Attract What You Want In Life By Listening To Your Heart

Are you listening to your heart?  In this fast moving world where people are so busy trying to make ends meet and going through all the chores they have to do on a regular basis, finding time to listening to your heart my not even be something you ever thought about doing.

On top of this, if you add the fact that some religious beliefs are teaching you that listening to your heart is a bad thing to do, because your heart “is bad”, no wonder that so few people are ever listening to their heart.

Are you one of such people?

Do you feel you don’t have the time to listen to your heart?

What should you do if you feel that you don’t have enough time to listen to your heart (your inside voice)?  Your inside voice is the ONLY communication that your higher-self is using to communicate with you.  The less you listen to that voice the more out of alignment with your higher self you will be and the more chaotic your life will be.

Therefore, if you feel that your life is already so busy that you can’t take some time to listen to your heart, you will find yourself having even less and less time.  Try to dedicate at least 15-20 minutes a day to quiet down, meditate and learn how to listen to your inner voice.  Listening to your heart is what will guide you to better things in your life.

Why do some religions teach you not to listen to your heart?

The answer to this question is actually pretty easy.  As a matter of fact, this subject is very close to me since I have been one of such people who have been taught for a whole decade not to listen to my heart by religion.

Religions in general tend to like to control the mind of their subjects so they can keep on being followers instead of leaders.  When someone stops being a follower he or she often becomes a leader and that often goes against what religions want you to be.  They want you to follow quietly and obey without asking too many questions.

Believe me, I know.  I have been there and done that.  The only problem with this is that if you do not listen to your heart and just try to do what “you’re supposed” to be doing and believing, you’ll turn out to be miserable.  As a matter of fact, that is the perfect recipe for depression.

I was in a deep depression for 10 years because of this very reason.  As soon as I stopped believing what I was supposed to do and start listening to my heart – my inner voice, my depression just ceased.  I didn’t need to take any kind of drugs for it as some well intentioned people had suggested to me.

What will start to happen to you when you start listening to your voice?

When you start listening to your heart incredible transformations will start happening to your life.

  • You are going to feel much more peaceful, more grounded and more stable
  • You are going to trust yourself better, have more self confidence
  • You will be able to raise your vibration, your intuition will be much more acute

When I was restraining myself from listening to my heart, because I was told that it was not a good thing to do, I was a very “needy” person.  I needed the approval of others all the time.  I needed people to like me and love me or I would become very depressed if I felt that it was not the case.  I had a very low self confidence level.  I felt very little all the time.  I was a mess.

This is what you get when you “force” yourself to not listen to your heart!

When you start listening to your heart, you start feeling the wisdom from your higher self.  This is what some refer to as the “wisdom above”.  When you are listening to your heart you are listening to your inner guidance or inner compass that is always guiding you in the right direction.  Your higher self NEVER makes mistakes.

When you start listening to your heart is when you are going to start noticing that everything finally comes into place.

Increase your communication with the universe (your heart-your inner voice)

Listening to your heart means communicating better with the universe.  The universe always “hears” what’s in your heart but, it is better responding to you if your sincerity and wisdom is acknowledging your inner voice and listen to it.  If you take the time to listen to your heart the universe will give you what your heart desires as long as it’s in harmony with the good of everyone involved.

I always wanted to be a writer and a coach but, being taught for over 10 years that I shouldn’t listen to my heart prevented me from advancing in this area.  Quite the opposite, actually; I wasn’t doing what I really deep down wanted to do, therefore, I was very unhappy and I didn’t understand why.

I finally came to the understanding that the reason why I was so unhappy was because I was trying very hard NOT to listen to my heart.

Start listening to your heart (your thoughts), because they are very strong vibrations that the universe always responds to.  Your thoughts are real and carry energy.  This is the energy of “thoughts” you are bringing into your life when you are in alignment with your true desire.  Listen to your heart and your life will change for the best.


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9 thoughts on “Attract What You Want In Life By Listening To Your Heart”

  1. It is an interesting post. There are at least two choices for every decision we make in our life. Most of the times our inner voice and the decision we choose conflicts. However, listening to inner voice will lead us to peace. It is the passion versus profession argument. Parents should encourage their children to listen to their innocent inner voice and act according to it. This will make the child grow morally and socially correct with its own conscience.
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    1. Hi Jane,
      Nice to see you here!

      You are so right! We should always listen to our inner voice. I am so fortunate that my mother ALWAYS encouraged me to do what my heart told me.

  2. I agree with Jane, interesting post Sylviane!

    I use to tell myself over all the years that I think more with my brain then my heart. I said that because I didn’t let emotions make my choices. A lot of people do that and I see where many go wrong.

    But I do listen to my inner self and I know when to take the path that’s right for me. To me it’s that intuition that everyone has although women seem to be much more aware of it. I think that if more people followed their passion they would be so much happier in life.

    Enjoyed this post, thanks Sylviane.
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    1. That’s true, you’re right Adrienne. Acting on emotion is not always a good thing to do. As a matter of fact, more times than not it’s bad thing to do. However, listening to your heart – meaning your inner self or intuition – will never lead you to the wrong path.

      It’s true, women tend to have more intuition than men. I think it makes sense, though, when we know that intuition comes through our “senses” and women are more “sensible” than many for the most part.

  3. Hey, this is really interesting. Can you elaborate on your experiences with religion telling you not to listen to your heart? What religion were you a part of? How did you get out of it?

    Apologies if you’ve already written on this elsewhere.

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    1. Hey Fred, thanks for passing by. The reason why I did not specify about the religion in question is because the purpose of this blog is NOT to do a “religion debate”. But, there are more than one religion that tells their followers that “the love of money is the root of all evil” for example. Therefore wishing for money is not suggested – even taught to be refraining from. This is just one example.

      1. Sylviane,

        I just had to add to this comment. That is so funny because the church was actually the first established business, was it not? Similar to a corporation, or along those lines, it declared itself knowledgable about a certain thing(s) and dictated to the people what they needed and what was right in order to live by, making them dependent on it, while it was more dependent on them. It has always overflowed with funds. Just my 2 cents.

        1. Hi Kat, Welcome here.

          You are so, so right about that. That is exactly what churches are. They saying if you do what we say, you’ll be happier, more free, blabla, so you’re thinking, OK, let me try then. I did that for 10 years of my adult life. The results?

          The church was were I met the most imperfect and unhappy people and at the end of the day, instead of bringing me up it brought me down.

          Thanks for your feedbacks, dear 🙂

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