What Is Quora And Why Bloggers And Marketers Should Use It?

I have been introduced to Quora a few months ago as a way to find clients for my freelance writing business.  However, I never took the time to fully investigate Quora to learn more about all its potentials.  This is why I wanted to finally hop over there and not only check it out for myself, but tell my readers about it as well, so you could decide if you wanted to use this tool for your online business or not.

What is Quora?

Quora is an interactive and growing information network/social media site founded by Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever who are both part of the team responsible for Facebook success.  They decided to use their talent to create a site where people could ask and answer questions in order to create the largest information online data base.

They realized that when you type a specific question in your Google browser it’s very difficult to find a specific answer.  We’ve all done that, haven’t we?  We ask a question, short and sweet, and Google is incapable to give us the exact answer we are looking because there is no such answer anywhere on the web, yet, or it’s not obvious for Google to be able to find it.

Quora should end to this problem by becoming the largest data base of specific questions and answers.  Pretty soon, Google will direct you to Quora for specific answers to your specific questions.

Why the Name Quora?

Quora comes from the word “quorum” which means the minimum number of members required to present before an assembly can transact business, and “Flora” which means being healthy and alive. They put those to words together and came up with Quora.

Quora can Help you Connect with your Potential Clients and Customers

Quora is an information network that connects you with everything you want to know about.  If you feel that you have some good answers to some good questions, and as an internet marketer, blogger or network marketer, you should.  Then, Quora could be a great tool to help you build relationships with your potential clients or customers.

A lot of questions on Quora are internet marketing based, if you use your online marketing knowledge to answer such questions you can build a reputation as being and expert.  In turn you are bound to get more followers and subscribers to  your blog, service or products.

Linking your Blog or Website on Quora

On Quora you can also link your blog or website with a description of what your site is about, add a bio, your location, your occupation, and so on… See the video below for more details on that…

When you ask or answer a question you can share it on Facebook and Twitter by using the built-in tool for this on Quora.  You can rate the answer to a question either up or down, or you can add to the answer with your own words or more details.  When you ask a question you need to start your question with WHO, WHAT, WHEN WHERE WHY OR HOW, to avoid getting yes or no answers.

All in all, Quora is a great tool to expand your presence online and to increase your blog or site traffic.  If you are not on Quora yet, check it out. It’s really worth it.  Before you go, take a look at the video. It’s not perfect before I am still new at Quora myself, and you are going to hear some huh… But let’s learned together.

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37 thoughts on “What Is Quora And Why Bloggers And Marketers Should Use It?”

  1. Hey Sylviane,

    Now I understand what Quora is so thank you for sharing this in a video as well as explaining more about it in your post.

    As I had mentioned to you earlier, I hate getting invitations to sites like this and they don’t even let you check it out to see what the heck it’s all about. When you go to their main URL there is no information which is why I always delete those invitations unless someone sends me an email explaining what it is and why like you did. I appreciate that so much.

    It does sound like a site that would benefit us for answering questions people may have that we’ve written posts about or areas we are very knowledgeable in. So I’ll be sure to accept your invitation and hopefully have more time this weekend to play around in it.

    Thanks again Sylviane and great video!

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  2. Informative post Sylviane!

    I had surely been hearing a lot bout Quora, but never really read or knew much about it till I read about it here 🙂

    I liked the way you explained things so well in the video- clears up a lot of things. I do agree with Adrienne that most of the inviations do confuse us as when we head to the main site there is hardly any infomration, other than a line or two. But if someone we know recommends or talks about it, as you have done here- it helps a great deal for sure 🙂

    However, I do wonder how much authority or real knowledge the people who answer the questions have? On Google if we hunt a while, we do come up with the answers we are looking for, though it does take time. Quora may be a little faster, and it sure would connect you with people in your niche and it’s good for your blogs and site. But I do hope the infomration or answers provided are relaiable enough.

    Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful video- it explains a great deal 🙂
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    1. Hi Harlelena,

      Yes, you’ve got a point about the quality of the answers to questions, are those answers valuable? But, I think that the creators of Quora thought about that though, because you can vote an answer as helpful or not. I am sure if enough people vote a given answer as not helpful the answer will lose credibility and, therefore, will lose ranking as well.

      I’m never satisfied with my videos (could be better), but thanks for like it 🙂

      Thanks for coming by and have a great day 🙂

  3. This is a great way to leverage you as an expert in certain topics. To get the ball rolling, let your readers know that you are on Quora and encourage them to ask you questions.
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    1. Hi Candice,

      Yes, Quora is great for leverage indeed and to expose you as an expert in your niche.

      Thanks for coming by 🙂

  4. You’re welcome Mika,

    I think that Quora can be a very important tool for marketers, indeed!

  5. Hmmm….I’ve never even heard of Quora. I’ll have to check it out! It seems these days that if you take the time to blink, there is suddenly a new social media platform that you have to master. Very overwhelming!

    1. Hi Ruth,

      Ahhahahha! You are so right. Those media networks grow like mushrooms over a rainy night 🙂 Quora is pretty new. The first time I’ve heard of it was about 2 months ago.
      I decided to use it because I need all I can get to spread my wings. Overwhelming? Sure is, every time I read about another site or tool to use I sigh 🙂 I really do 🙂

      Thanks for coming by 🙂

  6. Hi Sylviane,

    Thanks for submitting the video for my video blog challenge.

    Thanks also for the tour of Quora, it looks interesting and quite useful. However I won’t be going over there just yet as i have numerous social media accounts already and to be honest every week we’re being told of another one.

    I still have invites to pinterest to catch up on so adding yet another social media account to my ever growing list of things to do each day is not going top happen until I’ve caught up with everything I have outstanding.

    I’ve no doubt that it works and benefits those that use it but I have to go on a distraction diet as it is. So like I said, maybe when I’ve caught up 😉

    Thanks Sylviane
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    1. Hi Barry,

      I completely agree with you Barry, That’s what Ruth was just saying on the comment right before you. I agree and I am glad you guys are saying this, because for a moment I thought that I was the only one feeling that way (overwhelm with all those new media), because people always seem to use new tools before I do.

      The main reason I started to use this is to spread my wings for my freelance writing, which I still need to do.

      Thanks for coming by Barry and have a great day!

    1. Hi Juli,

      Nice meeting you here and thanks for coming. I think it worth investing some time into Quora, indeed!

  7. That sounds great for me. Quora is actually something new to me and I am happy to know about this. It truly helps a lot in finding clients in freelance business. Anyway, thanks a lot Sylvianne for introducing this to us.
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  8. Hi Nicholle,

    A lot of people still don’t know about Quora, because it’s pretty new anyway. Thanks for passing by as always.

  9. Hi Sylviane,

    Great blog!

    I signed up on Quora ages ago when it was first being touted around all the tech circles. At that time, it was not only invite only, but it was actually blocked from certain parts of world! I guess in a quest to maintain “quality” of the answers.

    I never thought of it as a marketing tool – excellent idea. I’m also seeing it starting to crop in search results more and more often, so perhaps definitely time to go and have a bit more of a look-see.

    Cool video. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Hi Dee,

      Finally someone that knew Quora 🙂 So far everyone that has commented on this post had not heard about Quora. Yes, I noticed that it doing very well on search engines already.

      I almost missed your comment which got stuck into moderation land. I’m glad I went there to check. I always do, because I do cherish my commentors and their comments a lot 🙂

  10. Quora is a very innovative platform. As the beginning it seemed to me that it is just yahoo answers with the social networking layer slapped on. But now I see cool it is.

    1. Hi Alex,

      Welcome here 🙂 I am sure that Quora will be way up there in comparison to Yahoo. No doubt 🙂

  11. Hi Sylviane,

    Yay, I was finally able to get into your site again! I have been trying to read this post for days!!! Evidently something was misfiring on my end due to some firewall settings. I’m so happy I got in and am able to check out your awesome post.

    I hadn’t heard of Quora!

    It sounds very promising! It doesn’t hurt that some of Facebook’s talent went into its development.

    I enjoyed your video a lot! I saw that you have been considering making some tutorials like this, so I’m thrilled to see you went ahead and took the plunge. Well done, Sylviane! The message was so clear and helpful – and YES, Adrienne is EVERYWHERE! God bless that woman! Gotta love her! 🙂

    Have a great weekend, Sylviane!

    Cat Alexandra

    1. Hi Cat,

      I certainly missed you 🙂 I am sorry you couldn’t get in but there wasn’t anything I could do or anyone else that seemed to have that problem. I am glad it’s fixed. Love to have you hear, Cat.

      Yes, videos are kind of fun to make. I am getting a Flip 3rd generation and will show my face out there as well 🙂 especially for my personal development blog, but maybe for this one as well depending on the theme of the video. Do you have some videos, out there? I’ve got to check you out!

  12. Well once again, I must have had my head stuck in the sand as I had not heard of this before and when I read your title I figured it may be a new vegetarian food 🙂 !!

    Like so many others, i am finding a lot of the social media platforms too much to handle in an average day, but will certainly watch from the sidelines to see if it takes off and I appreciate you explaining what it is and how it can be used.

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    1. Hi Nicky,

      Well, it may be the first time that I am talking about something that so many people have apparently not heard of yet! That’s amazing, considering that I’ve heard of it about a couple of months ago myself. I’m often the last one to know this kind of thing.

      I know, one more media, right? For sure we are already busy enough with all those tweets and stuff 🙂 and believe me I am not a fan of social media by nature, but more by necessity for my online business. Thank you for passing by, Nicky and have a great day week end!

    1. Hi Sonia,

      So nice to see you here 🙂

      Yes, I think whether we like it or not we all got to start with videos, there are the future of online marketing really. But I only wish that the written form of things will never disappear though, because I love to write and read 🙂

  13. Hi Sylviane,

    Well, we internet marketers are very lucky that, every day something new is coming up for generating traffic to blog or website :D. I haven’t used Quora yet but I will soon going to make my profile on it. Quora will play the huge role in social media and we have got one more traffic source for getting tons of visits.

    Thanks so much for giving the valuable information about Quora ;).

  14. Hi Manish,

    Glad to hear that you will use Quora as a source of traffic. It will, indeed, be one more out there!

    Have a great Sunday!

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for coming and I hope to get to know you better. Glad you liked it 🙂

  15. Sylviane,
    That video was quite helpful. I have never come across Quora before so this is quite interesting to me. This sounds like a similar thing to Yahoo Answers. If it does as well as expected it will be good to get in early.
    Thanks for sharing.
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    1. Hey Labman, nice to see you here.

      Yes, Quora could be big.

      Thanks for coming by 🙂

  16. Hi Sylviane, thanks for this post. I’ve heard of Quora (forever??) but never really knew what it was about or bothered to figure it out. This is really interesting, especially since like Adrienne says, you go to these sites and it never really explains what it is so that you can understand why on earth you’d want to use it. But this is great info (and thanks for the video walkthrough!) It sounds like a good opportunity. I’m going to check it out… of course, I also want to complain that you just gave me one more thing to do 🙂
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  17. Hi Sylviane.

    You know, I have heard of this but never really knew what it’s all about. It really sounds interesting and I will definitely check it out.

    We can never have too many ways for our blogs and our brand to gain exposure. Looks like this may be another great way to do just that.

    Thanks for explaining this so well, and for bringing it once again to my attention!
    Bob Clarke invites you to read..Take the “Help Thy Neighbor” 90 Day ChallengeMy Profile

    1. Hi Bob,

      We are all already pretty busy and this is one more time sucker 🙂 But the more we are out there, the better for us, isn’t it?

  18. Hey

    I have heard of this but I don’t really know about it. It sounds interesting and I will definitely check it out this subject . I haven’t used Quora yet but I will soon going to make my profile on it soon possible. Its cool anyway.

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