How to Write a Travel Blog Like a Pro

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If you love traveling and have a knack for writing, then writing a traveling blog is something you could give a try.

Not only it’s a great pastime when you’re waiting for your flight, but it also has the possibility of turning into a genuinely profitable business.

So, how do you approach writing a travel blog? What should you focus on? Should you share your images? How many of them? Do it cost money to start a blog?

These are just some of the questions you’re bound to ask yourself if you decide you want to write a travel blog. If so, we love helping out fellow bloggers and providing you with helpful advice and useful tools that will improve your blogging experience as a travel blogger.

That’s why we’ve decided to comprise this short guide to writing a travel blog like a pro, and show you that anyone can do it if it’s something they’re passionate about. You too can lear how to create a travel blog.

1- You Don’t Need to be a Professional Writer

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If all the successful bloggers out there had to be professional writers when they started off, there wouldn’t too many blogs out there. What’s more important than to be a professional writer, to begin with, it’s that you have the passion and the desire to write about the topic that you are going to blog about.

You can write if you have the desire. You don’t need any special talent or a significant amount of experience in order to produce great content.

In the beginning, if you doubt yourself, why don’t you have a couple of friends read what you wrote and criticize your work in a friendly manner? This could help you improve your writing a great deal and rather quickly.

2- You Don’t Need to Travel to Exotic Locations

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The first thing you need to know it’s that you don’t need to travel to exotic locations to create a great blog.

People are becoming increasingly interested in traveling to less visited and less popular destinations. For example, think Sacramento instead of San Francisco or Bordeaux instead of Paris.

Places packed with tourists offer a less intimate experience and are usually much more expensive. Writing about those places, or even the place you live in is a great basis for a travel blog.

You’d be surprised about the amounts of small villages that are becoming more and more popular and touristic in European countries. Yes, I promise you that most people are totally unaware of those places and would love to learn a little bit about them to plan a trip there.

Also, don’t forget that not everyone can afford, or want to stay in expensive hotels, so backpacking, camping and weekend city breaks could make some pretty interesting content for a specific niche.

3- Just Be Yourself

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Nothing makes readers more hooked to a blog than honesty.

People are generally really good at determining who’s being honest and true to himself and who’s using their blog to pursue a certain narrative.

Getting ideas from expert bloggers is a good idea, but don’t try to imitate their voice and style, because people will be able to see that.

Try to develop your own voice and find your own style. Then tell a story about your traveling experience, and you’ll have a winning recipe to appeal to a lot of people who would love to read your blog.

4- Don’t Sugar Coat it

The point of a travel blog is to share useful tips and personal advice with people, and that’s why it’s important you don’t beat around the bush and be straightforward with everything you write.

Any unpleasant experiences, setbacks or issues you’ve had to deal with should never be overlooked, as they might prove to be of immense help to someone else.

Every travel brings its pros and cons along the way, and as a travel blogger, it’s your job to tell it all so your readers can learn from your experience before they start.

Knowing about the ups and downs of a trip in advance is priceless, and people will thank you for that.

5- Don’t Overshare

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This applies both to the content you write and the images you share. It’s better to leave your readers wishing for more than to oversaturate them with numerous generic images of the landscape.

Sharing, yes, but overdoing it could kill the desired effect.

You may have a need for sharing your personal photos as well, and to some extent that’s OK, but remember to keep it to a minimum. Remember it’s not a personal journal, it’s an informative blog for the public at large.

Share well framed professional looking images with a small legend. But even these kind of images should be kept to a minimum, so you don’t show everything spoiling it for the visitor. Show some images, but let their imagination do the rest with the aid of your beautiful writing.

Becoming a travel blogger is not that hard after all, and these few inside tips might be all you needed to give it a try.

Now that you’ve got all the basics, it’s time to start writing. Save time and money by creating a completely free blog with SITE123 – the setup process takes seconds, and you can have a full blown blog up and running in a matter of minutes.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such useful tips! I especially like #2 — some of my most well ranked articles are about my hometown so I only have to go down the road to get great content ideas 🙂

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