Automating Content Creation – Good Or Bad?

Today, I am glad to have Seth Layton once more on this blog, where he gives your valuable advice about automating content.

If you know anything about automating content creation, you might have heard about certain people make ludicrous amounts of money from automated content based farming websites or the implications it can create for your business. Even though automating content can be good to a certain degree, such as Google displaying search results, it’s important we understand our limitations and boundaries for automating any content today.

Do People Really Make a lot of Money from Automated Content?

I’ve heard many stories about certain people making a lot of money from automated content. There’s many stories out there about outsourcing, curation, pulling from feeds from various sites and plugins (automated content), and so forth. During the beginning of the web, there were many people who used plugins and other content automated methods to generate their content mainly by pulling from feeds from other websites around the web. If you talk to any old marketer today who actually knows what they’re talking about, they’ll tell you automated content would only pull in pennies from these sites in a way that could be categorized as a ‘quick fix’ sort of way to generate extra income for the owner.

Yes, one could argue if you have 100’s of these sites out there spamming the search engines with mixes of content already written, one could make a good profit for themselves. Well, there are very good reasons why you should not do this. This brings us to Matt Cutts and some of the things he tells us not to do.

Learn from the Big Overseer Himself

Although this video was made back in 2010, this video applies to everybody thinking of using automated content for their websites even now. Google continues to steer their search engine away from automated content. People who heavily use automated content for big websites they do, or just spend all their time spamming it on a bunch of websites they own, have little hope to build into any real business.

Do you want to be a benefit to society or do you want to be a rat that does everything possible to take advantage of the things you’ve graciously been given? The video below gives a good description of how automated content can hold legal implications due to how the content your copying from is copyrighted and how you run a much larger risk of killing any chances of success.

So what does this Mean?

If you want my opinion, don’t do it to rank on search engines or use it to spam certain directories. The only thing I would use automated content for is simply content generation on a sub-domain I own. For example, say I wanted updated mini games on a gaming blog I operated. I would install the plugin that did that on a sub-domain (since I don’t want to run the risk of my main domain getting black-listed/sandboxed/de-ranked/over loaded on the servers with new content) and allow that plugin to do its thing on that sub-domain. Then I would simply put up a banner on my main site while letting everybody know that site receives updated games on a regular basis.

But besides something like that, you don’t want to do this for ranking on search engines, spamming it across online media, or any other type of site out there today. For one, Google is getting smarter with automated content and they’re actually picking up on similar anchor text links that have the same text link to your site. So unless you have an intricate system that rotates a bunch of anchor text links, you run the risk of getting sandboxed for that very issue.

Next, you have to worry about legal implications it can hold. Since you’re copying from content from around the web that’s not yours, you could be held liable for copying from copyrighted content. Do you want to risk paying out a bunch of money to people all over the web because you copied content from there RSS Feeds? Do you want to risk somebody using a court order against you to keep you from copying there content? I’m not a lawyer or anything, but come on… Just use common sense.  This is serious!

Then finally, you have to keep your reader in mind. People aren’t dumb. They know when they see content that looks weird or kind of doesn’t make sense. Obviously when you use a plugin of some sort that pulls meta data from RSS Feeds from around the web, the content is going to be jumbled up and put together in a way THE MACHINE sees fit. If you know much about machines, you might know machines and humans aren’t the same thing.

I think more importantly, are you willing to risk all the time to even be able to do all this stuff, and then have to worry about getting killed by Google’s updates or somebody catching you in the act? I mean… it’s almost like a kid trying to get candy from the store. (Note how I said candy and not the more expensive items in the made up store). That’s like trying to get away robbing a sucker from the front of the lane. I have no doubt there are some really bad kids out there who get away with a lot of candy who stuff all of it in there undy-pants, but the real quest is do you want to be a bad kid? Don’t make me get my grandmother’s twig and give you a spanking.

Read this and contemplate on it.

The reserve of modern assertions is sometimes pushed to extremes, in which the fear of being contradicted leads the writer to strip himself of almost all sense and meaning.” By Winston Churchill

Don’t strip yourself of all sense and meaning.

Please, give me your thoughts and feedbacks below. I’d love to  hear from you!

60 thoughts on “Automating Content Creation – Good Or Bad?”

  1. Awesome… “you might know machines and humans aren’t the same thing.” I think half the problem is that some people haven’t quite figured this out yet! This is a great post for people who may not know any better and think they’re doing something legitimate. It will hopefully open their eyes and get them to realize that this is NOT the best way to get content out there, especially for SEO.

    Unfortunately I think there are a lot of people who really don’t care. They want to find the simplest schemiest way to make money without effort and if Google shuts them down, they just start up again somewhere else. Lucky for us Google is smacking some of these practices down.

    This whole idea of automated content goes against the idea of quality. I mean, I understand curation and I think there’s a place for it. After all, the web is about finding and sharing the good stuff. But to just pull content automatically without regard for quality is definitely a bad practice.

    If we pay attention to quality, like Matt Cutts and just about every rational marketer will tell you, then next time Google has one of those massive updates it won’t be such a shocker. I bet “quality sites” don’t even notice!
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    1. Hi Carol,

      In the recent past there were even tons of tools that you could buy to create all kind of duplicate and automated content. I am sure that this market went way down by now, because I can’t think of anyone in their right mind spending money for this. Or at least I hope.

      Thanks for your feedbacks 🙂

    2. Hi Carol,

      Yeah… there are people who need to learn that’s not the way to go. Partly why I wrote this article was because of a recent debate with a certain someone who’s apparently following gurus who claim to be making tons of money off automated content. I thought to myself… this is not what Google & Matt Cutts want. I also thought to myself that’s like old style spam they used to do in the late 90’s (if you know much about the early history of Google). You can see the discussion found on one of my friends written articles called My Article Marketing Automation Review

      If you read anything from Google or by Matt Cutts, they’ll repeatedly tell you, just write UNIQUE CONTENT. It’s really not that hard. Even though your thesis statement may be similar to many other articles out there on the same or similar topic, it’s still unique from your own perspective & basis alone. Pulling meta data from a bunch of RSS Feeds obviously misses the whole perspective and meaning edge of it, creating what we call spam. It’s almost like spamming your website links on a Facebook comment over & over again or using ScrapeBox to submit nonsense comments with your site links all over the place, hence the use of the Akismet Plugin

      I agree with you about how some people out there just do that. They’re lazy and they’re just looking for the quick way out. I guess some people were just grown up in a way where they can’t comprehend that ‘when you copy content, you’re only hurting yourself and the people you copy from’. Some people just don’t care, and they’ll quickly learn why they shouldn’t do it. Yes, they might make a little money if they successfully take advantage of somebody as I would put it, but they’ll never build into any real business.

      As for curation practices, I really haven’t delved into that topic much yet. 😉 I’ve had some pretty deep discussions about that before, but I know Kyle over at WA was saying even multi-millionaire dollar company sites sometimes mess there site up with curation methods. You definitely want to study up on curation and do what’s required to make sure you don’t get in trouble by Google or other places. My suggestion has always been to put it on a sub-domain or sub-directory so you don’t risk anything in the process. Either that, or again, make darn sure you understand exactly how curation works. Like you said, it’s important to share what’s popular and amazing.

  2. I remember when I got into blogging and affiliate marketing about two to three years ago Seth the autoblogging was really starting to take off. The problem was that like you mentioned here, in order to really make some good money you had to have about 100 of them up. Man, that’s a lot of work just setting them up plus buying domain names.

    Now from what I understood about this it would grab the information of the owner of the content, kind of like author boxes in articles but I never did the autoblogging and found those sites to be annoying myself.

    I know that there are so many different ways to do things online but I enjoy actually connecting with a real live human being and building my relationships instead of just blasting things out all over the place through totally automated methods.

    I think that Google and most of the other sites are doing their best to learn how to cut down on this stuff which for the most part is all we can really do.

    Thanks for the share.

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    1. Hi Adrienne,

      You’re right. In order to make money with those affiliate sites you need to have a bunch, it’s true, unless you find that exceptional sub-niche that makes you tons of money over and over, but that doesn’t happen every day.

      I’m like yo I prefer building relationship with real people and this type of site bore me to death 🙂

      Thanks for your feedbacks, Adrienne!

      1. heehee, you used yo. :mrgreen: I bet you’re an interesting and fun person to be around. I hope someday I’ll be able to actually meet you in person. Great advice about the small sub-niches too… It’s not easy I agree. Operating a big website with more leeway space is somewhat easier, although it definitely requires more ground work to set it up. I know you operate about 3 different websites so I know you know this well. 😉

    2. If you’re smart, you can sit there and spam it across sub-domains or sub-directories. That wouldn’t cost you anything. Of course you’d have to pay for a bigger hosting plan if you passed up 24 hosting spots or whatever. Yeah… that’s definitely a lot of work. You have to keep up with all 100 of those sites too to make sure it doesn’t screw up or whatever. I mean, they’re just plugins that plug away… Of course nowadays, that doesn’t really work anymore. You could only really get away with that way back in the late 90’s or whatever.

      For Google cutting down on automated content, they’ve done a great job of doing so already. The only way people can do it now is if they create actual ‘unique content’ to the search engines. By unique, I mean unique enough to be considered content that is different enough to be indexed. Of course smaller reviews made by Google like the Flesch–Kincaid readability test slow any automated content as well. (if it reads well & makes sense. Long words compared to short words play in this somewhat as well).

      Automated content these days is almost like asking for the death penalty. Yes, you might make a little money from it… but you won’t build into any real business.

  3. Hi Seth,

    Automated content really makes me crazy. I mean, I don’t really like if someone doing this purposefully without any permission of copyright holder or content generator. They claim it’s a promotion and getting more traffic to source site. But I really hate “COPYING” but it happens.

    Bots are better, as they just crawl but not copy. Glad Google working on it as they can do with their search algorithms. Still not perfect, but yet they are on it.

    I think this is a good topic for content scrappers and people who automate content to think about. But they don’t get it. I don’t think they are doing it without knowing what it is. Anyway for people who does really take time to generate content and their own stuff online may find it useful as they get to know about this threat and to be responsible of their content.

    Have a great week Seth… Oh yes, and Sylviane 😉

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      1. Yeah, I’m here now. 😛 Finally got connection where I’m at. Thanks for waiting a little.

    1. Hey Mayura,

      They can claim or make up any story they want. The implications it holds and the problems it creates is all laid out right there. Google employees like Matt Cutts indirectly says this everyday constantly, ‘just write unique content’. Don’t trick the search engines or spam it. With automated content, you’re both copying the content and ultimately spamming and tricking the search engines.

      And yeah, I actually know somebody in particular who’s apparently fallen under the trap by gurus advertising copyrighted content material. He argues for them pretty well so it seems he’s already put in quite a bit of money for whatever software he’s gotten. You can find the article one of my friends publishing at My Article Marketing Automation Review.

      Hopefully people will start learning this is not the way to go, unless of course you do it simply for content or for more advanced things like displaying content kind of like Google displaying search results.

  4. In certain situations, automated content has its place. However, I don’t recommend using automated content on your personal blog. Your personal blog is a place for you to showcase your knowledge and your unique voice. This doesn’t mean that you can’t pull content from other areas, though. Guest posts and outsourcing content writing can still be a great way to grow your blog with *unique* content. Automated content tends to be duplicated content that doesn’t add any real value to your site.

    1. I agree with this, Freddy. Automated content tends to be duplicate content and add no value. For our personal blog, that’s what we absolutely want to do; create original valuable content.

    2. Hey Freddy,

      Yeah… curation & outsourcing content is a bit different than automated content although it relates to it quite a bit. Let’s pretend curation & outsourcing content is like the sneaky little sister and automated content is the bad little brother. The reason I say sneaky is because you have to be smart to do this. You can really screw up your main blog if you don’t incorporate it in a way that fits under Google’s guidelines. It’ll be considered duplicate content and other bad things if you don’t do what’s necessary. Multi-millionaire sites often have trouble understanding these concepts. Keep that in mind. 😯

  5. Autoblogging and content creation is a massive no-no from me. If you want to do anything properly, you should do it properly by taking the time to research and build a website based upon that, not just something you have stolen.

    As well as this, by making content yourself it should stay higher in the search engines for longer and in turn return a better profit.

    Simon Duck
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    1. Hey Simon,

      One of the main points here is not how it’s ranked in Google. If it’s automated content, people will most likely know. They’ll just leave the site or get confused by what the message is. It’s hard enough building up a good website to make regular commissions on a daily basis. Spamming it only makes things WAY harder than what it needs to be. Not only that, but you’re taking advantage of something you’ve GRACIOUSLY been allowed to use and given. The creator of the internet, Tim Berners-Lee, could have easily done something early on like tax everybody to visit a certain amount of webpages.

      Now take a quick gander and think about that for a second. 😉

  6. Seth I understand exactly what you mean. I do not personally have use for automation in my blogging. If I want copied text then I copy it and add a link back to the original post with the site and author being clearly identified. The only time I use someone else’s material is when I think it will be beneficial to my readers and audience. Great article and great advice.
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    1. Hi Gen,

      Indeed, that is the only manner we should use others content, by clearly telling our readers where it’s from and for the own good of everyone involved.

      Thanks for coming 🙂

    2. Hi Gen,

      There’s a way you can post content within your blog that’s copied, much like Sylviane did that with that quote by Winston Churchill. Either that, or you could use curation or outsourcing strategies. But like I’ve said in previous replies, you want to know what you’re doing before you do this so you don’t mess anything up. But either way, I think most real bloggers who know what they’re doing and aren’t trying to sell you something will tell you to build the basis of your site on your own unique content.

  7. Wow….I find this extremely interesting. First I’ve never heard of automating content. And just today I was talking to someone about copying print articles and referencing the resource. Actually I like Freddy’s advice the best. A time and a place for everything and your personal blog is a place for you to shine for your only personal blogs. Good blog, good topic.
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    1. Hi Barbara,

      I think that the term applies especially to affiliate marketers that’s why you might have never heard from it.

      Yes, Freddy put it very well, your blog is for you to shine, not copy and automate content which would actually really bring it down.

      Thank you for your feedbacks 🙂

    2. Hey Barbara,

      Kind of surprised you’ve never heard of automated content. 😉 I’ve seen websites actually do this, but it won’t really help you in terms of getting actual traffic. You could use these articles to simply give your daily visitors something to read, but it would need to be incorporated in a way that wouldn’t cause your whole website to get de-ranked/black-listed/sandboxed by Google’s search engines or any other search engines for that matter.

      I agree as well. Just write your own unique content. Yes, you may need to read from sources like Wikipedia and compare it to the actual site or place that advertises it, but it’s not hard to just write it in your own words.. People often make things much harder than what it already is. 🙄

  8. I have always lived by the saying “Do unto others what you’d want others to do to you.” As a freelance writer, I know the amount of time and effort it takes to create a good quality article. As a blogger, I know how frustrating and annoying it can be to see that article “stolen” and used by someone else. That being said, I would prefer to always write my own content instead of using automated content on my blog. It is more convenient, but the possible consequences are just not worth it.
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    1. Hi Adele,

      I am sure that as a freelance writer you don’t need to bother with this type of illigal actions and that would really not be to your best interest.

      Thanks for your pofessional imput.

    2. Hey Adeline,

      That’s cool you’re a freelance writer. Sylviane’s definitely somebody to get to know since I’m sure you already know she’s a freelance writer as well.

      But it’s always good to write your own unique content. If you look at the big sites like Wikipedia, you’ll quickly find they aren’t spamming articles. 😆 I mean, it’s not hard to figure out. Do you want to be a rat that takes advantage of what you’ve graciously been given, or do you want to be a benefit to society? It pretty much comes down to that simple question right there.

  9. Hi Sylviane,
    Machines and Humans works are mixing up for the better.Its like Watching Transformers in daily life. 🙂
    Where some machines were in need to capture all the human world by making everything automated but there are some machines that also helps humans to go and lead the way And make everything happen according to humans.

    Although automated content are generating will not help for a long journey but at the same time we take help from tools which can make us grow faster.Taking help shoul not be a matter of concern but depending totally on the automated content.
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    1. Hi Adytia,

      Indeed, as long as we use machines to help us it’s usually not a problem, it becomes one when we use machines to do what we should be doing ourselves for the most part.

      When Google uses automation, it’s that it’s not “humanly” possible to do. But programming a computer that does that automation is more practical and gives better results to the end user. In such case, and only in cases as this automation is OK.

    2. Hey Aditya,

      It’s just like Sylviane said. Humans shouldn’t be used to replace what humans should be doing, since machines can’t do that. Maybe if we put the mind of a human inside a machine or something, then we could use that machine to write like a human. But then we’d only have 1 view point and it would still be partly machine. Get the point? 😉

  10. Sound slike sense to me. I can see why some lazy people might see it as a quick fix and hope to earn from it, but it wouldn’t sit right with me. I don’t even use PLR as written. If I do get PLR anytime I use it for ideas and inspiration, then write my own anyway!

    Enjoy the journey.

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    1. I’m so with you, Mandy.

      Even when I used to do a lot of article marketing I could never resolve myself to use PLR articles, because since I can write pretty fast it was more a waste of time to me. However, yes I would use them for ideas, just like you.

      Thanks for your imput, Mandy 🙂

    2. Don’t know a whole lot about Private Label Rights for articles. So I refer to what Sylviane said. 😉

  11. Seth! Amazing post, with lots of information for me! First of all I’ve heard the expression automatized contenct creating, but I had no idea what could it be. Thanks for making that clear for me!
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  12. Hi Seth, I never had used automated content. I like to do everything organically. I feel that it is getting more engaging than anything automated.
    With automated sites, I can see through it other people’s content. Like you say, you can shoot yourself in the foot if you are using automated content and not controlling it.

    For me, I rather have quality vs quantity. I know everyone on my blog and social sites. I engage with conversations, and it works for me.

    Automated things make me crazy…but that’s only my opinion.

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    1. Hi Donna,

      1 great article is better than 50 poorly written articles. 1 great article is DEFINITELY better than any type of automated content. The 50 articles I know from experience because when I started out with Internet Marketing, I wrote about 50 articles on Street Articles & ended up deleting all of them because they didn’t really offer any real value to the reader. Yes, they offered some value but I was just really a newbie anyway & didn’t know what I was doing.

      This is a lot like using automated methods for generating content. People who don’t realize automated content is bad is hurting themselves in the long run. It’s important they realize there are people out there who are trying to make a profit off them with this type of idealization, and start aiming in the right direction. It makes me crazy as well, seeing people try to use this to take advantage of certain features.

  13. Hi Sylviane, great choice of a guest blogger. I have two pet hates in the blogging and niche affiliate website arena, one is auto-blogging and the other is spinning articles.

    The first I consider to be theft, the second is pure laziness..I have a number of niche sites and every one of them has created content – sure, it takes time but at least I know it’s mine.

    If people can’t be bothered to create something unique they deserve to be down-ranked or sand boxed by Google.



    1. Hi Kelvin,

      Al the more merite to you! When I used to have all those niche sites myself I never used spinning articles, first of all because it didn’t help me, but it was very popular and lots of marketers used to swear by it.

      Thanks for your great input.

    2. Hi Kelvin,

      All the more reason to have the ‘submit for edit’ button instead of publish button. I’m sorry to hear your bloggers are doing that. I’ll be sure to take a quick peak at your sites and see if I’ll write a couple for you. Sylviane’s the main person I write for partly since I like her and article marketing is something I’m good at or easily rank in Google. The only site I really operate now is a massive online gaming blog not including my small I.M. site with about 80 published pages. 😉 If you check Google, you’ll see this article is either on the 2nd or 1st page of Google on the keyword ‘automating content creation’.

      I’ll be sure to stop by your sites & take a peak at t hem. Wish you the best man.

  14. Great article Seth, as always you deliver a value to your readers. I know you wrote this in part because of what happened in the comments of my article in Street Articles. I really with that guy could read this. He has been duped into believing lies.

    I guess we all get suckered in when we are trying to learn the ropes. I know I did but it never takes long to figure out when someone is just taking advantage of your ignorance. This in my opinion is a very poor way to make a living.

    It makes me think of someone selling fave Rolex watches, it’s just down right sleazy! I can’t understand why, with all the awesome products out there to promote, someone would have to resort to ripping people off and screwing with their lives.

    People looking for a way to earn a real income are more often than not desperate and don’t have time or money to waste on lies! They need real solutions that will lead to a real business and real income.

    This is a great blog by the way Sylviane. I am enjoying it greatly!

  15. I suspect the only people who make money from automated systems are those that sell and or promote them. I am all for using tools to make life easier and to increase efficiency but would get no satisfaction at all from posting content that was not my own or that of a guest blogger.

    I once came across a site that was republishing every article that I wrote. Thankfully it was a Google Blogger site so it did not take long to get it blocked.
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    1. You’re probably right. People put up fake identities and advertise an easy way of doing things. There’s a guy I know named Jimmy Wrex who’s actually made up to $20,000 in over 1 weekend before after one of his product launches he posted about on the Warrior Forum & he’s messaged me on Facebook about how all that is bull. It’s a tactic used by gurus, or people trying to take advantage of newbies. Then they use advertising tactics that involve ‘taking the easy way out’ or ‘doing nothing while the plugins do everything for you’.

      Well… it doesn’t really work like that. Maybe an experienced person who’s put in 100’s of hours into studying copying content and 1000’s of hours of experience might be able to pull a little copying off, but then it wouldn’t relate well to there audience. It hurts both parties and I think more importantly, it causes problems and spam for the search engine being used – Google. Then they’re forced to make updates like the recent Panda Update, which in turn is great for us because it gets rid of all the people trying to cheat the system. Then of course it benefits Google’s search engine as well following the other search engines.

      Unless you want content generation or you’re needing a tool to do something for you, don’t do it. Especially don’t do it automate content AND THEN try to rank it on search engines. It’s one thing to use it for content generation on say a sub-domain, but when you’re trying to rank on automated content, that only causes problems for everybody involved.

    2. Hi Sue,

      I would get no satisfaction using someone else’s content either. However, a guest blogger on my blog, I love that! That is a totally different game. I wouldn’t have a guest post every time I post, no, but once in a while it bring some fresh air to your blog and even some new traffic. I do guest posts on other blogs, and have guests on my own blog once in a while. This very post is a post by Seth, my guest 🙂

      Thanks for your input.

  16. Hi Seth,

    Very informative post and I loved the video as well. I haven’t really used any automated content. Not so much because I was afraid of Google slapping me, but more because of the copyright issue. I understand that it is alright to use creative commons copy as well as using articles from article sites just as long as you leave the author box intact. Correct? But then again, that would be duplicate content as well.

    Well, I rather stick to writing my own content. It must not be too bad, because just last week someone stole an entire post and re-posted it on his website word for word, without giving credit back to me. They say that’s the highest form of flattery, but still, I wish people wouldn’t do that.

    Thanks for sharing your great insights!

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    1. Hey Ilka,

      They’ll get de-indexed for doing it or black listed. If you search Google, I promise you won’t find that post anywhere on the search engines. Then if you do, there’s a high chance it won’t be there for long. It all partly depends on how often Google Bots are ‘bouncing around your website’. The more often you have updated content on your website, the more bots you’ll have bouncing around your site indexing your content.

      As for the author box intact, I’m not really sure what you mean here. You can apply curation to your blog, but you’ll definitely need to read up on that before you actually put it to use. Either way, any real blog will have its own unique content found on it written from your own perspective. Everybody is an expert on something they can talk about, or knows quite a bit about it. Even if you’ve lived in a hole for all your life, you can most certainly create a blog about living in a hole!

      1. Hey Seth,

        Thanks for your great reply! What I meant by leaving the “author box intact” was ….Just like at the end of your article above there’s a little bio about you and a link back to your site 🙂


        1. Hi Ilka,

          Yes, there are blogs that will republish your content, but will let the reader know that it’s not “their” content but yours by leaving all links live and publishing the name of the author. In the past my content was spread about that way quite a bit 🙂

          Thanks for coming by 🙂

  17. Hi Sylviane and Seth,
    As far as I am concerned automated content are a certain no for me. I have heard quite a lot of people writing about how much they have earned through autoblogs and automated content, I pretty much do not know how much truth lies in it but I find it really unethical to earn money like that. Taking advantage of someone else’s hardwork by just copying it into some autoblog.

    Also, I think nowadays Google is taking stern action on auto content websites which certainly is a good thing.

    I suppose on can create an autoblog so that he/she wants to be updated with certain type or topic of content but if someone is doing it for the sole purpose of earning money and ranking high in search engines, they are doing it wrong.

    1. Hi Shiva,

      Right on. This is exactly what I try to tell people who think automating content is the main thing they need to build there blog around, or get by with doing. It doesn’t work like that. Thanks for stopping by and the reply. 🙂

  18. Hi Sylviane and Seth,

    If you are asking me, the main problem is that SEO is not for everyone and it takes long time and nerves until one can see results. The other problem is the human nature… we want everything fast and easy, this combination is a perfect opportunity to all the get rich fast marketers.

    The result is pretty obvious, lots of disappointed wannabes with less cash in the bank, a huge list of sandboxed domain names and a new angry Penguin update which means new rules and new opportunities for the get rich fast marketers.

    I really enjoyed your post keep up the great work,

    1. Hi Mark,

      That’s a really good point you’re making, and yes, human nature is I want everything now, which is not the nature of SEO anyway.

      Thank you for your feedbacks.

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    1. Yes, Michael, you are so right. Little dedication and the need to sell without trying to build any type of relationship. This really doesn’t work anymore, even though it used to in the past.

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    1. Hi Julia,

      Yes, this was a guest post from Seth Layton with great information about automated content, indeed.

      Like you I believe that goold old orignal content is always best. Thanks for browsing my blog and see you around soon 🙂

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