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The first time I ever published a written piece online was almost 6 years ago.  It will be in a couple of months.  Yes, it was in April 2006 that I was clicking on that submit button for the first time.  time goes by fast!

I don’t write much product reviews anymore, because I am now concentrating more on “teaching”, then telling people what to buy. However, I make few exceptions here and there, when it’s appropriate.

My online friend Barry Wells which I just interviewed a week ago has just launched an eBook for wanna be writers and I couldn’t miss on that one.

I have written 6 eBooks and a few short tutorials myself.  I love to write. To me writing is something that comes kind of naturally; nonetheless, I am aware of the fact that it’s not the case for everyone.  That’s why I have clients who are hiring me to write for them, and that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

However, I am not writing this post for you to be looking for someone to write for you today.  No, I am writing this post to introduce you to my good internet friend Barry Wells’s brand new eBook titled From Passion To Product.  If writing is not really your thing, but you’ve always wanted to write an eBook, then, this guide is for you.

Putting your Passion into a Written Product

What a great idea!  I should have thought about this myself.

You might have read other eBooks about writing eBooks before, but what I like about this one is that it will show you how you can come up with the ideas before you actually start writing anything.  As a matter of fact, for an eBook to be very useful to anyone reading it, it must come from the heart.  I don’t want to sound cliché here, but it’s just so true.

You don’t want to write an eBook just thinking of the big buck.  This would be the wrong approach about it, and it would not even pay off in the end.  You want to write an eBook because you have a strong passion, something you are very good at, something you know well which you want to share with the world.

In From Passion to Product, Barry mentions 11 good reasons why you should write an eBook.  If you can’t think of even one, right now, those 11 good reasons should definitely inspire you.  After all, that is what any eBook should really be about; inspiring the reader to take action.

Barry is also giving you some simple examples that you can follow easily to create your own product.  Such examples can really help you in the process.  Writing an eBook can be very stressful, I should know, and I would have loved for someone to show me how to do it step by step to take some of that stress out of the picture.  This is what Barry does for the reader in his book.

Maybe you have tons of ideas floating through your mind, but don’t know how to put those ideas together.  I know that has happened to me many times.  This is why Barry is outlining 8 critical steps that will help you to go from your ideas to the end of you first paragraph. This is a very important step that is very seldom if ever explained to new eBook writers.

Are you Ready to Write your First eBook?

I know, writing your first eBook, is not easy, I am not going to lie to you.   As a matter of fact, when writing your first eBook you will probably make some mistakes, because that’s just part of the learning process.  However, you don’t have to make ALL the mistakes under the sun, like I did. This is why having a good guide is so important.

When I started my first eBook, I probably made all the mistakes that one could make, because I just did it on my own.   No recipes, no guidance and no help… what can you expect?

What I like about Barry’s book is that it’s going to help you avoid a lot of the common mistakes that new writers make all the time.  Avoiding those common pitfalls will help you to keep your enthusiasm going and not derail from your project, which is a very, very common thing among people writing their first eBook.

So, if you would like to learn more about what’s in that eBook, click here and read more from Barry himself. You will not be disappointed.  Oh, and yes, how much is that eBook? I am not going to tell you, but I promise you that you will love that too!


Please, leave your comments down below.  Have you written eBooks before? Yes, no? How was it for you?

18 thoughts on “From Passion To Product – Your New EBook Guide”

    1. Hi Sonia,

      So nice to see you here!

      As I told Barry, it was a pleasure to promote his products to my readers because I know it’s going to help a lot of people who are fearful to write eBooks.

      Congratulations on your up-coming eBook, Sonia. Keeps us up to date 

  1. Hi Sylviane,

    I know you have told me many times to write an eBook about building your own business since it’s something I know how to do. However, I am really not a writer as you well know. I am wondering if I could do it even with a guide 🙂 What do you think?

    1. Hi Anthony, I have included a chapter for people that don’t like writing entitled: Other Ways To Write an eBook. In which I give you ideas, tips and encouragement for completing each chapter one at a time.

      Even if you don’t like writing there are still ways of creating products and I have it all covered Anthony.

      If you buy it and after giving it a go aren’t happy simply grab a full refund.

      I hope that helps Anthony,

      Take care,
      Barry Wells invites you to read..You Have The Passion For Working Online But What Comes NextMy Profile

    2. Yes, Anthony, I know that you do not like to write at all 🙂 However, as Barry says it well here, he’s thought about people just like you when he created his product. I think that if you ever decide to put your knowledge on paper this eBook will help you. But, hey, no pressure, whenever you’re ready we will be here!

  2. Hi Sylviane, thank you so much for writing a post about my new eBook. I think your post has covered it very well and I really appreciate you taking the time to write it, thank you.

    As i just said to Anthony I have covered everything I could think of in this product as I took over a year to complete my first ebook so I know the feelings that it can induce.

    I really do take the reader by the hand and show them how to deal with each chapter, one at a time and treat them more like articles so as to complete their own ebooks with the least stress possible.

    If anyone is unsure of their writing skills pop over to the main site and see how I have it covered.

    Thanks for all the support and help with getting the word out Sylviane, very much appreciated.

    Take care, Barry
    Barry Wells invites you to read..You Have The Passion For Working Online But What Comes NextMy Profile

  3. You’re very welcome Barry. I am enjoying it all. Great connections that I made these past 6 months online and you are one of them.

    Your eBook was actually a great reason to write a new post, add a new little banner that I was missing on my widget and most of all help people who need this kind of products for such a small price:)

    Thanks for the precisions you are adding here about how your product can help people who are not natural writers. And I know it will 🙂

  4. Hi Sylviane,

    Great information you have shared over here. I don’t know when I gonna launch my first ebook 😛 but I am very happy that I got mentors like you and barry. From both of you I have learned many good things about how to write an effective content and will keep learning. Thanks so much. 😀

  5. Great review Sylviane and I’m so behind on checking out Barry’s new product. No excuse, just too much on my plate I suppose.

    He probably launched this at the right time for me too. I really need to get my first product created and really wanted to go the simple route first like an eBook. But then I hear that there is a lot of concerns now because with Kindle coming into the mix and people able to download them for pennies that people won’t be paying much for eBooks anymore.

    I know Barry isn’t charging much for this one but I still feel it’s way under priced. His knowledge alone is worth so much more. I’ll be eager to see what others think as the year progresses. But for now, I promise to dive into it as well and share with my readers my thoughts on his product.

    Thanks for spreading the word Sylviane. I know that Barry really appreciates it as do I.

    Have a wonderful week.


  6. Hi Adrienne,

    I know you are a busy lady, with probably a bunch of people asking you questions all the time, that’s why I feel so bad when I have a question for you.

    Yes, this eBook from our good friend Barry is under priced, but you know sometimes, the little underpriced products can amount to a LOT! That’s really what I am hopping for this one 🙂

    It was a pleasure to promote this product because Barry is such a Good people 🙂

    Thanks for passing by, Adrienne 🙂 Nice to see you always 🙂

  7. Hi Sylviane,

    Great tip here regarding Barry’s book! I have just recently become connected with Barry and am so happy to be in communication just like I am now with you. I haven’t read this book yet, but did find your review to be helpful!

    I would also like to tell you that I love what you have done with this new blog. It looks fantastic!! You’ve done a lovely job with this space, kudos!!

    Thank you for sharing here! I will keep this on my “to read” list!!

    Cat Alexandra

  8. Hi Cat,

    I am glad you connected with Barry as well. He is very nice and helpful. I didn’t even know he had written an eBook, and here it is!

    I think you came as I had just installed my new header. There still need some adjustments here and there, but, yes, this blog changed quite a bit within the last month. I am quite happy with it and really like my cut header. I don’t know, but as for me I think the guy who made it did a good job!

    Thanks Cat, for coming. Really appreciated it 🙂

  9. Hi Sylviane

    Very topical post for me, as I have just written my first ebook, it needs a bit of tweaking and improving, and following very good advice some ways to make it a long term project too.

    I have never considered myself an author, but with patience and persistence I had the draft prepared, and now I will be making the basic version available.

    Barry Wells was one of those who advised me, and his advice gave me one of those “I am an idiot moments.” His advice was obvious, but it needed him to see it, and show me where I was going wrong,

    If his ebook is half as good as his advice, it will be a best seller,


  10. I guess I just have to make further study before I can be able to write my first ebook. It would help if you will get to know every little detail of it before you try to write about it.

  11. This would help, actually I never tried to produce any Ebooks but I love to learn about this. Maybe soon I will learn something about it and thanks a lot for this guide Sylvianne. 🙂
    Nicholle invites you to read..Timber DoorsMy Profile

    1. Hi Steve,

      I’m glad you got that ebook and enjoyed it. Thanks for letting me know and coming by to say hello. I will certainly come see you too very soon.

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