Victor Hugo, Famous French Writer

Victor Hugo is probably the most famous writer of all time in France. As a matter of fact when Andre Gide, another famous French author himself, was asked who was the most famous French writer, his answer was, Victor Hugo. Victor Hugo’s works is HUGE and includes poetry, novels, political reviews, articles and more. His best known work here, in America are Les Miserable (1831) and The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1862).

Victor Hugo was born in 1802 in Besancon, France. He started his writing very early in life and his dramatic poetry work in his teenage years. Victor Hugo, was not only a famous writer, but also a political figure in the second half of his life, as he supported the republican form of French government of his time. In 1841 his was elected at the Academie Francaise.

Victor Hugo was also known to be a family name, he was devoted to his children ( 5 in total) and was devastated when his eldest daughter, Leopoldine drawn in la Seine with her new husband in Paris at age 19. Victor Hugo was so saddened by the death of his daughter that his work was affected by it and his writing seriously diminished for a whole decade.

Victor Hugo was so famous by the time he died in 1885 at age 83 that his funeral was that of a sate man. He was laid in a tomb next to Emile Zola other famous french novelist and journalist.

Today, Victor Hugo is still inspiring musicians, movie directors and other artists.  well over a thousand musical compositions and movies, and plays have been made from several of Hugo’s work.

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