The Truffle-French Delicacy

The truffle, chocolate with a French influence in flavor which is pleasing the palate all year long but especially during the holidays.

French chocolate is usually less sweet than the typical American-made chocolate with intensity in flavor.

Chocolate is a delicacy that is actually good for you.  It is known to be an energy booster, a mood enhancer and an antioxidant.  Chocolate is also one of the most incredibly accommodating ingredients; from truffles, cakes, drinks, cookies, bonbons to ice cream… Chocolate has many faces.

Truffles, which are usually made with bittersweet chocolate is a pure delicacy for the real lovers of chocolate. To add a little spice to this delicious delicacy, some truffle makers add half of a walnut in the center. The mixture of the nut and bittersweet taste of the truffle is a delicious combination that will stay with you long after the bite.

The truffle is a well spread chocolate delight for the holidays in France. Many homemakers are making their own unique truffles rolled in a succulent sour cocoa.   It is usually served after a 4 to5 course meal along with other chocolate goodies.  As you pick up the truffle to bring it to your watering mouth, you will have to lick your fingers as some of the cocoa would have been left on them.

Truffles are addictive just like chips; once you ate one, it is very hard to stop.

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