Two Basic Reasons Why You’re Still Unsuccessful

Differences between successful and successful peopole

Differences between successful and successful peopole

What’s the two main differences between successful and unsuccessful people?

Would you like to know the answer to this question?

If you are not as successful as you want to be right now, you should be seeking answers to questions like this.

As I was walking down the streets of the 3,000-year-old city of Rome I was observing people around me, and a creative thought came to my mind, as it is often the case when I’m walking.

Thousands of years after the beginning of civilization there are still two kinds of people walking the planet, anywhere you go.

You have those who become successful in life and those who don’t.

And when I say successful, I don’t want you to think that I’m talking about just having money. We all know of rich folks who are not what we would qualify as successful.

Then there are even those so called online entrepreneurs who are making tons of money, yet every time I run into them they are promoting their latest idea – in other words, millions of dollars later they are still in the working force.

It seems that they can’t stop working.

But unless working is what they really want to be doing for the rest of their life, I don’t see this as being successful.


Because according to our lifespan, if they have as much money as they claim to have right now, they have more money than they and their children would need in their lifespan. So like I said, unless working and promoting until they die is what they REALLY want to do, I don’t feel that those online entrepreneurs’ millionaires are successful.

Every time I register for one of their webinars to check them out, I can’t help but pause and think, don’t you want to live life instead of doing that webinar right now, especially in the summer time?

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I don’t have as much as they claim to have yet, and I live life already.

The last thing I would want is to die in a middle a webinar with millions in my bank (LOL).

So, by the way, if you haven’t got my free guide to attracting more money yet, get it now, because when I’m as rich as those guys are (or pretend to be anyway) I won’t make those guides and create webinars anymore, I’ll be taking care of my animal shelter.

So enjoy my work while it lasts.

But hey, this post wasn’t even meant to talk about those successful folks who want more money than two or three generations after them will need.

This post was about the two main differences between successful and unsuccessful people.

Of course, we could list a huge number of smaller differences, but my 10 years of studying what successful people are doing compared to what unsuccessful people do led me to come up with the two most important and impacting ones.

So, are you dying to know what those two main differences are?

I hope you are because you are going to need to have these two in order to become successful.

The two main differences between successful people and the rest of them come down to this:

  • People who become successful want more out of life.
  • People who become successful take action to get there.

If you don’t have these two qualities to start with, there’s no way that your life will ever change.

I know, and I’m sure you too know loads of people who even though are far from living the life they would like to be living, have never even got as far of asking themselves questions like…

  • Is there something more to this life?
  • Was I born to struggle and be unhappy most of my waking hours?
  • Is there something I could do to gird my life the way I want to?
  • What could I start doing today to making a difference?

Do you Know how Lucky you are?

Do you know how lucky you are to live in these days and times?

As I’m walking up and down the streets of Rome, Italy I can’t help thinking how life must have been back then. Well, just looking into the history of the famous colosseum gives me a good idea though.

While you had the elite few, life for most people was not something you would have wanted to experience. No matter how you look at it, you had much fewer choices back then.

differences between successful and unsuccessful people

That’s why I’m saying, do you know how lucky you are right now?

Today, no matter where you were born, even if you were born in a poor country or a country where freedom is limited, you still have more opportunities and choices than you would have had anywhere on planet earth hundreds or thousands year ago.

Today, especially if were fortunate to be born in a free country where you can do anything you wanted, but yet are not finding your own success in life, then you must ask yourself the question…

Do I really want this badly enough?

Let me give you a concrete example here.

About 3 weeks ago, I published a new guide for new entrepreneurs, and I’ve sent it to several of my lists.

Now you would think that EVERY single person who received that email would have downloaded the free guide, right?

Well, you’d be wrong.

You’ll always have some of those people opting to lists and not even taking the 10 seconds that it takes to download a free guide.

Now if they don’t have 10 seconds to download it, you know they are not dedicated to taking the hour or so they need to read it. And forget about doing what the guide tells them to do to improve their financial success.

Which leads to the second main reason why people are and stay unsuccessful…

They don’t take action.


What does it Really mean to you when you don’t Take Action?

One of the major laws of this universe is cause and effect, which means that whatever action you will take will have some type of effect.

Which means that NO action, will cause NO effect.

And that’s what I find the average want-to-be is doing. They want something for nothing. But the problem is that what they want is not only impossible but goes against the very cause and effect law of the universe.

If you don’t change anything, nothing is going to change.

So, if you’ve read this far, I’m going to assume that you DO want to become more successful than you are right now. And for that my friend, let me congratulate you.

But while that’s great, reading this far won’t be enough.

There are two questions that you need to ask yourself first of all.

  • How much do I want to succeed in life?
  • Am I really willing to take action?

Unfortunately, I can’t answer these questions for you because only YOU can.

When and if you do, download my free guide to financial success here, and inside you’ll find an offer for you as well.

Until then, I’m sending you my love from beautiful Rome, Italy where I took the action of writing this blog post for you even in the middle of my summer vacation.

Take opportunities while you can, download my guide while it’s still available!

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31 thoughts on “Two Basic Reasons Why You’re Still Unsuccessful”

  1. Hey, Sylviane!

    It’s been a long time never on your blog. How are you doing, by the way?

    Hope you’ve been great, anyway!…

    Well. When I come to talk about successful, I need money and work for it, but money isn’t what I exactly need it. I just want much more time with my old men, and bring to somewhere beautiful as you put in this post.

    I agree with what you said here. The people have lots of money doesn’t mean they have successful in life. They’re still working for money, and I heard some of those people die because of money.

    You know? Sometime, I’ve been thinking about the last of my life. In brutally honest, my life was so complicated, and don’t where it will end up, but hope at a beautiful. though.

    If want to talk about successful or unsuccessful unless define what it is.

    I’m not sure what is the defination of my successful as sometime my friends told me that I was crazy. I always heard from them.

    I don’t care much about what those friends said. I continue blogging as I’m seeing my dream in of me.

    You know? sometime, I get confused and stuck with what I do. I span sometimes for relax, and back to work. I’m a lazy guy and cookieman.

    A nice post, I love it.
    Kimsea Sok invites you to read..Attention: Why Majority Of New Blogs Often Die After Few Months Of Their Existence (How To Avoid Being A Victim)My Profile

    1. Hi Kimsea,

      I’m doing well, thank you for asking.

      Don’t listen to the naysayers, there are always some of those around, and if you can avoid them at all cost, well do that as much as can.

      I wish you lots of success!

      Thanks for coming and commenting.


  2. This deserves to be quoted … “The last thing I would want is to die in a middle a webinar with millions in my bank …” Skip the LOL. That’s true.

    1. Hi Cathy,

      I’m glad that you resonated with my quote here. I should tweet it 🙂

      The LOL was to show that I’m laughing when I think about what those guys are really doing.

      Thanks for coming.


  3. I think it is a post that everybody must aware of it.Your writing skill is awesome and the topic which you have selected touch my heart thanks for this article. I am glad to read your post.

    1. Hi Stella,

      Thank you so much for the nice compliment, I really appreciate that. Indeed, part of life changing plans while starting in the mind must include taking actions. We have a physical body and that physical body requires physical action as long has we have it.

      Thank you for coming, and have a great day!


  4. Hi Sylviane,

    Amazing article as usual my dear! Indeed, it comes down to cause and effect all the time. No action…or Action. When taken action on something we can get on that road to success.

    Of course, I do believe it all starts with our mindset. Also when the student is ready….the teacher will come.

    Donna Merrill invites you to read..Grow Your Blog OrganicallyMy Profile

  5. Hi Sylviane
    Loved your post. To be honest when a post is as long as yours I do not read to the end. But let say honesty I did this one. I am that guilty one who lots of time I do not take the action. Being busy and putting it off tomorrow and tomorrow never comes. My advise is this to all of your readers: Take Action when your mentor suggests you do this. It will not get done if you don’t act. Thanks so much for this very motivating valuable post. God bless. David
    David A Rhodes invites you to read..5 Hidden Secrets about Goal Setting Success RevealedMy Profile

    1. Hi David,

      Wow, thanks for the kind words. Your comment is so encouraging that it’s going to be one I save and publish in social media.

      I’ve been told many times that people like my writing because it’s easy to read, and that’s one of the best compliments one can get.

      So glad you liked it, and thanks you for coming and saying so.

      Have a great weekend.


  6. Hi, Sylviane

    Only learning and knowing about a businesses is not a step to success i really like a part of your article taking an action is really required to be succeed thanks for sharing your amazing Guide.Now i’m Going to implement it.
    Avtar singh invites you to read..Hello world!My Profile

    1. Hi Avtar,

      Indeed, in order to succeed, we must take some kind of action at some point.

      Glad you opted for my free guide and I hope you’ll implement my tips and advice.

      Have a great weekend,


    1. Hi Himanshu,

      Yes, life will get better as long as you do what’s needed to get better, but if you don’t do anything life stays the same as it’s always been as per the laws of the universe.

      I’m glad you enjoyed my post.

      Thank you for coming.


  7. I like how you put this out Sylviane. Some people get stuck in the craze that the money they make is never enough even though it’s more than what they could EVER spend in their life. Wanting more out of life is spot on but doesn’t mean you have to own all the riches of the world. I remember a friend told me that he doesn’t work to live, he works to have a life.
    Mike Reed invites you to read..Why Do Banks Offer Varying RatesMy Profile

    1. Hi Mike,

      Yes, especially in America, I have to say, do you see this behavior of wanting, wanting, and wanting more money even when the need for it is not even longer existing. I don’t know what it is, but having live about half my life in Europe and the other half in the US I definitely see that to be the case. As a life coach I do see a little bit of a mental problem in this behavior.

      Thanks for your feedbacks which is greatly appreciated.


  8. Hi,

    What an amazing post!! I wish everyone who need to be successful should come across this post. Your explanation between successful and unsuccessful is just interesting. Yes if one take necessary action to achieve the desired result becomes successful and rest fails.

  9. Wow! I like how the post is put out.

    Really, the major reason many people work is to have a good life, but most get lost in it that they don’t ‘remember’ to live that good life.

    Most often time, many of these so called big boys are really faking it, they live on the principle of faking it until they make it,.

    Thanks for this wonderful post, appreciate it
    Bisco Ibitade invites you to read..How to Use Facebook to Out Smart CompetitionsMy Profile

    1. Hi Bisco,

      Indeed, faking it until you make it works. Because we live in a world where the huge majority of people believe only what they can see, hear or touch (what they call reality) they will be forever prevented to have and be what they want.

      Thank you for your comment.

  10. Hey Sylviane,

    Our mind is a very powerful instrument and based on my own personal experience I have observed that our mind is the only thing that can determine whether we will fail or succeed. If we really want to succeed as a entrepreneur it is also very essential for us to realize that believing everything which we see is as bad as disbelieving the power of making money through the internet. I’m not against believing in the possibility of making money online because our belief is an essential trait to our success but what I’m trying to say is that we should be careful with what we believe.

    A lot of people come into the online world only because they want to make money online and due to this they are very desperate to get what they want so they start venturing into as many businesses as they can until they get results. That might work for us elsewhere but building a successful blog is not a guess and win game. We might be good at creating great content, we might be good at marketing our blog and generating quality traffic but to really succeed as a blogger we need to start thinking beyond those two things.

    It is true we should focus on giving great value to our readers but we should also realize that giving value doesn’t necessarily mean giving free value. Eventually, thanks for your great support.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

    1. Hi Kumar,

      Very, very good point. The belief I’m talking about here is “belief in oneself” not believing what anybody is telling us. Big difference, indeed.

      Thanks for your excellent input.


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