Is Success Really Easy To Attain?

Succeeding is not always easy.  As a matter of fact, many people would say that success is not easy to attain at all.  Yet, we see people succeeding in business, in their career, financially and in life in general, seemingly effortlessly.    So, what is the truth?

Is success really easy to attain or is it not?

Success is not hard, but it might require for you to have a strong will and desire and then to practice persistence until you reach your goal.

When you see a successful lawyer, you might forget the years of law schools that he has behind him and how hard he had to study to pass the bar exam.  Then he  had to build a reputation and a clientele.

When you see a successful business man you don’t know how many failures he might have behind him.  Most likely a handful of them at least, before he finally made it.

When you see a successful artist you don’t know how many years he had to struggle before breaking through and be seen in the lime lights.

The point is that success while simple is not necessarily easy in coming in most cases.  However, while it may not be easy at first, it will become easier over time.

Success will become clearer to you when you learn how to shape your subconscious mind by studying the law of attraction and the laws of success.

Before I started studying my own thought process, I realized that negative thinking was a big in issue in my life.  I grew up without a father who died in a car accident when I was 5 and from then on I’ve seen my mother getting very anxious about everything.  This, of course had affected my mind and my thought process.  As a matter of fact it had affected my subconscious mind.

This thought process of mine, was making success impossible for me.  I had a negative belief about myself.  If I had been able to control my thoughts back then, the same way I do now, my achievement level would have been much higher at every level of my life.

What is the most important common denominator of successful people?

After 4 years of studying behaviors with both successful and unsuccessful individuals I would say that the most common denominator of successful people is their “belief”.

I already wrote an article recently about beliefs and the importance that what you believe has in your life, so I am not going to go into the details here, but let me just say this; what you believe about yourself and what you can or cannot accomplish can make a tremendous difference in your success or the lack of it.

If you look around you will realize that unsuccessful people have a tremendous lack of belief in themselves and everything they do.  I could give you a long list of examples of people that I personally know who are affected by this.  I am sure you could too!

On the other hand,  successful people have a strong belief in themselves and everything they do.  They do not let fear or doubt hinder they actions.  They make decisions and act on them.  When something fail they do not take it personally.  They take failures as experience and keep moving forward until they reach success.  Thomas Edison is a famous example of that.

It’s true that might be a far cry from “easy”; therefore,  if you think that success is not “easy” and you would be right in a way, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful, because in the end, success has everything to do with YOU, not with the fact that it’s easy or not.

What are the qualities you need to develop in order to be successful?

Over the years I’ve discovered that a very important quality one needs to have to reach any kind of lasting success is peace of mine.  True piece of mind might be one of the hardest qualities to attain for many people.

This is why even people who have achieved success are sometimes not able to keep it, because they have no peace of mind and are spoiling their success with substance abuse, depression, and overall unhappiness.  They get back to a state of negative results leading from one failure to the next.

Peace of mind is not hard to attain, but it requires discipline and persistence.  A very good way to acquire more peace of mind is meditation.  You do not need to be an expert at meditation nowadays to be able to benefit from it.  There are meditation CDs that you can listen to everyday that will help you find peace of mind after the first session.

Such meditation materials are design to help you rest your mind and body without going thought the months or even years of practicing traditional meditation before you’d get any kind of positive results.

Along with meditation, you should develop your mind by reading personal development books that will educate you in this regard and help you to direct your mind in the right direction toward success.

With such practice, you will realize that success is really easy to attain, after all.