How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Receive What You Want

Are you receiving the results that your really want in life?

The law of attraction always works, it is not even something that you have to activate in any way, shape or form.  Whether you are aware of it or not the law of attraction has worked for you all throughout your life because it’s one of the LAWS of our universe, just like the law of gravity for example.

You would never say, well, this person jumped out of the window and fell to the ground because they believed in the law of gravity, but since I don’t, I can just jump through that window and I won‘t fall to the ground.  You would never say something like this, because you know that you absolutely cannot go against a law of the universe.

Yet, some people do believe that some others can attract good things to them, somehow, but they can’t.  What they don’t know or realize is that everything that’s around them, they have attracted using the law of attraction.  They just didn’t attracted what they want!

You might have attracted a bunch of stuff you don’t want in your life.  So, how do you start attracting what you do want versus what you don’t?

Understanding How the Law of Attraction Works

We create every second of the day.  We create with a combination of thoughts, emotions and energy that we send out.

For most people this process is more on auto-pilot than it is by choice.  Many people are even completely oblivious of the fact that they actually can STOP any negative thought at any moment, and REPLACE it with a positive one.

Instead, they feel stuck, unhappy, depressed and even desperate in some cases.  They feel that they have no choice and no way out.

Sometimes they even feel that they have to do certain things which actually make them feel miserable, just because they have been told to do so.  Usually, situations like these would make an individual very unhappy or even totally depressed.

If this is your situation, you may feel miserable all the time and wondering why.

What unhappiness is trying to tell you is that you are not in alignment with what you were created for, and the thing is that if you don’t do something about it, it won’t get any better.  All you could ever do is get some medication to treat the symptoms; however, you will always suffer because the real cause of the problem will never be cured with any prescription medication of any kind.

My True Life Example Story

A few years ago, even though it seemed that I should have been happy because I was doing what I was “supposed” to do, had a very good health and had some people that I loved and loved me in my life; I was really unhappy and depressed most of the time.  It seemed that there was always something missing in my life, always something that I couldn’t have or be.

On top of this. I felt guilty because I was told that I was supposed to be happy; that I had every reason to be happy, but just wasn’t.  I really thought for a long time that something was very wrong with me.  May be I was just being a brat; never satisfied with what I had.  This situation lasted 10 years of my life.

Being in Alignment with what you Want

The truth is that my mind and body were telling me that I wasn’t in alignment with my true-self. I was doing what I was “told” to do, but my subconscious mind, the universe, were telling me differently.

As long as I was refusing to listen, either willingly or because of ignorance, as it was the case, I was going to feel miserable and no convincing from others could have changed that.

When you put your hand too close to a flame your senses let you know that if you touch the flame you will get burn, therefore, your reaction in such case is to listen to the warning feedbacks and not go so close to the flame to the point of getting burned.

When our inner voice or what we call our “heart” which is actually our subconscious mind is telling us that we are not in alignment with our higher self we tend to NOT react the same way we do with fire.  We ignore the signals and we dive even deeper in what makes us feel unhappy.

Only when it starts “burning” we start feeling sad to the point of depression and we are wondering why.

How do you Know if you are in Alignment with what you Want or Not

The reason why I am where I am now in my life today after 10 years of wondering why, is because, after a while I started asking myself some questions.  If I am doing what I am supposed to do and supposed to feel so happy about it, why is it that I am not?

You might be able to even lie to yourself for a while, but your emotions don’t lie.  You can’t pretend to feel good about something if you don’t.

I started asking myself some serious questions and those questions led me to finally questioned… what if?  What if all the things that I had been told by other people were just not so? What if something was trying to tell me something?

This is when I started listening more to my emotions and feelings and less to other people.

Your emotion is a perfect measuring tape that will let you know if you are in alignment with what you really want in life.  We are making mistakes when we refuse to listen to our emotion which is trying to tell us something.

From the moment I turned the switch on and decided to listen to what my emotions, my “heart” was telling me I started to attract the right people in my life and this is how my introduction to the law of attraction and life coaching started.

This was a huge turning point in my life and the reason I was able to create this blog and work as a life coach.  I can now help people tune up with their emotion and become AWARE of their alignment or the lack of it with what they want to be and have.


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6 thoughts on “How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Receive What You Want”

  1. I think I have never read such clear message about how to use the law of attraction. Thank for giving me this light. Will use it from now on 🙂

    1. I am really glad it had such effect on you Anthony. I know there are tons and tons of articles on the subject, but sometimes it doesn’t translate very well for everyone.

  2. Bravo Sylviane, great post and I agree with Anthony. You really shared your own experience with us so that we were able to understand how this all works better.

    I haven’t ever gotten that “pull” that I should be doing something different but I did know that after my father passed away I just had this feeling that there was just so much more to life than what I was doing. I had no idea what and I even went to a seminar but nothing appealed to me. I’m also a planner so I don’t do things outside the box so to speak.

    When I lost my job back in 2007, I just had this sense of freedom come over me. My logical brain is saying girl, go get yourself yet another job because you are the only one supporting you. But the other part of my brain was saying to hell with it. Let’s go see what we can’t find and just do something different. That’s where my journey started.

    I’m so happy I did that and I’ll never go back again. 🙂
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    1. An indeed, even though I don’t know you that well yet, Adrienne, I would say that you are a successful person!

      I totally understand what you are talking about when you lost your job and how you felt. I felt the exact same way when I lot my job back in 2005.

      I was so liberated… and scared at the same time. My only income as well 🙂 But, what can I say, some birds are just not meant to be caged! That’s us 😉

  3. Excellent article!

    I really like that you said how to use the law of attraction to **receive** what you want. It’s such a powerful distinction to say receive instead of get. Because you’re always getting pretty much whatever you put out there. It’s just a matter of aligning your vibration so you can receive it.

    And like you said, our emotions are a perfect measurement of how well we’re doing in that regard. 🙂
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    1. Hi Fred,

      Thanks for your compliment 🙂 Always appreciated.
      Yes, I think that when we talk about the law of attraction the word “receive” is the appropriate word. Get, to me it’s more like “getting a traffic ticket” 🙂 You can get a bunch of negative things, indeed!

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