Save Time for Your Business with these Three Important Steps



When you run your own business, there are never enough hours in the day. It seems like we are constantly racing to meet the next deadline, to squeeze in that meeting you’ve been putting off for months, to get to where you need to be faster and more efficiently. The pandemic certainly hasn’t helped matters, as so many of our big ideas and plans for the future were put on hold as we tried to figure out how we were going to get through this in one piece. Now that things are a little calmer out there, this is the perfect time to make some changes to the way you do business and to set up processes that will save you time. Here are a few tips to help you get started.


Improve Your Communication

One of the biggest ways that you can lose time in a business is with a lack of communication and it has been a make or break issue for businesses in the pandemic. There’s nothing worse than something being missed and having to race to fix a problem that should never have arisen.

However, one of the problems that COVID-19 introduced as over-communication. We were all so worried about things being lost when we started working that we started over-compensating with endless message threads and unnecessary video calls. Create a clear sign-off hierarchy and use project management software that will make it crystal clear what everyone needs to do and what stage you are all at.


Look To Streamline

Many businesses get stuck in an inefficient way of doing things because, to put it simply, it works well enough. The idea of fixing it or finding something new seems like more of a hassle than getting on with the way you’ve all learned how to work around it. But small changes can make a big difference and you might be amazed at how much time you save. Take payroll, for example.

Payroll is clearly a core need for every business, but without the right software, it can quickly become overcomplicated and time-consuming. Don’t settle for payroll software that makes things more difficult than they need to be. If you’re thinking about switching payroll companies, PayCaptain’s article “Switching Payroll Providers (The Ultimate Guide For Employers)” can help you avoid classic mistakes and find the perfect fit.


Keep Learning

So many parts of our lives and businesses were slowed down by the pandemic, if not brought to a dead halt. However, technology stops for no one, and if you are looking to improve efficiency and timekeeping in your business, then you need to make sure that you are up to date with the latest technological innovations in your business.

Find out how AI software could help you create a more targeted and effective digital marketing campaign by combing through mountains of customer data. Look at how you could be using new social media platforms to get the word out about your business. Make sure that you are following the latest studies on employee wellness and efficiency and look at how you could apply those findings with something as simple as continuing to offer remote working options or flexible hours.

6 thoughts on “Save Time for Your Business with these Three Important Steps”

  1. I have a little “side-gig”, and unfortunately more often than not I don’t give it enough time and attention. Your post was inspiring, speacially the streamline part. Maybe I really do spend a lot more time doing something that could be automated. Thank you!

  2. Time is in short supply for most people, especially business owners. Work piles up every day and we find there are not enough hours to accomplish our tasks. Therefore, the need of the hour is to get rid of unproductive strategies and focus on efficiency. Business owners often have to deal with unexpected events so they need to be prepared. Leave adequate cushions between scheduled tasks and meetings to allow for unanticipated delays and extra work.

  3. You’re absolutely right about over-communication and the rise of unnecessary video calls in the wake of the pandemic. From what I’ve seen, a big part of the reason for this is that, after so many companies shifted operations to employees working remotely, a large number of people realized they don’t actually contribute very much to the actual functioning of the business. So, those people have to find ways to justify their salaries, which often leads to useless video conferences and similar activities. It usually doesn’t take much time for businesses, especially small to medium-sized companies, to recognize this pattern, and eventually repurpose or remove those unnecessary employees or processes.

  4. Hi, Sylviane,

    These are helpful tips for saving time and improving productivity, especially after the post-lock-down era. Though not finally over us, but we’re gradually getting out of it and returning to our normal lives and ways of living.

    Thanks for sharing, Slyvianne.

  5. Hello How would you best describe a simple business problem and a complex business problem in relation to the pandemic? How do you think the pandemic affected communication between seller and buyer?

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