3 Customer Behaviors Business Owners Should Anticipate in 2019

customer behaviors
customers behaviors

One of the most basic marketing principles is to know your customer behaviors in order to give them what they want. While offering high-quality products at reasonable prices will never go out of style, enterprise businesses should also look to other factors that consumers desire during their shopping experiences.

With this in mind, it’s time to look into the proverbial crystal ball and predict what consumers are looking for in their ideal shopping experience, which, in turn, can help turn them into loyal customers.

1. Customers Want Fast Customer Service

As technology expands, most consumers are used to having an immediate shopping experience. For instance, if they’re interested in buying a new set of pots and pans for their kitchen, they know they can go online, choose what they want and purchase it in a matter of minutes. And this experience extends to customer service, too.

Gone are the days when people were willing to wait on hold for 10 minutes or longer before a customer support rep eventually picked up to help them. Be sure your valued customers will get the speedy and useful assistance they expect. In order to do this you might consider using a call contact center and its accompanying technology.

For example, interactive voice response systems are designed to provide a quick and personalized brand experience, and companies can link their customer relationship management data to cloud contact center interactions, which gives agents quicker access to customers’ information. The customer service is a set of activities that includes and surrounds the transaction itself; aims at customer satisfaction in all aspects of pre and post sale.

In a medium as competitive as today, customer service can really make a difference for customers and new buyers to choose your product and this applies to everyone, from the largest companies to the smallest personal entrepreneurship.

This results in a fast customer service experience, as well as one that is more personalized to each customer.

2. Customers Love Omni-Channel Shopping

Another customer behavior that businesses should prepare for in 2019 is the appreciation for omni-channel shopping. An example of this is the customer who uses their smartphone to research which new laptop they want to buy, as well as which stores have this and other models available.

The shopper can then use their smartphone to purchase the computer from a physical storefront or have it delivered to their home. Omni-channel shopping can also work in another interesting way. People like the idea of using their smartphone to snap a photo of a jacket they saw someone wearing at the grocery store and that they would like to buy.

By using an online reverse image search feature, this individual could then use the photo to search for where to find the same jacket online or at the mall. In other words, customers no longer use one purchase path when shopping, as they can now start online and wind up in a store or vice versa. Until now, taking into account the “customer experience” served almost exclusively to improve the process of the sale.

In reality, we are moving towards a paradigm shift, a new model in which the customer experience is the basis to inspire changes and improvements in all the processes of the Organization.

3. They Also Like Voice Search Options

People no longer rely on the Yellow Pages to find a local business. According to AIMG, shoppers are now more likely to use a voice search feature on their smartphone to inquire about where they can find particular products and services.

In most cases, these voice searches are focused on answering questions in the shopper’s general location. To appear in these voice searches, companies should focus on search engine optimization and be sure their geographic keywords will bring up your specific company.

To be Successful, You Must Evolve Along with Your Customers

The crystal ball seems to have one key theme in its predictions: technology. By understanding more about the specific types of technology consumers desire, and making it a point to offer them these options as much as possible, enterprise businesses should enjoy a thriving 2019, along with an increase in happy and loyal customers.

While it is true that a satisfied customer can speak well of us and even become an enthusiastic ambassador of the brand, this result could perhaps be obtained through marketing strategies and a good understanding of our customer behaviors.

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