Desire, But Never Want

It is very important to be aware of your words and thoughts, since the subconscious mind is shaped by them.

Words and thoughts invoke “specif images” to your mind.  For example if I say the word “fast” or the word “slow” both these words invoke certain things to you as you read them. And it does it as you might be aware of it or not.

In regard to wealth and money it is very essential that you learn how to watch out for the word “WANT“.  Want, communicates that you do “NOT HAVE” and that you are therefore in the “state of not having”.  Wanting is a perpetual sate of not having.  You can NEVER have what you WANT.

Let me explain… For example, if you are hungry and “want” to eat, this alone will not bring you food to your mouth,  as a matter of fact it would only worsen from being hungry to starving.  The fact that you will be eating is because you’ve changed the stat of “wanting” to the state of “getting” the food.

People shift their subconscious mind from wanting to another state to get what they want everyday when it comes to little or common things.  But what about the big things, the life changing things of life.

The subconscious mind is used to shifting of state for little things such as wanting to eat or wanting to sleep or wanting to watch a movie, but as for big things that you “your subconscious mind” is NOT used to have, it is harder to make that switch from wanting to having.

Creating a state of “want” for you subconscious mind will create more lack of what you want.  Again, you can never have what you want.  In your words, thoughts and feelings replace the thought of want by the thought of having, and replace want by desire which doesn’t have a co-notation of lack.

In the beginning it might be a little difficult to make believe that you have what you cannot see right now, but remember, if you think about it enough as if you already have it, eventually that is what your subconscious mind will believe.  And what your subconscious mind believes is what comes to be.

see, hear and feel what you desire and quit wanting.  Do not say things such as,  I want wealthy or I want money, but replace it by, I desrie wealth, I desire money with all my being and I am seeing it now, I am seeing myslef wealthy, I can see money all around me for the taking…. etc… These are the kind of talks that you need to have with yourself.  Do not want and do not say, I want, because chances are you will be wanting all your life.

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