French Wine And Food

The author of this blog was born in France and what she misses the most in the country is probably the food and the wine.

France is the country of food. Lyon, the city where I was born is even called the capital of food.  It is famous for its wonderful “saussisson sec” and “saussisson cru”.  Saussisson sec is a dry salami sausage, as you would call it here, and saussisson cru is a raw salami sausage that is to be cooked before serving.  This saussisson cru is also served breaded.  The saussisson is first boiled in water and then rolled in a bread dough like and baked.  It is called “saussisson brioche”

Saussisson in itself might not be what we can call “healthy” food in itself, but as a whole France is the country where food is not processed and fast done away with.  Food is very much meticulously prepared at home and sandwich is usually not on the menu.

As we all know, Good food is actually healthy as opposed to bad food which is not.  Good food also helps maintain your weight at a stable level, as for bad food makes you gain weight.

Sugar drinks are a killers for your health and for your weight as well.  Sodas are FULL of sugar and responsible for a big part of overweight problems.

Wine, when consumed with moderation is a very healthy drink.  The best wine as for your health is concerned red wine which is actually good for your heart.

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Why is the French population as a whole more fit than the American population, when they spend more time at the table and drink wine which contains a LOT of calories?

The answer is What's At Your Table?that it is not so much HOW MUCH you eat that will make you gain weight but really it’s WHAT you eat.

For example, wine might contains a lot of calories, but remember it’s completely sugar FREE.  Of course, we are talking about dry wine here.

A tall glass of soda  contains as you might or might not know or not 10 table spoons of sugar.   More one weight effective loss HERE

Spending a long time at the table is NOT what makes you fat, but what’s ON the table.  French people eat smaller portions with more courses, which is exactly what your body is build for.  We are not meant to eat a HUGE portions of one food at one take, our body is meant to eat less of several different foods.  This is one of the secret of staying slim.

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