The 13 Desserts of Christmas An Old Christmas Tradition in France

There use to be a time when people celebrated Christmas in more simple and meaningful  ways, in France, and the night before Christmas, Christmas Eve, called “réveillon” in French, was a night of remembrance and celebration.

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What Are The Traditions of “Noël” French Christmas?

Christmas time “Noël” in French, is a wonderful time of the year in France.

Christmas season in France actually starts on December 6 with Saint Nicolas’ day (in the North) until January 6 “la fete des Rois” which I’ve Read more

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My Magic Christmas Times As A Child

I had such magic Christmas times when I was a child that they could not even compare with the Christmas of my adult life, even in the best of times.  But, that’s OK, I am not complaining, because, Read more

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Traditional French Christmas Dinner

I have to admit that what I miss the most if I think about France is not the beautiful landscapes, it’s not the language, it’s not sitting at a Paris terrace café on a sunny spring afternoon and it’s Read more

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Christmas Eve in France

Are you planning on going to spend a magical Christmas in Paris, France? At this time of the years, the city of light is getting dressed with the most beautiful Christmas lights you’d ever seen, and the city Read more

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