Interview With Barry Wells

I thought this day would never come!   The day that I would finally have my interview with Barry Well done and uploaded on YouTube, that is!

As I am writing these words the whole interview is not yet completely uploaded on YouTube, because our blogging conversation lasted an hour and half and I had to divide the interview in 11 videos.

Since no one wants to listen to one hour and a half of video, that turned out perfect. Each video won’t be any longer than 1015 minutes.  If you want to learn what to do and what not to do as a new blogger, I suggest that you listen to one video at a time, so you will be able to take advantage of this great piece of information from Barry Wells little by little and the easy way.

It was the third time that Barry and I had to do this interview because we had few technical problems along the way.   I am not going to tell you the whole story again since Barry explained everything on his post while giving some great tips about what type of software to use and what not to use if you are thinking about doing an interview.

Lot of New Changes Coming

As you’ve seen last week, this blog design has changed and more is going to change still.  In just a couple of days will be accessed to through  I decided to use my own name as my URL and my new header will bear my name as well.

The reason why I made this decision is because my name being quite unique (I’ve never found another Sylviane Nuccio in the world yet, not in France, not in Italy, not here in the US, and not even on Google) each time that I type my full name in the browser it’s just all about me.

Then, not long ago I tried to type in Google search box and instead of Google telling me that this domain didn’t exist it gave me my own content as  search results.  This is why I thought that I had to buy my name as a domain.  As a matter of fact, I should have done it a long time ago.  But, hey I guess now it’s the time.

The Content of My Blog

The main topic of this blog will still be about teaching people how to write online, but since I am dropping my blog some posts about internet marketing will be featured here as well.

The reason why I am letting go is because I want to concentrate more on this blog and my other two totally different niche blogs that are dear to me as well.

Why Interviewing Another Blogger?

If you have never interviewed someone else in your niche yet, you should really thing about doing it.  Interviewing a successful blogger will do more for you than you may think…

  • It will give you content for your blog
  • It will give you content to put on your YouTube channel
  • It will give allow to spread you wings in the online business
  • It will teach you some new things about blogging that you didn’t know
  • You will learn some technical tricks
  • It will allow you to build a relationship we the blogger you are interviewing, and maybe his followers as well
  • It will help you brand yourself

As I mentioned above, my interview with Barry Wells had some technical issues which allowed me to learn a few new things I didn’t know about voice and image recording for video making.  At the same time, it did a great deal in teaching me how to play around with Windows Movie Maker which I had to use to help me create videos that look as professional as possible with the knowledge and tools that are available to me at the moment.

Barry and I had a good time during this interview, and we thought that it went pretty smoothly. I kind of hate to hear myself, but hey, it was very early in the morning for me on this side of pond.  So, without further ado, please, go the video and enjoy the interview.  I won’t post more videos here on the blog itself, so to see them all, just go to my YouTube Channel… They are numbered such as, part one, part two, part three, etc…  ENJOY!

Please, let me know what you think in the comment area!





  • Barry Wells says:

    Hi Sylviane,

    Congratulations on getting the videos sorted out into bite size chunks. I think it’ll make it easier for people to take the info in that way.

    I’m really pleased with the end result and think you’ve done a great job with using Movie maker, I like how you’ve added the scrolling titles etc good job 😉

    We did have a few hiccups along the way but as I said Sylviane, it was only the software and my old PC that let us down. By the time we got to the third one we were very comfortable talking away 😉

    Congratulations also for the new domain, it makes sense to use your name and I think it’ll be easier for people to find you that way as well, a good move all round Sylviane 😎

    Catch you up again soon my friend,

    Take care,

    • Sylviane Nuccio says:

      Hi Barry,

      Yes, I am kind of happy with the results as well. I don’t master Movie Maker totally, for sure, so there are some effects that I would have wanted, put couldn’t figure out to do it quite yet, but all in all it’s OK 🙂

      I’ve seen that you’ve sent an email to your readers letting them know that the interview was added 🙂 That’s great. Lots of great information on these videos, thanks to you, Barry 🙂

  • Rob Lipscombe says:

    Hi Sylviane,
    Really enjoying the interview with Barry Wells so far. Some great content and Barry has such a great down to earth way about him and I mean that in the nicest sense, you know, just an ordinary guy telling his story without any hype, “buzz words” or any of that stuff.
    Did you say you had split the interview into 11 parts as I have only been able to find 5 on You Tube. Look forward to hearing the rest.

    • Sylviane Nuccio says:

      Hi Rob,

      Thanks for coming by here! Yes, I like the same things you do about Barry. No hypes, the real thing and a real nice guy 🙂

      3 more videos are being uploaded today as I am writing this, and 3 more tomorrow, so, you’ll have all 11 videos visible on youtube by tomorrow evening EST.

      Nice meeting your here and hope you will enjoy all the videos 🙂

    • Barry Wells says:

      Thanks for the kind words Rob, much appreciated mate.


  • AdrienneTwitter: adriennesmith40 says:

    Great job on the interview Sylviane and what a wonderful person to interview as well. I think so much of Barry so I’ll definitely look forward to listening to the entire interview. Great job on the first part so off I go! 🙂

    Adrienne invites you to read..Are You Pinging Your Content?My Profile

  • Cat Alexandra says:

    Hi Sylviane,

    How fortunate for you to have such a distinctive name. I think this presents some unique advantages for sure! It’s nice to know you treat your blog like a work in progress. This is one thing I’ve found to be a common trait between successful bloggers I’ve had a chance to meet over the past year.

    I am interested to check out your Barry Wells interviews. It sounds like these may contain some pearls of wisdom!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Cat Alexandra

    • Sylviane Nuccio says:

      Hello Cat,

      I’m so glad you came to visit me 🙂 Yes, I can not complain about my name it’s good for branding. The flip side of this is that I can’t hide. Everybody find me so easily. I had childhood friends of my brother, from France, who found me on Facebook just by typing my name 😉 It’s not fair, I can’t find anyone 🙂 .

      Yes, my blog is sure a work in progress. I am going to have a new header very soon and I think that it will finish up the look of it.

      As for the content, I am always trying to improve its quality and use my love of writing to get better and better as time goes on. It’s always about improvement, isn’t it?

    • Barry Wells says:

      Hi Cat,

      Yes our blogs are always a work in progress as we are constantly updating and adding to them as we learn more and apply more.

      I am making my way over to you Cat, slowly as it is my launch day today and I’m busy sorting that out and promoting it. But you’re on my list Cat, see you very soon 🙂

      Take care, Barry

  • Sylviane Nuccio says:

    Thanks Adrienne.

    Setting up the interview in 11 videos using Movie Makers sure kept me busy these past few days, that’s why I still didn’t try to do my social media box, yet. But will do soon. Thanks for passing by as always.

  • sunil prajapat says:

    your blog is just awesome.

  • Emilia says:

    I really think that interviewing other (well known) bloggers help you brand yourself very much! Besides, I find it really exciting too, as you always find out some more about the blogger him/herself.

    • Sylviane Nuccio says:

      Yes, interviewing other bloggers is a very good thing to do as it brings you more traffic, connections…. all those good things 🙂

    • Barry Wells says:

      Hi Emilia,

      You’re absolutely right. Interviews do help to brand us and we can gain greatly by getting insights into how other bloggers apply themselves.

      Adrienne Smith is a perfect example of this 🙂

      Thanks Emilia, take care, Barry

  • Hajra says:


    I finally got around to “listening” to both of you! My, a lot of effort did go behind the interview; technically too!

    It was wonderful learning more about your journey into blogging! Three years! 🙂 That’s a lot of time because I am here just over an year and I feel the exhaustion at times. But reading about people like yourself keeps me going!

    I would love to talk about how you got over the spinal injury, physically, mentally and emotionally; but let’s save it for another day!

    The interview was brilliantly done Sylviane… one question; where do we exactly find your posts on a regular basis? I think I visited your other blog this morning too.. I am just a lil confused! 🙁

    • Barry Wells says:

      Hi Hajra, I could write a book about getting over a spinal injury. I don’t know that we ever truly get over things like this that have a constant effect on us and the ones around us. We just learn to live with it and how to get over each hurdle as they present themselves.

      There are so many other issues that come with a spinal injury, pressure sores, spasm, root pain to name a just a few. I often have sleepless nights due to my spasms which causes my legs to want to do the can can all night and I have no control over that, which is infuriating at time, especially when i hear people getting up for work and I haven’t had any sleep…. But that’s just another hurdle we face and if we let it get us down we’d never get back up again.

      PMA, positive mental attitude. I’m alive and can cuddle and kiss my wife and children and for that I would gladly suffer rather than not be here with them 🙂

      Thanks Hajra 🙂
      Take care,

      • Sylviane Nuccio says:

        Thanks for sharing that Barry. We are also glad that you are with us as I am sure your family is, more than anyone else.

  • Sylviane Nuccio says:

    Hi Hajra,

    Glad you enjoyed what you heard. Barry was great 🙂

    I used to have up to 7 blogs, but I am now down to three. My blogging/internet marketing and writing blog is this very one right here! I have another internet marketing blog but I am dropping it and will somehow add its content as a page on this blog.

    I have two other blogs that I will keep running which are a blog about travel and food due to my backgound from France, and I have another blog very dear to me which is a personal development blog educating people about the laws of the universe, such as the law of attraction and the subconscious mind and how it affect our life and results 🙂

    I can manage three blogs pretty easily but seven was a drag 🙂

  • Pauline Bennett says:

    Hi Sylviane
    I have listened to the first couple of videos and looking forward to the rest, Barry is a great guy and he has been so helpful to me.
    I have just discovered your blog and will be back to read more and learn more about you, congratulations on the videos.

    • Sylviane Nuccio says:

      Hi Pauline,

      Thanks for coming here and nice meeting you. Yes, please, come back and let’s get to know each other. It was a pleasure to interview Barry, I hope you will enjoy all the videos 🙂

      Take care,
      Sylviane 🙂

    • Barry Wells says:

      Thanks for the compliments Pauline. Its my pleasure to help you out my friend, that what’s it’s all about….. I view helping others as helping me at the same time 🙂

      Take care, Barry

  • Linda says:

    Hi there,

    Barry Wells is a wonderful guy….so glad the interview went well, despite some technicalities. I think it is a learning process, but so glad it came out well in the end 🙂

    I have yet to interview anyone – a few reasons – and 2nd I don’t know who I would really interview. Maybe one of these days I will figure it out 🙂

    Have yourself a wonderful day!

    • Sylviane Nuccio says:

      Hi Linda,

      Thank for passing by. If you are nervous to interview someone, maybe you should start with someone who you are comfortable with. That should really help. Maybe a blogger follower of yours:)

  • Sonia says:

    This is great Sylviane. Your blog looks awesome and the video process you did is great. I have no clue about videos (how lame is that) and you did a fab job. I enjoy your writing and your contribution to my blog. You’re a brilliant writer and blogger and you picked a great person to interview. Barry is a superb blogger and friend. I am so glad I got connected with you both via Adrienne!

    P.S. I love your accent!

  • Sylviane Nuccio says:

    Hi Sonia,

    I don’t know what to say, you are giving me so many compliments here  I enjoyed being a part of your blog. My post on blogging at has well over 40 comments now if I am not wrong. And, as you know I am new at that, because I have neglected this side of my online biz. My comments are on the increase, but for me right now over 40+ comments sounds looks good 

    I will have a customer header made for this blog very soon, and I can’t wait to see that. It will really finish it all up!

  • Julie says:

    Hi Sylviane,

    You picked a top person to interview there Sylviane. Barry is a straight-up honest bloke and people really need to make sure they listen and take note of what he has to say.

    Thanks Sylviane for this, really enjoyed listening to the series.
    Take Care

  • Sylviane Nuccio says:

    Hello Julie, and nice meeting you here 🙂

    Yes, Barry is a great person to interview because he is very truthful and tells about things as they are, doesn’t add any BS, right?

    I am glad if you enjoyed it. The whole 11 videos are up on YouTube now. That’t a whole hour an a half of info 🙂

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