Leadership Consistency to Steer the Corporate Ship Through Turbulent Waters


A CEO is someone who has to know-how leadership works for best results. Communication and the well-being of employees, for example, are two vital items that a good CEO needs to incorporate in their enterprise to make sure that the business thrives as best as possible.

While speakers like Tony Robbins talk about the 6 human needs which include both certainty and uncertainty/variety, it didn’t mean inadequacy, inconsistency, and lack of leadership quality.

In this article, we are going to look at successful leadership qualities that will help steer your corporate ship through turbulent waters and keep your business above water even when things get difficult. 

Spend in a Consistent Manner

Spending inconsistently left and right for no apparent logical reason can communicate the wrong message to the staff. 

For instance, spending extravagantly in some places and asking staff to accept the purchasing of second-hand office furniture is sending a confusing message. Whilst this might be pre-planned with the cost-saving from second-hand items partly funding more expensive purchases, it makes employees wonder whether the business is experiencing financial issues. 

A steady approach to business expenses is likely to send a more positive message to the staff. Indeed, those that are frugal by nature might appreciate a prudent company because they know that not wasting money on frivolities means the company might lay off staff slower in a recession. 

Therefore, when the company seeks out the lowest business electricity pricing through a service like Utility Bidder, that should come as no surprise to people who work there. They may have even made the recommendation to the finance team themselves. 

Not Telling  What’s Going On

Employees often complain of not being told about what’s going on with the company. It isn’t rare that the leadership won’t communicate the big business plans to staff that they feel is irrelevant to the plan. The head of management knows about what’s’ going on while lower management and staff are not briefed.

This kind of situation can cause staff to feel unsettled as rumors may be flying around with partial truths. Staff would rather be well informed than informed late, or not at all. 

What to share with all staff members and what to withhold is a delicate matter, but it’s one that management must handle adroitly to avoid an information shortfall. 

Cutting Back Rather Than Laying Off Staff

What employees fear the most is being let go because of a recession. This is a situation where not only are they losing their job, and not being able to find another job before fast. 

By communicating clearly with staff and working to reduce expenses in new as best as possible, companies can avoid having to let go of valuable personnel. And this will prevent creating a situation where the remaining workers live in fear while being expected to do more work for the same (or less) pay. 

For companies that practice consistency to their advantage, they create a business scenario where everyone in the company is growing in the right direction. This avoids creating unnecessary confusion, frustration, or fear, which helps the business weather conditions. 

There are many companies in which there are excess management and lack of leadership. These should develop the ability to balance the two. Successful companies have a careful selection when hiring personnel, to actively seek out those who have high leadership potential and use them to good use in their profession. Good leadership management in a company helps to maintain order, quality, and profitability of the products or services offered. 

The business sector is increasingly evolving and becoming more competitive, which is why leadership has gained greater importance. Doing what was done in previous years or improving it is no longer enough, it is essential to make drastic changes to survive and be able to compete successfully with competition nowadays.

These changes require a good leader to guide, inspire, and motivate staff to meet the company’s objectives. Although the role of leadership is to cause these modifications, it is important to determine their orientation and the objectives to be met. To achieve this management comes into play.

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