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I had promised you Annie Andre’s interview for today’s post, but since she was out of town that post has been delayed until next week.  Sorry about that, but life happens.

Instead this week I am proud to present a book review that is not your typical book review. Why is that? Well, to start with I am not linking to any affiliate link whatsoever – I’m not making any money with this.  and secondly, I happen to know the author of the book personally because he’s a friend of mine.

I wanted to introduce you to my dear friend and writer Jean-Louis Tailly and his new book which he has just published in soft and hard cover titled “We Are Joseph”.  But before I tell you about the book, let me tell you…

About the Author

Jean-Louis Tailly, Joseph, for friends and family was born in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.  He moved to France in his early teens and completed his education there.  During his stay in France, he enjoyed all the fun and the good food a teenage boy can enjoy there.  He lived in and around Paris for eight year before moving to the United States in 1991 where he has lived ever since.

However, as they say “you can take the man out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the man”.  After so many years away from home his love of Africa never left Joseph, and his book was born from the love of his roots.  Mixed to this, his social activism and his Christian beliefs inspired him to write We Are Joseph.  Because of this he also became the Founder and President of Radiant F.A.C.E.S Foundation which is an organization for the education African children.

How I Met Joseph (Jean-Louis)

I met Joseph two years ago on a job, and because we both spoke French we also discovered that we had a lot in common and became fast friends.  When I met Joseph his book  We Are Joseph (Nothing to do with his own name) was already well advanced, but need still needed some editing.  In 2011 he left North Carolina where he lived for Pennsylvania for a year and came back with a finished book.

About the Book

We Are Joseph is describing the striking similarity of the African slavery experience with the slavery of Joseph in the Bible.  Therefore, the story of Joseph forms the backdrop of the book highlighting Joseph’s painful separation from his family, his life as a slave in a foreign land, and his rise to power.  The author is making a striking comparison with the African people who were sold into slavery and shipped to a foreign land, and forcefully separated from their families.

Like Joseph in the Bible reconciled with his brothers, the author is now looking at African American who will reconcile with their African brothers and bring them peace, stability and prosperity.

The author is looking at slavery not from the human perspective but from a godly perspective.  We Are Joseph is a powerful book about the history, identity and destiny of African Americans.  It answers the question of why African Americans were brought to America and gives compelling reasons why they are God’s chosen instrument to redeem the African people.

We Are Joseph is both a human history and a spiritual book which many study groups already have selected as their study book as soon as it came out of the press.  We Are Joseph is also a dream come true for Joseph, the author, to have been able to write about his vision and his fellow country men, as well as being able to publish the book.

So, what about you? Are you contemplating the idea of writing a book? Do you have one written somewhere? Do tell us…  You can also ask any question you may have, Joseph will be answering you in the comment area.


11 thoughts on “Not Your Typical Book Review”

  1. Sylviane, I must say you know some very interesting people and things. I’m so happy that Joseph was able to write this and see his dream come true. That’s also an interesting analogy and definitely an emotional subject.

    I can’t say I have any grand visions of writing a book! In my 20s I wanted to write romance novels (go figure) but I hated reading romance novels so much that I figured I could never write anything that “fit” with the kind of stuff that was flying off the shelves. And please don’t talk about vampires and werewolves… they just don’t go with romance!

    Anyway, congratulations to Joseph, I hope his book is a smashing success!
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    1. Hi Carol,

      Thank you for coming here. I’m not sure I know a lot of interesting people and things, but I know a few maybe 🙂 and love to share them here.

      I am very proud of Joseph for having followed through with his vision and completed the book even if things has not always ran smoothly in this case. It ‘s all about having a goal and a vision and being persistent with it. A lot of what you were talking about in one of your latest posts.

      Thanks you for coming. Joseph told me that he will reply to all the comments here, so I’m sure he’ll say hello to you, Carol 🙂

    2. Hi Carol Lynn,

      Thank you for the wonderfull comment about my first publication. I hope it becomes a smashing success as well. The story of Joseph has many lessons that we can all learn from. Thanks again for your support.

      Joseph Tailly

  2. That’s so cool that you know the author Sylviane and I’m sure he really appreciates you doing this review of his book.

    Sounds quite interesting actually and you did a wonderful job of sharing with us what this book entails.

    Some time back I actually wanted to write a book. I wanted to write one about my dog, Blake, that passed away almost seven years ago. Now he wasn’t a funny dog or a bad one but it was just the time we had together that I cherish the most. I even took a class teaching me how to write a book but I’ve just never put the time aside to even start. Guess I’m not passionate enough about it.

    Best of luck to Joseph!

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    1. Oh gosh, Adrienne,

      You’ve got me crying reading that you wanted to write a book about your dog and I’m glad no one is seeing me now because tears come out of my eyes. As you know, I love me cat(s) so much that I sure can relate. That’s why the floods gates are open 🙂

      Well, if you write that book, I’ll read it 🙂 And that’s a promise 😉

      Yes, Joseph does appreciate me doing this for him. I saw him today and showed him the post. He read it and was glad 🙂 It’s really not hard for me though, I love to help people in any way I can, and I really admired what he did, so it was easy 🙂

      Thank you so much for sharing, Adrienne.

    2. Hi Adrienne,Thank you for your king comment. The story of Joseph is universal. I am glad you can relate to it. I will keep you update on the progress of the book.

      Joseph Tailly

  3. Hi Rosemary,

    Thank you for coming and giving your feedbacks. It’s true that the Irish have got there share of persecution and I have to say that if history classes have lacked in telling us this, movies have. I love that about movies they tell us what happened.

    Thank you for coming and really hope to see you again.

  4. Thank you for your kind words about my first publication. I am pleased that many of you can relate to the facinating story of Joseph. Thank you for your support.

    Joseph Tailly

    1. Hey Annie,

      No worries. I was finally able to publish the post. Please, share it with your readers, your input is really priceless for anyone interested in moving and leaving abroad.

      My friend Joseph has really written a book from the heart and I’m sure he will appreciate your comment.

      Thanks Annie 🙂

    2. Hi Annie,

      Thank you for your kind words about my first book. I hope you read it and enjoy it. The story of Joseph is universal. We must hold on to our heritage. I will keep you psoted.


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