La Seine, The River Of Paris

Just about every major city in France is parted by a river, and sometimes two, like in the case of Lyon.

La Seine is the famous river running through the capital city of France, Paris.  The Seine river is the essential point of reference of the city.  distances are measured from it, street numbers are determined by it, and the whole city is divided in two distinct areas by it.  The right bank on the north side, which includes areas such as the Champs Elysees and Invalides.  And the left bank on the south side, which includes areas such as the Tuilleries, Opera, the Marais and Beaubourg.  The city is also divided historically with the east linked to it ancient roots and the west linked to the 19th-20th century.

The quays of the Seine river are lined by fine bourgois apartments and town houses as well as striking monuments.  For centuries the Seine was traveled by fleets of small boats before the road traffic and subway took over.  Today, however, the Seine river is still busy with commercial barges and  bateaux mouches carrying sightseers up and down the river.

The famous bridges crossing over the La Seine are: Pont Alexandre III the most beautiful manucured bridge of the city of Paris, Pont de la Concorde, near by the famous Concorde square, Pont des invalides, Pont de l’Alma, Pont d’Iena by the Eiffel tower, Pont Bir Hakeim,  Pont de Grenelle, Pont neuf and Pont Royal.  Those are the most known bridges, but there are other smaller bridges and paserelles crossing over the big river.

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