Five Law of Attraction Habits That Will Change Your Life In 2012

As we all know, this is the time of year when resolutions are made, when people are promising themselves that they are going to do something new and stick with it.

The truth is that the average New Year resolution will last no longer than a couple of weeks and because of this the results that people are looking for will never be achieved.

Results, as we all know, are best achieved with the continuity of actions taken.  However, it’s such continuity that people have problems with.

So, how can you break the vicious circle of dropping good habits that will lead you to a more successful life?

I am sure that you have already heard that a habit can be picked up in just 21 days.  If you do something religiously for 21 days it will become a habit.  So, let’s use this principal to implement specific actions that will help you become more successful in your life and ultimately reach your goals and dreams.  If you discipline yourself for only 21 days, you should be able to keep it going for as long as it takes.

If you drop, don’t despair, though.  Just pick yourself up and keep going.

Five Law of Attraction Habits That you Can Use Everyday

There are five law of attraction habits that you can use on a daily basis to help you improve your financial, personal, professional and romantic life.

Let’s say that you will focus on each one for just 21 days, so your mind won’t feel overwhelmed.  Remember, that once you’ve held on for 21 days it will be much, much easier to keep your good habits going.  In some cases, it will even be hard to stop, even if you wanted too. Great, isn’t it?  So, let’s go…

1- Get Into the Habit of Watching your Thoughts

The main reason why a lot of people are leading crapy lives is because of this very important fact – they let their thoughts run lose without any control over them.

Imagine that you are at the commands of a boat and you let the boat go as it pleases carried away by the waves.  Do you think that you would arrive to destination?  Heck no, you might say!  You would be right.

You wouldn’t even dare thinking or even hoping that you would make it to your destination without “navigating” your boat.  You know better than that, don’t you?

Interestingly, most people think that they will get to destination with their lives by letting their thoughts running completely lose without any control.  This is just impossible.

When you don’t control your thoughts and you are not in a place you want to be in your life, your thoughts are bound to be negative most of the time or at least a lot of the times.  That’s just the way it is for most of us.

Thoughts are things.  Thoughts create vibrations (energy) which vibrations attract situations, circumstances and events in your life.  Negative thoughts create negative vibrations which attract negative results.  Not what you want, right?

Get into a 21 day habit routine of watching your thoughts.  There are many ways you can do that and here are four of them that will help you to do so.

2- Get Into the Habit of Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for 5 to 10 minutes a Day

You would be amazed at what five to 10 minutes of EFT practice a day will do for you.  I know that some people are still very unfamiliar with EFT, but if it’s your case, read about what people who have been using it are saying about it.  EFT works.

Everything is energy and EFT works on our energy.  EFT helps our mind and body get rid of the bad energy while using our good energy.  You can use EFT for just about anything under the sun.  You can use EFT to get into a good habit and you can use it to get into the habit of controlling your thoughts.

If you would like to become more familiar with EFT, here is a template technique on how to use it.  You can customize such template to your own circumstances.

3- Get Into the Habit of Writing What you Want

Writing down something is very powerful and most people are not aware of that.  I mean, really, how many people do you know are writing down everything they want?  Probably very few if any, unless there are in touch with personal development methods.

Write everything you want down with as many details as you can.  I mean everything.  For example, I read a very interesting post from a blogger friend who said she wrote about her perfect dog.  She wrote down all the qualities she wanted her dog to have, and guess what?   She found that dog.

Coincidences?  That’s what people who don’t know about the law of attraction would be calling it.  However, if you are reading this post, I know, you know better.

4- Get Into the Habit of Visualizing What you Want

I am sure that you know by now that visualizing what you want can greatly improve and accelerate the physical form of it.  Visualization will actually help you control your thoughts and emotions.

When you have negative thoughts, notice what you see and how you feel!  You have very dark images going on in your head and usually you feel very bad about it too.  Isn’t that so?  Of course it is.  Well, the good news is that it works very well the other way around as well.

Visualize your goals, your dreams, everything you want, and feel it.  Really feel as if you already had it using you five senses.  Do this for 10 minutes every single day.  If you want, do it for 5 minutes in the morning when you wake up and 5 minutes at night before going to bed.

Do it for 21 days until it becomes a habit.  Slowly, but surely, you will realize that your positive visualizations will come more and more easily and replace your negative ones.

5- Get Into the Habit of Focusing Only on What you Want

You need to get into the habit of focusing more on what you want and less on what you don’t want. If you want the law of attraction to work FOR you instead of AGAINST you, you MUST.

The fundamental principal of the law of attraction is that you attract what you focus on.  It doesn’t make any kind of a difference if you are focusing on what you do want or what you don’t want.  Whatever you are focusing on the most is what you will get as a result.

And it wouldn’t change anything if you said, but it’s hard to believe that you’re rich if you’re broke, or it’s hard to believe that you are skinny if you’re fat, or believe that you are healthy if you’re sick or believe that you are driving this beautiful new car when you are driving this old junk.

I am sorry to tell you that the law of attraction doesn’t understand these types of excuses.  The goal here is to go beyond what you do have in your physical world and focus as much as you can on what you want to have or be.

Play, pretend, have fun!  Do whatever it takes to focus on your goals and dreams.  You future depends on it.  What you focused on yesterday is your reality today, what you will start focusing on today will be your reality tomorrow.

Follow these five law of attraction success driven habits for 21 days and you will change your life – your life will start rolling.  Once they have become habits you will keep on going and see positive results in your life.  Your future depends on it.


What are you thoughts on the subject?  Please, express yourself below in the comment section!


12 thoughts on “Five Law of Attraction Habits That Will Change Your Life In 2012”

  1. Interesting indeed; this is an area I probably could work on more but one thing I do very well is positive thinking. I very much try to avoid negative thinking and why something can’t be done. I truly expect good things to happen to me and can say, they usually do.

    The other thing that helps is I’m happy with my station in life; I don’t want for much and appreciative for what I do have. It gives me much better balance.

    Thanks for sharing; I enjoyed it.
    Bill Dorman invites you to read..Why do you think that is?My Profile

    1. I Bill,

      That’s great. Very few people can actually say that they are focusing on positive thinking, but as we know, they really should, because as you mention here, it does work.

      If you believe that good things will happen to you, they will, if you believe the other way around it will happen too. I’ve seen that time and time again.

      Thanks for your thoughtful feedbacks 🙂

  2. Hi Sylviane
    This was a great post with some great advice in it. I am familiar with EFT , but I never got into the habit of using it a lot and I was just thinking about it yesterday. Seeing it in your post today of course confirms I need to go back to using it since there are no coincidences! I am also really big on writing things down. I do written affirmations frequently in addition to spoken ones and I like to write present tense narratives of my life. Writing things down is a very powerful, deliberate act that sends the Universe a clear message about what we want and puts in motion those wonderful, inexplicable forces that help deliver it. I hope a lot of people read this post because they will learn a lot from it!
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  3. Hello Kelli, nice to see you again!

    You’re right, there are not coincidences and if you were thinking of EFT one day and landed to my blog the next day giving you a hint, this means you should listen to it. I am honored that I was used by the universe that way!

    Writing down things it’s a very powerful tool indeed. We should never forget that. Writing it in the present tense is a MUST!

  4. Great topic Sylviane!

    I am now able to be more aware of my thoughts. So when and if I ever do say something that isn’t positive I’m now able to catch myself and turn that around. It took quite awhile to accomplish this I will admit.

    I’ve heard of EFT but have never looked into it really. I had a friend that had taken some classes but I have a different method of clearing the energy around me.

    I do write what I want each day. I have a journal that I started jotting things down in late last year although I don’t write anywhere near a book. I think the blog posts that I write are the most enjoyable.

    I have difficulty with visualizing things I’m not quite sure what they look like. I actually mentioned this very topic in my post today. I’m just not a visual person no matter how many times I may tell myself I am. Positive thoughts remember! 🙂

    I’m a pro of focusing on what I want. Yep, definitely. That’s not a problem with me anymore. Again it took some getting use to and over time I was finally able to shift my thoughts to what I wanted instead of what I didn’t want or didn’t have. Still a work in progress though.

    Thanks for sharing this, wonderful tips. I love learning about this topic. Can only benefit us all.

    Have a great day Sylviane..

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  5. Hi Adrienne,

    Nice to see you here again. Yes, being aware of our thoughts is very important, because that’s the only way we can do some cleaning up and trash the bad ones as far away from us as we can. But, yes, there is some get used to, practice, as everything else in life.

    You are doing great by writing everything down and focusing on the positive. That is what people don’t understand when they are not familiar with how the law of attraction works, they focus on what they don’t want too much and that’s what they are getting over and over.

    I have to admit that visualization is for the mind what lifting weights is for the body. It does take some “effort” and it’s not always easy, but it can come either with practice as well.

  6. How strange (or fortunate) that you mentioned EFT. I was thinking about that just the other day. I never learned much about it, but what I did read sounded so promising.

    Perhaps this is my cue to try out. And of course you know I couldn’t agree more with what you said about watching your thoughts.

    Anyhow, great article, take care!
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  7. Hi Fred,

    Always nice to see you here 🙂 You know I think that we answer each other intuitive questions. I can’t tell you how many timea recently I’ ve been thinking about something and found my answer on one of the blogs that I read regularly. I guess that’s the law of attraction at work 🙂 I’m glad you liked the article. Thanks.

  8. These are very good habits indeed. All I can do, is just to confirm every single word of this post. I used to visualize, write down (or draw) things I wanted, I even forced myself to dream about my goals as if they happened already. I have no idea how I could do that, I read that it is very rare that someone is able to control the dreams. 🙂 Guess what… as much as I remember, most of my dreams/goals came true, exactly the way I wanted to. That is a beautiful human mind power! 🙂
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    1. Hi Anna,
      Yes, it’s possible to control your dreams, and that is called “lucid dreaming”. But that doesn’t work from on day to the next either for most people. It takes work like everything else in life, right?

  9. focusing on what you actually what is possibly the most essential. and maintaining a constant “confession” that agrees with what your looking for. as you said, its difficult to do, but a person has to constantly “deceive” his subconscious so to speak, until it begins to agree with what you’re telling it.
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    1. That’s right, we need to make believe our subconscious what we want. The good news is that the subconscious believes everything!

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