How To Re-Brand Your Site In 5 Easy Steps

how to re-brand your site

how to re-brand your site

There are multiple reasons why you would want to re-brand your site or personal blog.

Maybe your current design is outdated, maybe your logo and visual identity have changed, or maybe you want to redirect the purpose of your site in a different direction because you are now working in a different niche.

Whatever the reason, redesigning your layout, implementing new promotional graphics, etc. may seem like an overwhelming undertaking. But it doesn’t have to.

Let’s consider the 5 easy steps it takes to refreshing your site and giving it a new lease of life.

1. Decide on the Right Web Host

Before you embark on your website overhaul, you should carefully consider the size of your site and the changes you wish to impose, as this will have a direct effect on your web host.

If you’re looking to increase the size ocf your site, you may need a web hosting service with more disc space, higher bandwidth allowance and up-to-date security settings.

For help on the best web host for your site, check out this Australian hosting comparison page, or enlist the help of a professional who knows the requirements for your particular site.

2. Will the Purpose of your Site Change?

The reason for your site’s re-branding could be because you want to change the direction of your site or blog.

For example, you could be merging multiple sites or blogs into one, therefore, you would need to alter the layout to adhere to this change.

If you are bringing together different categories, you need to have clear category tabs on the homepage (header or sidebar or both). But don’t forget to clearly state the purpose of your blog, what you do (the service that you provide) and who you are, on your homepage.

Always keep in mind that the clearer your home page is the more chances to retain your visitors who landed there based on the right keyword search/result.

3. Improve your Layout

Perhaps you’re looking to re-brand because your site is hard-to-use, antiquated and lifeless, which is causing visitors to bounce off your site before exploring it, which in turn is damaging your SEO.

Therefore, re-branding is a perfect opportunity to update your layout and make it look cleaner, clearer, faster, and easier to navigate.

Also, make sure to use attractive high-resolution images, bright colors and engaging copy to draw in visitors. Don’t be afraid to split-text CTAs, either!

4. Updating your Logo

Coming up with a brand-new logo can take a lot of time, and it’s no wonder since it’s the first thing visitors will see on your site and how you will be identified.

It’s all down to personal preference, but yours should reflect you and your business accurately so it doesn’t give people the wrong impression of what your site is about.

Do plenty of research – if your site is eponymous, your logo will have to include your name or some variation of it. So, look to see how many other logos there are out there that are similar. Will yours breach any copyright laws?

You can hire an inexpensive designer to design your logo or come up with some ideas for your site (if you aren’t up for it yourself or have the right design programs). Or, to give yourself more options pitch it to a site like 99designs where designers will submit their contributions based on your brief, and all you have to do is pick your favorite one!

5. Inform Everyone!

If you’ve re-branded your site, it is cause for celebration!

Tell everyone on your email list that the change is coming and warn them of any updates or times when the site will be down for maintenance. Then, when it’s completed you can show everyone and get them to check it out – it may even increase your traffic!

And don’t forget to shout about it on social media, too – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the best free marketing resources you can use, so use them well! Encourage interaction and engagement, and your site and business will thrive in the process.

By following these 5 simple steps, your site will look good-as-new in no time at all, and your business will improve. Good luck!

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