What Is All The Fuss About Hypnotic Writing?

Hypnotic WritingIf you are into reading and into writing, I’m pretty sure that you’ve at least heard of or read about hypnotic writing by now.

So, what is all the fuss about hypnotic writing, anyway?

This post will explain what hypnotic writing is really about, in order to eliminate all misunderstanding you may still have about it.

By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll have no more confusion, in case you have any right now.

Clarifying the Words Hypnotic and Hypnosis

I am well aware that people who are not very familiar with “hypnosis” only relates this phenomenon as being in a sleep- type state at the mercy of someone. While this is one type of hypnosis, it’s only a very small part of it.  There is much more to hypnosis than that.

The truth is that we are on average, in some type of hypnotic state, at least a quarter of the day.

Here are some casual every day actions that puts us in hypnotic sates that maybe you didn’t know about…

  • Each morning as you just wake up and each night as you’re relaxing before falling asleep
  • Each time your jog on a long distance
  • Each time you drive long distances on long stretches of roads
  • Each time you watch TV or go to the movies
  • Each time you’re transported by music
  • Each time you think about past events
  • Each time your fight sleep as you’re reading
  • Each time you’re writing for 5 minutes or more
  • Each time you’re day dreaming

Don’t get me wrong, there are many more hypnotic states we go through in the course of day, but those are some big ones that you really need to know about, in order to understand what being hypnotized really means, before you can understand what hypnotic writing is all about.

In other words, you are in a hypnotic state every time you’re engrossed in something. So now, let’s see how it relates to writing.

What is Hypnotic Writing?

To sum up what hypnotic writing is in a simple phrase I’d say that hypnotic writing is “the skill of using words that pull people.”

People in the advertisement industry have been using hypnotic writing and hypnotic speaking for like a century.  So there’s nothing new and not even anything weird about it either. It’s just part of the daily messages we receive through TV, ads, emails and the internet every day.  It’s just that we’re better off knowing it than not knowing it.

People who are looking to sell you something are using hypnotic words every day, either spoken or in writing.

What are Hypnotic Words?

Situations that tend to put us into a hypnotic state are situations that put us into some type of meaningful feeling that takes all our attention. Hypnotic words that people use into hypnotic writing are words that do just that. Words that make us feel and trigger our emotions.

Here are some words you may recall from ads or commercials you see on TV every day…

  • You
  • Free
  • New
  • Success
  • Secret
  • Boost
  • Breakthrough
  • At last
  • Announcing
  • Popular
  • Wanted
  • Easy
  • Just arrived
  • Truth
  • Always
  • Never
  • Incredible
  • Change
  • More

Those are what we call hypnotic words that marketing people use all the time, in all type of messages to grab our attention – also known as to “hypnotize” us.

This might prompt the question…

Is Hypnotic Writing Bad?

That’s a good question.

Well, here is one way to answer it. Mark Twain, Earnest Hemingway, and Agatha Christy to name only these three, are considered to be masters hypnotic writers.  Is that bad? I don’t think so.

My guess is that they never tried to be manipulative, so to speak, like advertising people may be, but they succeeded in being so, because they were masters of conveying “feelings” into the reader.

As strange and secretive as some people may want hypnotic writing to be, that’s all it is.  A writing style, and the use of key words that make people respond, because they are “feeling words” also known as “emotional words.”

There is nothing negative about hypnotic writing, and frankly nothing secret either.  It’s simply a skill that you can learn and master in order to make your writing more interesting and more attractive.

But how Can you Create a Hypnotic Copy?

Here you go, another good question, isn’t it? How in the world can you do this?

You create hypnotic writing by creating feelings for the receiving end of your writing, also known as…

That’s right!

The reader.

Here are 3 simple rules you can use right now!

3 Simple Rules that Creates Hypnotic Writing

1)     Talk about the reader NOT you

I know at times our ego makes us write about us a lot.  We’ve all done that.  At times, and in small doses, that’s fine, but we need to remember as we write that we don’t write for us.

The ONLY place you would be writing for you is in your journal, but besides that, I can’t think of any other place where you would write for you. So, it’s safe to say that we always write for others.

As you remember this you need to give the reader what he wants and not getting lost into satisfying your own ego.

Listen to commercials on TV, read ads online or the ones you’re getting in the mail. They are all designed to talk about YOU and your benefits. There message is never about them, but only about what they can do for you.

It’s exactly the same thing when you write your blog post, for example. The more you write for the reader the more your writing will be hypnotic.

2)     Use words that trigger emotions

Take some time to study what are the trigger words that people like to hear (see the list above). Those words are very hypnotic, indeed. If you know how to use those words well, man, you can literally put people in small trances.

Do not under estimate them. Even a simple word such  as “you” versus “we” can make so much difference in your writing.

3)     Tell a story

People love stories. Stories are addictive and can easily put people in a trance. That’s why TV and movies are known vehicles to be hypnotic to people.  And again, just to make sure, this is not a bad thing, it’s just a fact. Stories are hypnotic.

Have you ever watch TV shows that talk about real facts and events? Those are about the only shows that interest me.  They turn real life events into stories. They keep the suspense going until the end. If you didn’t know it, you couldn’t even make the difference between a made up story or a real event, because they present it as a story.


Because they know that stories work, and they know that stories are hypnotic, because they induce natural hypnotic feelings, such pleasure, excitement, curiosity, etc. In other words, they create strong emotions.


I hope that you have a clearer understanding of what hypnotic writing is really all about, and that you can use it for both yours and your reader’s own good.

Don’t be fooled into believing that hypnotic writing is either a bad thing or a complicated thing. It’ neither. It’s just a way of writing that will pull your readers.

Let me know what your thoughts are about this topic, in your comment now!


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39 thoughts on “What Is All The Fuss About Hypnotic Writing?”

  1. Hi Sylviane, it’s good to be back on the blogging track, right? A great topic to kick off with, since writing and storytelling are so important and it’s the new big thing in marketing and business right now. I never really thought of it as being “hypnotic” but I know what you mean. Sometimes when you read or write you lose track of time and get absorbed in what you’re doing. It’s definitely about telling a good story, and also I think about finding a good rhythm. You have to find the right words that create a picture in your reader’s mind. And of course you have to watch those technicalities like poor grammar and spelling because nothing breaks the magic spell like a big, fat typo! It takes practice and lots of proofreading but it’s a great way to make a connection with people.
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    1. Hi Carol,

      Yes, indeed, it’s nice to be back blogging and visiting blogs.

      I’m glad that you mentioned how a big fat typo can be distracting and most of all taking the “magic” away to be sure. I was shocked twice recently when I spotted a couple of typos some places I really didn’t expect to find any, because there were paid products. It really kills the magic, indeed, and I think that at their level they should have an editor that should be able to spot those, so they’ll keep their credibility intact.

      The thing about being into a hypnotic state is that most people have no idea they are. They don’t even think about it. Thus a need to clarify this.

      Thank you for coming and have a great week!

  2. Hi Sylviane,

    Well, it is true and you explained it very well: “the use of words that pull people”. However, we must emphasize one thing: writing is hypnotic when the writer uses words that creates a special emotion, an emotion that makes us want to BUY something.

    This is the whole problem and this is what really interests people. The almost subconscious assumption is that you can write in such a way that you will determine people to buy something even when they don’t want to do it.

    More exactly. A person who initially doesn’t want to buy something comes to your site or sales page and reads your copy. The copy is hypnotic when it succeeds to change the initial neutral state of the visitor and triggers the “buying mode”.

    The positive part is related to the art of persuasion. The negative part is related to manipulating the subconsciuos of a person and change his (her) behavior according to the writer’s wish.

    There was and maybe still is a whole trend here. One of the masters of hypnotic writing is Joe Vitale. Do you know about him? He wrote many ebooks, some were about the art of hypnotic writing. He even created a software to help people write hypnotically.

    One of his best books (and it is not about hypnotic writing) is “The greatest money making secret in history”. It is one of the most beautiful ebooks I have ever read.

    It was available for free some years ago and I still have it somewhere on my hard drive. Brian Hawkins also read it and have it available for free (at least it was some time ago) on his site.

    Have a wonderful week
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    1. Hi Silviu,

      The first thing I want to specify is that while hypnotic writing is often related to selling as in “sales copies” as the book of Joe Vitale talks about, it’s not the only side of hypnotic writing. Mark Twain and Agatha Christie, for example, were not writing sales copies, yet they are known as having used the “ingredients” of hypnotic writing.

      That’s why I resume what hypnotic writing is in one sentence in the post… “A writing style, and the use of key words that make people respond, because they are “feeling words” also known as “emotional words.”

      So, I wanted to emphasis that I’m not talking about sales copies, but hypnotic writing as a whole.

      Yes I know Joe Vitale. I’m not too crazy about the man, but I’ve read several of his books. I’m not sure if I read the one you’re mentioning here, though. If you can find the title, let me know.

      Thanks for coming and for your input here 🙂

  3. Wow Sylviane,

    I’ve learned something new. I never knew about hypnotic writing til now. Convey feelings or emotions that captures you in a state of being hypnotized.

    I love stories. Even with pastors at church. Those who can convey their feelings in telling a story hypnotize me. Rather than pastors who just say verses after verses after verses….BORING!! Puts me to sleep fast. If I wanna read my bible I will just go there, you don’t need to be so redundant. These people who quote verses after verses without *communicating* their feelings makes me feel they are robots!

    Great and excellent post, Sylviane.

    BTW, I just wanna tell you that your About Me page is unusual. Loved your “Google Hangout” interview. I would wanna do that someday to someone but I’m still learning the technology. And wow…you have written tons of books!!! You’re amazing!!!

    Anyway…hope to read more later…Have a great week.

    Angela McCall invites you to read..My New Year’s Resolution 2014My Profile

    1. Hi Angela,

      Well, you sound like such a good human being 🙂 There aren’t that many out there! How in the world did I not met you before? Anyway, I am getting to know you now and that’s what counts.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post and my about me page 🙂 I actually wrote a post about how to write a good about me page few months ago.

      Thank you so much for coming and for your input. I’ll coming by to your blog in just a few minutes 🙂

      1. I keep seeing you everywhere, Sylviane. Sometimes I would mistake your name with Silviu because it’s both the same “S”. So if I keep seeing you everywhere, I think that’s the signal for me, telling me to get to know you. I’ve seen you from Adrienne; she has a lot of friends and it will be impossible for me to get to know everyone. And I want “quality” over “quantity” relationship. I had too many of those not so meaningful relationships, so I’ll passed. *LOL* Onto quality people like you.

        I also included a link of an “interview of me” on my About Me page. But, I tell you, I’m hiding that interview link. When you click that link on my About page, it leads you to another link and on the bottom of that post, there goes my interview “video” with Channel 30. I know I shouldn’t be so self-conscientious about this. But I just wish that “camera man” wasn’t so amateur. I mean for Channel 30, I think they should know better. I look HORRIBLE on that video. But oh well. Maybe some other nice soul will interview me again in the future that regards my business.

        Anyway, I will catch you later…

        Angela McCall invites you to read..My New Year’s Resolution 2014My Profile

        1. Hello Angela,

          I know, even me, when I saw Silviu’s name myself, I thought about my own name 🙂 so I understand what you mean.

          Yes I also understand what you mean about superficial relationships. I’ve tried to connect with few of those as well. Like you I think that fewer good ones is better than more coldish ones, so to speak. I guess that’s why I don’t feel that my efforts has paid off as much as I would like to!

          My, my, I am going to check that interview. I bet you don’t look that bad. We tend to be hard on ourselves, you know 🙂 Can’t wait to check that one out.

          1. Sylviane, I just tried that address on YouTube and in my end it says error, here it is:


            See if you could view it in your end. I’m going to email Juanita Stevenson and his camera man right now and asked them, what happened? There could be some glitch or error in YouTube or what. They told me that I could have a COPY of this video but I never did ask a copy but relied on YouTube. So now I’m going to ask them if they can send me a copy to keep.

            Angela McCall invites you to read..My New Year’s Resolution 2014My Profile

          2. Yes, I finally found it, Angela, but got that same error. Tried different browsers, but no can do. When it’s working again, let me know. So want to watch this 🙂

          3. Sylviane, thanks for trying. I already emailed the original guy who uploaded this. He said that I could always have the original. I dunno if this is youtube doing this, or he deleted it from his channel. So, I’m waiting for his/their response. And will email it to you DIRECT once I get it going. Thank you, hon. xoxo

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  4. Hi Sylviane,

    I always like to watch commercials and catch phrases that are “hypnotic” I can spot it all the time. I also like to read Sales Pages. I study them and look for those “hypnotic” words. I noticed in one lately that the author used the phrase Buy the way instead of By the way.

    There is a lot of this being used in sales pages lately and it is sort of an art. We have to write to the people, touch on the “pain” and then give them the wow and the breakthrough…words like that.

    We are all prone to that hypnotic moments during the day, as you mentioned above. It even happens when you are driving and miss your exit lol.

    Bottom line, when we write, we can learn how to do it specifically hypnotic. I have been getting a real kick out of this during the past 2 months as I study it.

    Thanks for a well informed article …as usual!

    Donna Merrill invites you to read..What’s Your Blogging Strategy?My Profile

    1. Hi Donna,

      Now I’m wondering if the “buy the way” was done on purpose or just a typo, because it might be hypnotic, but it also looks like you can write if you do that, right?

      What I wanted to point out in this article is that hypnotic states are quite natural, though, not something so mysterious as people think hypnosis is. Just a bit like psychic skills 🙂 I know you know what I mean.

      Thank you for coming and have a great day, Donna.

  5. Happy New Year Sylviane!

    I love the topic of your post. I think it is very important for us to realize that to reach our audience, we must connect with them in meaningful ways.

    In many cases, these hypnotic words really resonate with people because they connect to them at a deeper level. Many of the words, if not all of them, I have in a marketing book by Richard Bayan entitled “More words That Sell.”

    If your ultimate goal is adding value to others, then people will see that and then buy into you and what you offer.

    All the best!
    William Butler invites you to read..109 Personal Leadership Quotes To Inspire You!My Profile

    1. Hi Bill,

      Thank you for confirming that those words are indeed hypnotic and mentioned in a book discussing such topic.

      Yes, everyone needs to feel that connection, that’s why those words are captured by the mind so much.

      Thank you for your great input, and have a fantastic day!

  6. Hey Sylviane,

    Great topic to start the year off. One thing I learned from this post is that your every day task is considered to be hypnotic. It makes me wonder if being hypnotic ties into habits? Is habits a part of the hypnotic state?

    But its definitely true about conjuring up the feelings of the reader. When you use certain words, it ties into certain emotions of whoever is reading. In my case, I want to use this for my target audience. I just learned the difference between being persuasive and being manipulative which I will put in a later post, but we definitely want to be persuasive when using these words.

    Also stories a great because as you mentioned it gives suspense which into puts us in a hypnotic state. For me it gives me that “whats going to happen next” feeling and all of the questions pop up in my head. In some cases i don’t want to know the answer because i want to stay in this state!

    But I will definitely come back to this post to look at the list of hypnotic words i can use, and also pay more attention to commercials! Thanks for sharing!
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  7. Great topic, Sylviane 🙂

    I do have a question though. When I share stories, most of them are my own experiences (and I do use ‘I’ in those stories…is that bad?). I think it is okay, as long as we don’t brag (too much). It’s okay to share our victories, but always keep our readers in mind.

    Thank you for the tips, Sylviane. I will try and apply this to my new blog (I am editing a scheduled post right now, perhaps I can apply this tactic).

    Btw, I also remember seeing an infographic on some of these words (like ‘Free’) – people tend to not open those emails (with words like Free in the title) because they assume that the email is spammy (How would that apply to blog readers? Would it affect their thinking?)
    Jeevanjacobjohn invites you to read..Welcome To Daring Blogger!My Profile

    1. Hi Jeevan,

      No that’s fine to use “I” if you speak about you of course, but as you said, if your story can help others it will be much more “hypnotic” for them then if all you’re saying is just about yourself. And people love to know about other people’s business too, you know!

      Now, it’s not that people don’t like to see the word free in emails. That’s not true. It’s that the word FREE triggers the system to send the email to spam folder or trash as it may relate to spammy content. That’s very different. You know people write BS at times, so don’t believe everything you read as well 🙂

  8. Hi Sylviane,

    I remember two teachers in high school that stood out. They had the hypnotic ability to hold the class spellbound and bring their subject to life, like Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society. They were extremely passionate about their subject and able to transfer those feelings to their audience, capturing their full attention. I believe that passion, excitement and wonder are a key elements in hypnotic writing as well. You mentioned feelings and emotions and our writing becomes hypnotic when we can transfer ours to our readers.

    Wishing you a very prosperous and memorable 2014,

    Cole Wiebe invites you to read..The Real Reason Most Blogging and Social Media Missed the Mark in 2013My Profile

    1. Hi Cole,

      Yes, totally agree with that. I also had only 2 teachers who were like the ones you mention here, and it was because they really loved what they were doing.

      So this can definitely apply to writing. Passion and excitement will induce emotions in others, and turn out to be hypnotic to the receiver of such.

      Thank for coming by and you too have a best year ever!

  9. Hello Sylviane,

    Writing in a hypnotic fashion, I tell you, is really about the best type of writing anyone can involve in. Why?

    Many people actually take decisions based on the heart – and not the mind or brain! However, it’s a good thing to only use this type of writing to engage readers so that they actually become their better selves and not for manipulation purposes like the regular advertisers do.

    I must say, I learnt one or two things here!

    Akaahan Terungwa invites you to read..HOW TO BEST MONETIZE YOUR BLOG/WEBSITEMy Profile

    1. Hi Akkahan,

      Yes, you are totally right, most decisions are made based on emotions rather than real need, that’s why hypnotic writing is so important, but of course, if we’re honest we don’t want to be manipulative.

      I like to use hypnotic words myself, but because I like to make the reader feel, not being manipulative 🙂

      I’m glad you learned a thing or two. Have a wonderful new year!

  10. With any type of writing it is important to use phrases and words to draw people in, otherwise you scum over what you are reading and at the end of the day, what is the point. I have noticed that in every news report, they start Could that have happen? The first thing as a reader you assumed it did. So it is important to use the right words that pull in people and not words that one goes off thinking something totally different then what you wanted to portray in the first place.

    Our subconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind so many decisions are based on emotions and not facts. I write with analogies so hopefully I get my readers to think outside of the box. Making your audience think about what you are trying to express and maybe see a different point of view, I find interesting.

    1. Hi Arleen,

      I love to use analogies too. I do that mostly in my personal development blog. I think that people love to read that kind of writing. Yes, we do act way more on emotions than anything else.

      Thank you for coming and sharing your thoughts 🙂

  11. Hi Sylviane,

    To be honest, I’ve never heard of Hypnotic Writing until you came up with the topic here 🙂 As I read the title, I thought it might have something to do with hypnosis, but couldn’t predict more than that.

    Interesting facts about Hypnosis too! I’m prone to music, movies and day dreaming. Ha ha… Into hypnotic state 😉

    Actually, I’m kind of anti-commercial person ’cause when I used to watch TV as a kid, most of time I had to stare at commercials than the programs 😀 Still it’s happening out here, but now I don’t watch TV.

    Some words like “Most”, “Incredible”, “Just arrived” makes me feel they are being over-confident and over-promising. Yeah, trying to manipulate our feelings and choices. Then, instead of attracting me, they are really pushing me away. Yet there are exceptions though. However, as you mentioned, I think it’s about the usage and intention 🙂 As long as I don’t feel being manipulated, I’d love to embrace.

    I like how you came up with rules to incorporate Hypnotic writing in blogging, Sylviane. Basically, I believe in ’em but now I think I can make use of them more effectively too. Not to manipulate, but to keep readers much more interested.

    Actually, I was trying hard to remember that once you came up with such a list of words in a post too. Yet can’t recollect what was it about 😉 Is there something similar to Hypnotic Writing with set of known words too, Sylviane?

    You have a fantastic weekend ahead dear 🙂


    1. Hi Mayura,

      As always, great comment. I know that at times those words that are supposed to be hypnotic may actually make people watchful/careful too. I know it does me too.

      I’m glad you don’t waste your time watching TV. Very few people do that. I watch very little TV myself. Don’t have much time for it.

      Is there something similar to hypnotic writing with set of known words too? Not sure. What do you mean exactly?

  12. Hi Sylvianne,

    You explained a rather complex issue in a very gentle and yet understanding tone. I have come across the word hypnotic writing, but never really understand what it meant.

    As a blogger, I think its good to be hypnotic then, so far it will pull in the readers. I think the most important thing is to offer value along with being hypnotic with our post content.

    Thanks for the well detailed explanation. Do have a prosperous new year.
    James invites you to read..Modern SEO: The end of social bookmarking websitesMy Profile

    1. Hi James,

      Yes, it’s OK to use hypnotic words for the good of all, the reader and the writer. I’m a little more cautious if it’s done in a manipulative way, though, as I mentioned above.

      I’m glad if this post helped to clarify what hypnotic writing for you.

      Thank you and have a fantastic new year too!

  13. Sylviane, that makes a lot of sense. I think hypnosis help us concentrate. I can see the usefulness of these words in advertising.

    Many people think shoppers will respond to a stimuli. If you trigger the correct response in them they will do what you want most of the time.

    A good example is the lights we respond to.
    For example:
    Michael Belk invites you to read..The “No Lindsay” Rule at Britney’s Las Vegas ShowMy Profile

  14. Hi Sylviane,

    Thanks for this simple, clear explanation of what hypnotic writing is. Although I’m already familiar with the concept myself it was still helpful to read such a well-written post about about using the approach and I’m sure too that others will be able to benefit by reading this.

    I think the key factor to bear in mind regarding hypnotic writing is that you want to engage and connect with the reader. Ultimately you want the reader to come to a conclusion, whether that be that they want to buy something you’re offering, that they feel happy and motivated to read more from you, that they want to subscribe to you, etc.

    I guess why some people may view the approach as a bad thing is when people use it to disguise dishonesty or direct the reader’s attention away from important issues that they may otherwise have raised. I think that, so long as whatever you’re doing is being done with honesty and integrity, then being able to write in a way that touches, motivates and connects with your reader is a good thing.

    Thanks, Sylviane. I hope that you’re keeping well and I wish you a happy weekend 🙂

    Glenn Shepherd invites you to read..Seven Silly Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your BusinessMy Profile

    1. Hi Glenn,

      Yes, I guess there are two ways you can use hypnotic writing. One is kind of a manipulative way, and the other is to make your writing sound smoother for the reader. I know that commercials and ads tend to use the first option. As for bloggers I like to think that we want to use the second option.

      Thank you for your input, and have a great weekend!

  15. I don’t think I’ve heard of the term hypnotic writing before Sylviane but then again, I don’t read as much as I should!

    I love blog posts that tell a story and I wish I were better at that.

    I’ve tried a couple of times and they got a good reception but I didn’t feel like they were my best work.

    I can see how hypnotic writing could be used in a less than ethical way but if used in the right way is going to draw in a lot of readers.
    Tim Bonner invites you to read..The Great Popular Blogs Hoax: Is Popularity The Right Thing To Seek?My Profile

    1. Hi Tim,

      Wow that’s great that you’re hearing about hypnotic writing for the first time on my blog. See, that blog can be of use for you too.

      There are actually books written about hypnotic writing. I’ve always been interested in this type of things, but of course not to use in a bad way as you mentioned it could be done, but only for the good stuff.

      Thanks for coming and have a great day!

  16. A really useful article indeed, hypnotic writing is used around us everyday, just sitting down watching tv, one can see countless of hypnotic commercial that will try to effect you in a way or get you into buying something. It is a marketing weapon and individuals don’t really know about that.

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