How Can You Develop Focusing skills?

Have you ever noticed while watching a movie that when the camera focuses on a subject the background is blurry?  This is because the lens of a camera cannot focus on two subjects at the same time.  If it focuses on the foreground it cannot focus on the background and if it focuses on the background it cannot focus on the foreground.  The camera lens can only focus on one item at the time.  This actually serves the film maker.  He can use this quality of the lens to make you “look” at what he wants you to pay attention to.

Our brain works pretty much the same way the lens of a camera does.  The brain cannot really focus on two things at the same time. So, if you are focusing on one thing, just like the camera lens does, your brain won’t be able to focus on something else at the same time.

That’s what focus is all about – giving your attention to one thing at the time, so it can get all your attention at this given moment and leave everything else in the background.  Focus has a purpose – getting things done and going somewhere.

If you lack focus, you can’t get anything done.  Everything you do will be half way done and the end result will not be good.  This includes achieving your goals.  Focus is very important in every areas of our life.  So, let’s see how you can improve your focus and get things done.

Before I keep going on the subject, however, I wanted to mention that this idea to write about “focus” came to me last week when I was asked by Hulbert Lee to write a review about his new e-book Ultimate Focus Guide.  If you would like to know what the book is about or read my own review about it just check it out right here, right after  you’ve read this post.

Where Do Distractions Come From?

Distraction is the number one enemy of focus.  People who are easily distracted usually have a very hard time focusing.  A very known “focus inability syndrome”so to speak, is called ADD (attention deficit disorder).  Many people who have not been diagnosed which such disorder do, in fact, display such symptoms.  Personally, even though I was never diagnosed with such disorder, I firmly believe that I was affected by it.

There are two types of distractions that we need to fight against on a daily basis.  These two types of distractions are external and internal.  External distractions, also called environmental distractions could be your phone, the TV, your inbox, you kids, your house shores, so forth and so on.  You internal distractions on the other hand are “emotional” such as procrastination, depression, negative thinking, emotional breakdowns, self sabotage and other personal issues you may have.

All such issues, whether they are external or internal will prevent you from fully focusing on any constructive action.  Any camera which has a broken focus lens won’t be able to shoot any images whether sill or moving that would be of quality.  To get quality, you need focus.

Where Does Focus Come From?

Focus comes from the brain.  Our brain, just like that camera in our example is built in such a way that we can activate it to focus when we need to.

In his e-book, Hulbert Lee explains how the part of our brain called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) is the part that helps us focus.  This part of our brain as small as our little finger contains about 70% of our brain’s nerves cells.  It’s the RAS of our brain that helps us screen out information and allows us to pay attention.

In order for our brain to be more efficient at focusing we can take physical steps such as eating better, sleeping better, exercising more, and so on.  And we also can eliminate distraction and improve our mind functions using meditation and other mind enhancing device.

Focus is also improved by strong desire, visualization, and self motivation.  You can make focus a habit, like any other habits you may have.

How to Make Focus a Habit

It takes no longer than 21 days to take on any habit.  This means that if you repeat an act for 21 days in a row it will become a habit.  Knowing this fact, you can make focus become a habit.

How we pick up a habit, good or bad is by practicing it. Doing something over and over; that’s how people develop skills.  Athletes and artists, for example, develop their skills by practicing.  They are focusing 100% on refining their skills.

You can exercise on focusing just like you would exercise your body by doing pushups.  For example, you can concentrate on focusing on a task for 10 minutes every day.  When those 10 minutes of focus are become routine and easy, you can increase the length to 20 minutes.  You can increase the duration of your focusing exercise as time going on.  With desire and practice you can develop your focus ability.

The key is to focus on a specific thing for a specific amount of time.  If you follow this daily routine exercise faithfully, you are bound to improve your focus.

So, what’s your story? Do you have a hard time focusing or is it easy for you? Please, tell us in the comment area below!



6 thoughts on “How Can You Develop Focusing skills?”

  1. Hey Sylviane, thank you so much for writing this article about focus — and mentioning my e-book!

    I think a lack of attention is one of the biggest reasons why people have so much trouble achieving their goals and desires, especially with all the tempting and crazy distractions that occur in our daily lives!

    You’ve done a great job here of outlining the basics of how to master your focus, and I hope it goes on to help your readers become more focused people!

    Thanks again!
    Hulbert Lee invites you to read..Page 11My Profile

    1. You welcome Helbert,

      I think that focus is very important indeed, and essential to achieve goals and success. It was my please to mention your e-book since it’s well written and easy to follow.

      Thanks for coming by 🙂

  2. Wonderful post Sylviane!

    Focus- something that most of us lack due to the internal or external reasons, just as you mentioned so beautifully!

    Yes indeed, I think we can rarely do anything perfectly well if we are not fully focused on the work we are doing. This happens so often in our daily lives- just like if you are cooking or trying to do the dishes along side- one of the things is bound to suffer. Or if you are writing a post and the kids are all around you- there is major distraction that is bound to affect your work.

    But yes, mothers often learn to mulit-task because of the numerous responsibilities in hand, as they have to see to their kids, home, cook, and perhaps work along side as well. For them to really remain focused only on one thing at a time is rather tough.

    Speaking of myself- being a mother and working from home full time, I do need to check on many things as I mentioned above- but yes, when I write or work- my full focus is on that and nothing else- so I need to take out my special time alone for writing without any distractions. It’s the housework and other tasks that need multi-tasking or working at 2-3 things together- because there is always a shortage of time for things.

    You are absolutely right about practicing the ways to focus by doing it gradually for 10 minutes daily and then increasing it till it becomes a habit. I do that in my way of meditation or when I am writing- my two major areas of fully focused work.

    Thanks for sharing and a wonderful reminder as well.

    Enjoy your weekend 🙂
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    1. Hi Harleena,

      Thank you for your always fantastic full comments. Many people need to get some of that from you:)

      When it comes to house shores I certainly do more than one thing at the time. When I am in front of my computer, like you, I really try to concentrate on my task at hand, especially if I write for a client.

  3. How Tony,

    If am not wrong, it’s your first time here 🙂 isn’t it? Where did you find me? I see that you have a brand new site. You’re welcome here anytime you want.

    As you can see I use a plugin called “commentluv” and that’s excellent for back links to your own site and present the title of your last post to anyone coming here.

    Thanks for your insights and have a great week!

  4. I appreciate the time and effort that you h ave spent in making and sharing this great tips of yours. I find this to be very helpful and useful and with this, I just want to say thank you and hope to see more of your motivating blogs.
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