How to Improve Writing Skills and Be More Naturally Engaging With Your Audience

Your Writing Skills are All About you!

What is your writing USP (unique selling proposition)? By that I mean what sets you apart from other writers who are writing about the same subject? What special thing do you offer your readers that makes them clamor to read what you have written?

The most successful writing, the most effective writing, whether it is an article, a blog, an essay, or even a novel, must engage the reader both intellectually and emotionally. Your ability to communicate is key.

Bringing it Home

Capture your readers’ imaginations by involving them, bringing them into your topic so that they can identify with your content in a personal way. It’s important for people to imagine themselves in the situation you are describing in your writing, so that your message is perceived as a message just for them. It’s also important that they identify with you on a very human level.

Don’t hide your personality. Let your humanity and sense of humor show. That doesn’t mean you have to share your bank balance, or blood type, or make a fool of yourself. By allowing your reader to know you a little bit, they will see you as a person not so different from themselves.

They will appreciate having so many thoughts and feelings in common. You are giving your reader a way to see themselves through you. You are helping them to open their own channels of insight on the topic.

Let your Personality Shine Through your Writing

By letting your personality shine through, you will infuse your writing with color and texture

Basically, I am describing a form of intimacy between you, the writer, and your audience, the readers. Be as gracious with your readers as you would be if you invited them into your living room for a visit. Share your thoughts candidly and generously, just like visiting with friends. Provide your readers with a rich experience, one that they wouldn’t have without you.

Be extremely honest when offering your advice and opinions. Be sure your readers know that these are your opinions and not gospel truth, written in granite facts, but opinions. The more direct and honest you are the more likely people will trust your advice. This will not just convert your readers into customers, but it will make them your new friends, and you will create an avid following for future writing.

Share you Own Personal Ideas

Share your point of view. That is what makes you unique and sets you apart from others who write about the same topic. If your ideas are quirky and off-beat, share them. Also share your passion. Share stories, anecdotes, that bring your writing to life. Anecdotal examples will further illustrate your point, and it’s fun for everybody.

Write about what you love. Establish yourself as an authority on your topic. Make sure you are constantly learning so that you will always have plenty to share and your knowledge is fresh and is of the minute.

I would definitely avoid writing about topics that don’t interest me for the sake of setting up a business to sell something. Sincerity or lack of it is so transparent. Your readers will know if you are on the level, or not. Don’t waste valuable time with topics that will bore you and possibly your readers. You’re too good for that.

My personal passion is art and design. I’ve been a designer and painter for many years. It’s a “no-brainer” that I have chosen to write about art and design.

I made a website that has to do with offering free interior design advice and showcasing cutting edge décor and products for the home.

I love sharing my passion.  I write about color trends, collecting art, rugs, ceramics, gift selections, and more.  People may disagree with some of the things I have written, and it is perfectly fine.

I encourage readers to express their own thoughts and share them with me and others. I appreciate comments on my blogs and especially love it when people take the time to write me email.

Know the Audience you are Writing for

Know your audience. Talk directly to them.  Never talk down to them.  Also, don’t try to deliver a message so far over their heads that you lose them.  A good example of that is technological subjects that can easily go over people’s heads.

If you are writing about technical matters, then you are most likely knowledgeable about your subject.  Share your technical experience with your readers.  Give them some useful tips that will help those who are not as technically adept as you are.

Present your knowledge as simply as possible.  Remember that you are addressing “techies” too, so your writing needs to be geared to appeal to that audience as well.  Remember to always be yourself.  If you write like you talk, then you will have many fewer bouts of writer’s block, maybe none at all.  It’s all about communicating.

Even the most esoteric writers are communicating with someone.  If you are an Internet Marketer, then you must communicate well.  Keep it light, if you can.  If you’re involved in a heavy topic such as various diseases, then it is difficult to stay light.  But you can give people an optimistic viewpoint and plenty of hope.

Be a force for good. That’s important.  I personally have chosen lighter topics to write about because I like to enter laughing and leave laughing.  It’s all your own choice.

When you write about anything, make it “your own.” In other words, be an integral part of what you write. If your audience walks away “thinking”, and richer for the experience, and humming your tune, then you know you have written well.

Guest post by: Joan S.

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  1. Thanks Sylviane. It’s a pleasure to play an active part in this wonderful website in which you consistently give excellent advice and info. Joan

    1. Glad you enjoyed the article. When Sylviane invites me to write another article, I’d be delighted. Thank you for commenting.

      1. Some people have pen names, and that’s okay for for some things.
        I feel better just being myself.
        Pen name or not, I think what you have to say needs to be authentically your own thoughts.

  2. True, the writing style of a writer can speaks a lot about the writer. Besides being mindful of publishing grammar free articles the way the writer connects to the readers is very important. Its more important to connect to the readers than write something which the readers find it too complicated to understand.

    1. Hi Gary,

      For sure, I agree with you. It’s important to talk directly to your reader and not at them, but to engage them intellectually and emotionally at a comfortable level.

      People who write very technical articles lose me out of the gate.

      Even if people disagree with what you have said, they will acknowledge that you presented your ideas in an honest, sincere, and respectful way.

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