How to increase self awareness

How to Increase Your Self-Awareness

A plethora of positive benefits come from having a high level of self-awareness. Yet, it can be challenging to learn how to increase this intrinsic part of you, as it’s not something we’re taught in school. Fortunately, with a Read more

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8 tips to become a more optimistic person

Top 8 Tips to Become a More Optimistic Person

The mind is a powerful force. There are no limits to what we can achieve when we feed it healthy, positive thoughts.

However, we can’t expect to be happy if we constantly tear ourselves down or convince ourselves that Read more

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Best Video Editor Apps for Mobile Devices

Did you know that that you could make all your video editing from your mobile device with some of the best video editor apps?

I’m a film student in college so, as you can probably imagine, I’m not exactly Read more

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12 Very Inspiring Blgogers

Giving Back To 12 Inspiring Bloggers

I was rewarded the Very Inspiring Bloggers Board award few weeks ago,  and since I’ve accepted it, it’s my turn to give back to 12 inspiring bloggers, and to tell you 7 things you Read more

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Tanning Bed Dangers – What Are The Real Facts?

More and more teenage girls can’t live through the months of summer without getting a tan.  While it’s not always possible to be tanned before the month of May is even here yet, just by lying in your Read more

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What Is The Best Valentine Gift For Men?

When we think about gift for Valentine’s Day we are always thinking “women” and that’s great for us ladies, but what about men? What about if we were thinking about our men for this year Valentine’s day this time Read more

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