Persuasive Writing – 3 Simple Keys to Generate Endless Traffic With Your Articles

Persuasive Writing – Online Or Off-line

It is not uncommon to read articles written by internet marketers saying that online writing is different than printed writing.  I was never truly convinced of that, but I thought I was wrong.

Since there are so many articles on the subject it must be true, right?

Well, that’s what I thought, until I read a very interesting article “online” from a former journalist who used to write printed articles for a living.

Interestingly enough, he took each of the points that online marketers are using to say that online writing is different from printed writing to prove that it’s really NOT.

In the end, whether you are writing online or off-line your want your articles have the following:

  1.  An attractive and enticing title.
  2. Clear, valuable and easy to read content for rushing readers.
  3. Ultimately, make the reader want to read more (come again).

Now, let’s analyze those three simple keys to generate more traffic with your articles.

Key #1 – Persuasive Writing Equals An Attractive And Enticing Title

To sum it up, an attractive and enticing title is a title that makes a promise.  What I also like to call a persuasive title is a title promising the reader that it will be worth it for them to spend their precious time opening and reading your article.

If your title is not “promising” enough, meaning not enticing and convincing the reader that there is something of interest in it, your article will never be read.  There is too much completion out there and the next more promising title will get picked over yours.

It is very important to always keep in mind that the ONLY reason why people will read your article is if they think that there is something in for them.  There is no other reason why people read anything online.

So, when you’ve written your title, step back and take a look at it.  Would you click on this title yourself? Does it promise something interesting?  If your answer is no, you know what this means.

Persuasive words equal promising title…

Persuasive words that you should be using in your titles are mainly verbs or adjectives that have a resonance with ease or power such as, powerful, easy, great, fast, simple, incredible, fantastic, insane, terrific, rare, effective, proven, discover, reveal, master, dominate, etc…

The English language is spoiling us with a long list of such words that will help you convince your readers that there is something in for them in your article.

I can assure you that if you can squeeze one of such powerful words in each of your titles you are going to multiply your chances of having your article opened.

Those persuasive and enticing words always work, no matter what.  If you are already using such words you know it does. If you’re not, you need to start using them now!

Key #2 – Persuasive Writing Equals Clear, Valuable And Easy To Read Content

First off, I want to specify here, that you should not confuse persuasive writing with content that gives everything away.  I assume that if you are an internet marketer you want people to subscribe to some “other types of content” either an eBook or a tutorial of some kind.

If you give everything away in your articles or even in your blog posts, there would be no reason for your readers to want to get your product.

This is why there is a fine line between what you give away in your online articles or you blog posts, and your own product which you give away in exchange for an email address or even for a price.

Yet, your articles need to give valuable content that people can use and apply.  You articles need to be clear and easy to understand with lots of space, bullet points, sub-headings and even graphics when necessary.  In other words, your articles need to be very practical and written in such a way that people can get back to when needed.

To accomplish this you need to always…

  •  Write short paragraphs of two to four lines
  • Use bold sub-headings (often)
  • Use bullet points or numbers to emphasis specific points
  • Include pictures and graphics to help your article when needed
  • Use a clear easy to understand language that anyone would be able to grasp easily
  • And let’s not forget, writing with love and passion will always help your articles to stand out

Key # 3 – Persuasive Writing Equals Making The Reader Wants To Read More

The third key to generate more traffic with your articles is the mastering of the two points above.  It starts with your attractive and enticing title, a clear and easy to read valuable content and how much passion you are putting into your writing.

If you like what  you do, writing about it should come easily and naturally and telling people about it should even be fun.

If you don’t like writing, you can always outsource your writing, to insure that you give away quality in your blog.

In the end, persuasive writing comes with knowledge, passion and practice.  Such writing will generate endless traffic to your online articles, to your blog and ultimately to you online business.


10 thoughts on “Persuasive Writing – 3 Simple Keys to Generate Endless Traffic With Your Articles”

  1. I find that it helps to write specifically with your audience in mind. Meaning that you want to be very clear that the tips or advice that you give in the article is to help YOU, the reader, improve a very specific skill or reach a particular goal. Identifying the audience really clearly makes your discussion much more persuasive than a generic article.
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    1. Yes indeed, Richard, Writing for a specific audience versus general articles will make your articles much more persuasive for that specific type of readers.

  2. I think you are right about the formatting. Any more then 4 or 5 lines of text without a break will scare a lot of people off.

    I’ve found bold subheadings make a large difference it click throughs. They allow readers to skim down to the end.

  3. I value articles which are simple and to the point. Its annoying to read posts which makes me look up to thesaurus every two lines. I think flowery words and too many techie terms are not something readers are interested it.

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