6 Ways To Come Up With Blog Post Ideas Week After Week

Blogging IdeasWhen you need to write a blog post each week or even two or more times each week you need to come up with writing ideas constantly.

For some this thought can be overwhelming. For others they may be able to keep up for a while, but over time, they may feel that they have nothing else to write about.

They are running dry, so to speak.

Yet, if you are into blogging for the long run you’ve got to keep up with it.  You’ve got to be able to write good content each week in order to improve traffic and ranking.

So how can you keep on blogging?

Let’s see 6 ways to come with blog post ideas week after week.

#1 – Read, Listen and Observe

You can get wonderful ideas to write about in any niche or topic by reading, listening, or even sometimes just observing.

You need to think like a writer at all times.  The more you learn how to listen and observe, the easier you will come up with writing ideas.

Here are some tips to help you do this.


Read other blogs, blog comments, news articles, newsletters, forum questions and answers FAQ, keyword tools and even ads.  All such sources can be a blog post inspiration.  Make sure you use reading as you first tool to find ideas to write about.


When talking with people, listen to what they say carefully. Become aware of their interests, doubts, questions, ideas, etc. You can get tons of post ideas just by listening to people, but you need to put your awareness hat, and listen like a writer.


Observe everyday situations and think how you could turn it into a helpful article/blog post for your readers.  How can you adapt any interesting enough situation into a blog post subject?

For example, last year I’ve written a post inspired by a bird, and few months back I’ve compared writing to painting.

#2 – Write down your Ideas

Ideas are disappearing fast, so make sure you write them down. You don’t have to write your article right away, but you need to write that idea down so you can use it at a later time. Note down any ideas that cross your mind in a place that you can find them easily later.

Those ideas will be your blog post resources when you are running dry.  We all run out of ideas to write about at times. But even if you’re one of the few who don’t it’s always a good thing to have a reserve of ideas to write about just in case.

#3 – Write Blog Posts ahead of Time

If at all possible, write down some ever green topic blog posts ahead of time. The reason for this is that in case you’re unable to write for a while, you’d still have something to post on your blog for that week.

Don’t do what I’ve done, having to move in less than two weeks and still haven’t prepared extra posts for my move.  I know I have to work on that!

Writing posts in advance for times that you may be tied up somehow, will insure that you can come up with your blog post that week, no matter what.

#4 – Always Write for the Reader

How can you not write for the reader you might ask?

Well, we see that all the time, don’t we? There are still marketers out there that only write about products, product reviews, and promotions that are meant to sell the readers, not educating them.

A friend of mine who wrote a book few months ago that received a very limited success, just admitted to me few days ago that he didn’t write the book for people, but more like a statement that he wanted to make. The problem with that is that people don’t care about YOU, they care about them.

If you don’t know how or don’t want to write for the reader, you’ll lose in the end.

No reader, no need to bother to write in the first place. Whether it’s a book or a blog post it all comes down to the same thing.

The more you develop a will to help others, the easier it will be for you to have constant writing ideas for your blog.  Just ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do people need to know (in my niche)?
  • What could help them?
  • What do they seem to struggle with?
  • What could be entertaining and educational at the same time?
  • What topics seem to get great responses?

#5 – Talk about Others

Now while I know that a lot of my regular readers know and use this blogging idea on a regular basis, there are still some people out there that don’t understand that promoting others on their blog can be beneficial for them.

Yes, talking about others will add up to the ideas to blog about.  If you have nothing else to say, I am sure that you know of few bloggers that you could promote, don’t you?  Some of my blogger friends do that on a weekly basis.  They take a list of other blog posts that they liked that week and create their blog post with that list.

By doing this they become a great resource for other blogs to visit, and their readers love them for that.

Don’t be afraid to promote others. What goes around comes around. And that’s a great tool to use to come up with an attractive post that week.

# 6 – Talk about You

You can use your own experiences to write your blog posts as well. As a matter of fact, many bloggers write about something that just happened to them when it fits their blog topic.

You can use that experience and turn it into a blog post to help your readers or even to entertain them.  A lot of the experiences that happen to us are life’s lessons to ourselves.  The beauty about blogging is that we can use such lessons and share them with the world.

This is another great way to come up with ideas to blog about.

So, what about you? Can you add to the list of ideas to come up with blog post each week?

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54 thoughts on “6 Ways To Come Up With Blog Post Ideas Week After Week”

  1. Hello Sylviane,
    I’ve bookmarked a serious amount of blogs which i read at a constant base so whenever i need an idea for an article i just read few of them. It’s an easy way to “snatch” an idea but in this way you lose a bit from articles originality.

    1. Hi Radu,

      Yes, I agree, reading other articles will give you ideas for your own posts. For more originality you need to let your creativity flow, not rewrite the same article, of course. That’s really important for the value of your own article.

      Thank you for coming by, and have a great week!

  2. This was a huge struggle for me Sylviane. Now, I just think about all the struggles I went through over the past few years and how I overcame it all. Then I look to forums and try and help other new bloggers with stuff they go through. I have found most of my ideas from forums.

    They are a wealth of ideas and people tend to let it all hang out when it comes to problems or struggles. I see honest questions and people not afraid to be forth-coming about it too. But I do agree about doing things ahead of time. With a full time job, I don’t have time to sit in front of my computer and found myself struggling day after day. Now, I have stuff planned out for weeks.
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    1. Hi Sonia,

      I’m like you I also have a full time job and I don’t have the time to just accumulate blog posts on the side. Man, I only wish. When I write extra stuff that’s usually for clients, not for me 🙂

      I know forums are a mine of goodies for blog post ideas. I use to go to forums a lot in the past, not so much anymore, but I know I should.

      Thanks for your input and have a fantastic week ahead!

  3. Hi there Sylviane!

    These are great suggestions you’ve shared. The one thing I would love to accomplish is #3, writing blog posts ahead of time. I know a couple of people who have “spares” and I always say, gosh I want to do that. I’m trying though 🙂

    My two favorites is #2, writing down ideas. I have a notebook on my nightstand and if I ever get an idea in the middle of the night, I can write it down. For some reason I get ideas at crazy hours of the night 🙂

    The other is #4, writing for the reader. I’ve always believed that our content should be for those who we’re trying to reach. If they don’t get it from us there are other folks out there who will :).

    Great advice Sylviane! Have great week 🙂
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    1. Hi Corina,

      Gosh, I’m like you. Like I was just saying to Sonia above, I don’t have the time to write blog posts in advance. I just can’t at this time in my life, but I hope that I will.

      I know what you mean, I’ve had to get up in the middle of the night to write down ideas as well. That funny how the brain works, isn’t it?

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post and have a great week ahead!

  4. Hi Sylviane, I have to say I’m pretty much immune to this problem having a tech blog. There is so much tech out there, with new tech arriving every day, my only problem is how to get to all the tech I want to write about.

    I often wonder how people who don’t write about tech come up with their ideas and now I know. Great suggestions, Sylviane!
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    1. Hi Carolyn,

      Ah, lucky you! You’ve got that perfect niche with tons of new writing subjects on a platter.

      Yes, for the rest of us that’s just a little tougher, but sometimes it’s just that we don’t know how to find those ideas. So this post was an attempt to help in this regard 🙂

      Thank you for coming by and see you at your place soon 🙂

  5. Hi Sylvianne,
    Great blog post. We always need to be reminded about how to get ideas for our blog post. Sometimes the ideas just dry up so this is a great mind jogger for coming up with great content.
    I also relate to your move…you know sometimes life just demands our full attention. I recently had a home renovation in which this happened. I had to give it my full attention and needless to say I did not have any blog posts prepared ahead of time so I missed a few weeks of blogging. The evergreen approach is a good one to remember.
    Thanks so much for this useful blog post today. Enjoyed it!
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    1. Hi Tonya,

      Ah, now I know why you were missing in action. I usually go on each blog of my visitors one by one and the last time I went to your blog there were just an older post 🙂 I was wondering!

      I know I’ve got to make sure that I have a post for that quick coming second week of May. I must, because I don’t want to have all my three blogs abandoned while my computer is changing house 🙂

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post and thank for coming by, and see you again soon.

  6. Those are good suggestions Sylviane!

    I mostly will write about what I’ve learned or as I’m reading other posts that will sometimes give me great ideas as well. I’ll put their links in a Notepad and then go back over them when I have the time to see what they shared and if I can improve upon that in any way.

    To me just reading a lot of different posts really inspire me and give me great ideas. I also will answer questions people have asked but all of your ideas are great of course. We can never fault good ideas right!

    Keep them coming Sylviane, thanks!

    Adrienne invites you to read..Blogging: We Are In It To Win ItMy Profile

    1. Hi Adrienne,

      I get most of my ideas by reading as well. But sometimes I get them by some of the other ways I mentioned here.

      I’d better come up with extra ideas to cover my move, because I know that I’m not going to be in physical shape to write around my moving days. So these two up coming weeks are going to be a bit tough.

      Thanks for being here and have a great week, Adrienne!

  7. Numbers 2 and 3 is my past time. I think I mentioned it before in one of my comments, but I have a bunch of posts scheduled about 3 months in advanced. This is not a good idea for some people but works quite well for me. For one I started on my ebook so this gives me a lot of time to finish it, and two i can catch up on books, articles and audios so i’ll have more to write.

    Also when I was writing my post, I would write down the topic. I usually write down the title, summary, a quote, and the first sentence to get me started. Sometimes I’ll write down the points. Later when I come back, I already have my ideas down and I can get rolling. This definitely helps so you won’t be just sitting there, staring at the wall trying to come up with some ideas.

    Thanks for sharing Sylviane!
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    1. Hi Sherman,

      I sure remember when you said once in a comment that you have posts written months in advance. Gosh, how do you do that? You should write a post about this! Or maybe you already have.

      You technique to start a post and get back to it later is a very good one. Thanks for these great tips.

      Have a great week!

  8. Hi Sylviane,
    Great ideas on how to get blog ideas each week. I use most of the techniques you mentioned above. I find that ideas come from every where and I love it. I’ve gotten into the habit of writing these thoughts down because I truly get 4-5 a day. I do exactly as you state. If I’m online I go into WordPress, entitle the post and write a few words, then get back to it. I write enough to help me remember what I wanted to write about. It’s been working very well. Thoughts about what to blog about come from everywhere, just by doing what you state: reading, observing and listening.
    Thanks so much for letting me know I’m doing the right thing.
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    1. Hi Barbara,

      I’m glad that you are using all these techniques which work great, indeed.

      Someone above does exactly what you do, he write enough so he can get back to it later and finish up the post at a later time.

      I do that a lot also, but I’m still not to the point that I can have blog posts in advance. Maybe one day 🙂

      Thanks for letting us what you do to write your blog posts, and have a great day!

  9. Hi Sylviane

    You have given some great ideas here for how to come up with topics. I do not usually struggle except when I have things like I have of recent times in my life. Then my mind is somewhere else. I wish I had a few posts up my sleeve as you suggest ah but then I would not have had you as my guest blogger 🙂

    When I started blogging I did not really even know who my target audience was so that was difficult to write to them.:-)

    A great post as always Sylviane.

    Sue Price invites you to read..What Are The 3 Signs Of Success And 3 Signs Of Failure?My Profile

    1. Hi Sue,

      Well, like you I do not have a few posts up my sleeve either. For me it’s a weekly effort to write my 3 posts, but it’s such a good discipline and I’m learning a lot from that. I’m not giving up and I don’t care for excuses I might have, it’s just something I’ve got to do.

      Now the only thing that would make me miss is if I had an emotional issue so strong, like you had with your dad, that would totally empty my mind of any writing ideas. We are only humans, aren’t we?

      Thanks you for coming by, Sue 🙂

  10. Hi Sylvianne,
    This is what most bloggers finds very tedious to do. Updating a blog with fresh post on a regular basis is never an easy job at all especially when you’re just starting.

    But i believe that as time goes on, you’ll be getting used to writing therefore, another tip is to keep writing, write and write, with time… You will definitely master the act.

    A very wonderful post Sylvianne, thanks for sharing.
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    1. Hi Valentine,

      Yes, I agree with you. The more you write the easier the act of writing becomes. There’s no doubt about that.

      Thanks for adding this ideas here 🙂 and for coming.

  11. Well done Sylvianne,
    A lot of articles has been written on this same subject before but, this one is extra ordinary indeed.

    Yea, Read, Listen and Observe, those 3 can really break a barrier if done well. The truth is that a good listener is always a very good communicator.

    I’m sure this post will help a lot of bloggers who are still finding it hard to come up with fresh post ideas.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    1. Hi Theodore,

      How nice of you to say this 🙂 Thanks for your kind words.

      It is my hope that this post can help a lot of bloggers. I love to write for people so much. It’s my drive!

      Thank you for coming by and for your thoughts.

  12. All excellent ideas! I especially like to observe (and of course write it down when I’m done!) because you never know what things will spark an idea. I get ideas from plenty of places, plenty of situations – even my cats 🙂 I remember your posts about paintings. It was also great that you had the paintings in the post to make it even more visual.

    I also have a very long list of ideas. They’re not all good but whatever I think of, I write it down. Sometimes its a sentence, or just a title, sometimes its a paragraph. Whatever idea pops into my head I write it down and then worry about filtering it later. Then when I go through my list to set up my editorial calendar, I can pick from lots of ideas.

    And I love being able to write in advance! It doesn’t always happen but when I can get things done ahead of time its great to know you can give your brain a break. Sometimes you really do need that break to get your head out of the blog and spark your creativity elsewhere.

    Great tips!
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    1. Hi Carol,

      Well, I know one thing from you it’s that you have plenty of ideas. Sometimes I’m thinking how in the world did she think of this! Anyone who has read more than 3 blog posts from you knows that you write from what you’ve observed and it’s great!

      I know cats are very inspiring, and I remember your post inspired by your cats. For me just a picture of a cat will make me read the post 🙂

      Thanks for you visit, always appreciated.

  13. Hi Sylviane,

    Great ideas!

    Sometimes I feel like I really run dry on ideas and this post is a good reminder. I really enjoyed it as it came at the right time. Yesterday I was just trying to write my post and I couldn’t think of anything to write about. But your post really gave me some ideas.

    # 6 really gave me an idea and I was thinking of a recent incident and I went from there and created a post. Thanks.

    I usually get most of my ideas from reading blog posts and from the comments of other bloggers. I just learn and share.

    Thanks Sylviane for a great share as always.

    Be Blessed,

    Neamat Tawadrous invites you to read..10 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up On Your DreamsMy Profile

    1. Hi Neamat,

      Wow, I’m so glad if this post gave you an idea to write your post. Can’t wait to go read it now! These comments that I’m getting let ME know that I’m doing my work the way I’m supposed to. It’s so great to hear.

      Whatever you do to find your ideas, your posts are great Neamat. I would have never asked you to write a guest post if you couldn’t write 😉 You don’t have to worry about that one for sure. I know we all run dry at times. I do too 🙂

      Thank you for coming, and have a great day!

  14. HI Sylviane,
    Great share!

    I think the topic you’ve chosen is what usually happens with many of us quite often. Talk about others really helps in the long term.
    I also try to get ideas from by reading other blogs which I feel is the best methodology as this won’t ever dry.

    Thanks Sylviane for this great share.Have a great week ahead.


    1. Hi Sapna,

      I know we all do run short of ideas sometimes, and reading other blogs is very useful and always gives ideas to write about. I do that too!

      Thank you for you visit, and have a good one!

  15. Hi Sylviane,

    My remedy for number 2 is I always carry a mini digital recorder with me. When an idea strikes I get it in there now or forget about it.

    I also enjoy the blog hopping to get the ideas popping.

    The actual writing is my biggest fault, it’s tedious and time consuming to me. Not until it’s finished do I appreciate the time I had taken to do it.
    I tend to over analyze it all and reread over and over. Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m writing for a reader or myself in the end.

    I’ll keep practicing

    1. Hi Dave and welcome to my blog!

      Thank you for your sincere comment that I’m sure could help some.

      You’re right ideas are gone as fast as they come, so we must record them in one way or another.

      As for the writing being tedious, just write as you would write to a friend. As long as it’s clear and uses correct English it should be fine. Maybe you are too hard on yourself.

      I do not see a link to your blog, do you blog?

  16. Great stuff as usual Sylviane,
    I’m getting a great education following this blog. It is so helpful to improve my writing skills.
    It is so true when you say write posts ahead of time. Not only does it help you to be productive, but like you say, you may be moving, or other stuff may happen that can tear you away from your computer. Better to be safe than sorry!

    Writing to our readers is important. People really don’t care about you, unless you can tie in an experience to your niche. I like to write that kind of post once in a while. It makes it a little more personal and interesting.

    The best advice is Read, Listen and Observe! As bloggers, we read many blogs and we can learn from them. We also can get an idea from a blog we just read. We also have to listen to what people want to know. And Observing to me is the most fun of all. I can be in a store or observing a conversation in a waiting room. I get such great ideas.

    When it comes down to that, I carry a small notebook around with me in my purse. (I get so many ideas when I’m out and about) Other than that, while I’m reading a post, or a comment, I have a document open called “Notes” and jot down a few lines so I won’t forget the topic.

    My list is very long lol. But all it takes is to scan that list, see what inspires me and boom…I have a blog post.

    Thanks for all the advice,
    Donna Merrill invites you to read..Do You Own Your Business or Does It Own You?My Profile

    1. Hi Donna,

      Well, for being a follower of YOUR blog I know that you write a lot on ideas that you’ve got out there, and I really like that, because it makes a post so different and unique. No one else could possibly have the same idea from the same even. That makes pretty darn unique content.

      I take a lot of notes as well, because those ideas when they’re gone, there’s gone. If it wasn’t for the notes I’d totally forgot them forever!

      Thanks for coming by as always 🙂

  17. Great post Sylviane. I must admit that when I’m told what to write I struggle. If it comes to me naturally then the words flow. But it doesn’t that often. However I can get an idea in my head – whether for my personal blog which can be anything from personal stuff to business to who knows what – or the business blogs I write for. I just need the idea and then it all starts to come together at various times. You have some great tips that I shall be trying out too. Thanks for sharing on Bizsugar.com

    1. Hi Sian,

      Welcome to my blog!

      What ever blog we may be writing for we sure need those ideas, don’t we, and sometimes we are just running dry. That’s something that will always happen, but good bloggers will always find a way to write.

      I’m glad if you enjoyed those tips and can’t wait to know you better. Thanks for your visit.

  18. Hello Ms. Sylvianne
    As always you provide informational posts that I need. Thanks for that.
    Well I love your suggestions involving getting ideas to write about.
    Right now at this time in my life, I am writing about Personal Development because that’s the reason I studied to become Certified as a Life Coach.
    But I also get some ideas from some of things that I hear from some of my clients.
    Sylvianne, I also “think alot of what some people might need to read on”.
    Sometimes we can piggyback on a thought from someone else’s head (LOL)

    Gladys invites you to read..Empower Yourself As An Authentic PersonMy Profile

    1. Hi Gladys,

      Yes, this blog is to give writing ideas and tips no matter what niche you’re writing about. We all need ideas, don’t we?

      I know that you write great personal development post, which you know I love too 🙂

      Thanks for coming by.

  19. great tips sylviane,
    writing a great article needs proper research and hardwork, you have to improve your writing skills and these were some really great tips to improve our writing, we should read other blogs and get an idea about what to write and upto how much extent. thanks for this article
    prabhat invites you to read..Best Phones under 20000 Rs in India (Mobiles Near 20K)My Profile

    1. Hi Prabhat,

      Yes, we do get ideas reading other blogs. It’s one of the best ways to get inspired to write.

      Thank you for coming again. Now that I see a link, I’ll come see you too 🙂

  20. Hi Sylviane

    Very good list for coming up with something. One time just recently I had this post all figured out in my head (my regular construction is in the middle of the night in bed, unfortunately). Then I thought well sounds great but what should the title be. Went back to sleep for awhile and still nothing, slept for awhile and again still nothing. Finally when I was up for about 10 minutes the title hit me. Went and wrote it down. Thought maybe I will just jot down a few notes, but thought no problem I will remember it all. I later proceeded to get totally involved in some other major project. When I finally went back to the title, I drew a complete blank. I had totally lost what I had stayed awake remembering. Two posts later and I still have no idea. Maybe it will come up disguised as something else. Next time I will jot down a few notes.

    Mary Stephenson invites you to read..Preprogrammed Without Our KnowledgeMy Profile

    1. Hi Mary,

      Your story is very interesting.

      Well, let me tell you ideas even when we have them wide awake tend to disappear very quickly, but the ones that you wake up with, even more. If I don’t write an idea that I’ve got in my sleep there’s no way on earth I’ll be remembering it.

      Too bad it’s gone, Mary. I hope you’ll write as much down as you can next time.

      Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  21. Hi Sylviane,

    This is a nice post. This is what I need since I always got headaches due to running out of idea what to post. Maybe I would buy a little time to travel new places so that I can do these things. I’m already bored in my room. Thank you for this idea Sylviane awakening me trough this.

  22. Hey Sylviane,

    Wonderful ideas up here for bloggers 🙂

    The best thing I do is writing down ideas in notepad file or in my mobile device whenever I get ’em 🙂 Else I forget them easily.

    I was able to survive some situations where I could hardly find time to write posts with the help of pre-written posts. Usually I do when I have time. I always did, but now time is limited and yet pre-written posts helped me.

    You are right. I believe the more we read, listen and observe carefully, we can come up with different kind of topics to write about Sylviane 🙂 I think most of experienced bloggers following it.

    We always see how folks sum up a post using their own experiences, no? 🙂 I always tend to write about what I get to know. Further, if you have an audience willing to throw questions, you will never be out of ideas, no? 🙂 The questions of my readers were helping me to come up with posts too 🙂

    Sometimes guest posting would be a great alternative when you run of of time I guess 🙂 I’ve seen some bloggers using that.

    You have a lovely week ahead Sylviane 🙂

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    1. Hi Mayura,

      Nice to see you and sorry for this late, late reply.

      I know, questions from readers is a great source of ideas to write about. And recently as you mentioned here, I used guest posting to have something on my blogs as I was running out of time. There are many ways we can use to get more ideas to blog about.

      Thanks for coming. Always a pleasure to see you here 🙂

  23. Hey Sylviane,Some really nice ideas here. All common sense, but then common sense often eludes us! lolAnd it\’s good to have a strategy!Thanks for sharing,~Robin~

  24. Hi Sylvianne , This is again an important topic raised. Post frequency is extremely crucial these days and we see that many top bloggers post daily. The tips you have shared are really useful and one must really use them. One thing that I can also mention is that having draft post ready and scheduling post. WordPress has both the option. In some cases scheduled posts are not published timely and miss schedule but there are few plugins to handle this.
    Thanks for all these useful tips.
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  25. Great tips you got for bloggers!.. This would definitely help them a lot. For me as a new blogger what I do most is to write as much in a notebook. Just words that pops out in mind and mind you it does help a lot in getting new ideas. it also help me write catchy and informative blog post.

  26. Hi Sylviane,

    1. I comment on this post because this is a very difficult problem that interest me very much. Getting new ideas to write your 2-3 posts per week is tough. As you said: it’s easy to run dry.

    2. You say: “think like a writer”. I say it is good but not enough. You must think like a marketer, too. I mean you will write with a purpose in mind: not just to offer something to your readers but to help them in some way, to solve a problem. I think this is the best way. Otherwise it is just literature and entertainment.
    An example would be: compare a fact of life (something that happened to you or somebody else) with internet marketing or blogging, extract an idea that is useful for your reader and draw a conclusion.

    3. I agree. It is imperative to write down your ideas at the very moment when they come. You can use a sheet of paper (but there is always the danger to lose that paper) or you can use a swype file on your computer.

    4. Evergreen topics? Well, this is a goldmine. You must be able to identify those evergreen topics. Then it will be easier.

    5. Promote other bloggers? I think this is one of the best ideas I have ever read.
    I’ll do that soon.

    Thank you very much for this article. You really succeed to motivate and inspire me.

    Have a nice day
    Silviu invites you to read..Boost Your Traffic with a Personal Round UpMy Profile

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