because they don’t have the power of positive thinking being positive gives you the ability to carry on and achieve the end game when things are looking bleak and you feel like chucking in the towel.

    Great post thanks lee

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