Authentic Writing – Can You Define Yourself As An Authentic Writer?

How would you define authentic writing?

I thought today was a good time to write about authentic writing, since I am part of team that just put together a great new blog called Crimson Soapbox and which main theme is authentic writing.  But, what does authentic writing really mean?

What Is An Authentic Writer?

Is an authentic writer a book writer (an author)?  Is it a newspaper writer?  Is it an article writer?

Very few people are born writers.  For most of us, writing is a trade that had to be learned even if writing is something that you liked naturally.  An authentic writer can be any type of writer. What you write about doesn’t make you authentic but, how you write it does. Whatever you may be writing as a writer or as an author has room for authenticity.

An authentic writer is a writer who is writing truth, using his feelings, experience, knowledge and what he has learned as a writer as time went on.  In other words, a writer is a product of progress and our writing may not only improve but, even change over time.

You might have once been a debutante who evolved as an authentic writer or you might have always been an authentic writer.

My Own Experience As An Authentic Writer

To take my own example, I started writing online back in the summer of 2006.  Until then all I had ever written was poems and short stories that only members of my family ever read.  When I first started writing articles online, just the thought that anyone, anywhere in the world would be able to read my articles was exciting and scary at the same time.

My writing skill was not as sharp as it is now, five years later but, I knew one thing; if I were to write articles online I had to write something authentic.  I didn’t want to write big lies about things that I knew nothing about and I didn’t want to sell with my articles.

I started writing articles about self-development such as “color personalities”, “leadership”, “perception” and the like.  Such topics were subjects that interested me enough to make me write authentic articles that were well received by article directories as well as the readers.

As I said above, my writing skills were limited but, I was authentic in my writing.  I put my knowledge, my own thoughts and my own style into my articles which made them authentic.

Using Words To Their Full Potential For Authentic Writing

Words can be powerful tools that make a text alive, if you use them the right way.  However, if you don’t, such words might as well be a collection of meaningless syllables.

If you use the power of words to express things true to yourself or to take an objective side about a hot topic of yours or bring about your point of view, reflection or knowledge about it, those words will be your best friends to express yourself better in writing than you would ever be able to say with words coming out of your mouth.

Once a friend of mine who had just read a handful of my first online articles told me that I wrote much better than I spoke!  I didn’t take offence though; I really took this as a compliment.

The reason why a writer can write much better than he or she can speak is because writing as opposed to speaking gives you time for reflection – plenty of it – and reflection allows for more perfection.

Use this advantage when writing and you will be able to do wonders with it. Take you time, it’s your friend when you are writing.

How Can You Become An Authentic Writer?

To become an authentic writer, you need to write from the heart.  As a freelance writer, you are not always going to be able to write about topics that you love or even like, but you can always try to find a way to develop an interest and enough knowledge to be able to include your own feelings in your writing.

This is the thought process that I use as a freelance writer.  When I am faced with a theme that I am not naturally attracted to, I start developing an interest and I try to learn about the topic as much as I can to familiarize myself with it.

However, if you are completely brand new and have never written online before, I would suggest that your start writing ONLY about what you love first.  This way you will start developing a habit or a pattern of writing from the heart – writing authentic.  You will grow as an authentic writer.


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9 thoughts on “Authentic Writing – Can You Define Yourself As An Authentic Writer?”

  1. When you start bloggin it is veery was to believe that writing is something that anybody can do.

    Once you start visiting other blogs you can swing the other way and feel like you are just not worthy enough to be considered as a writer.

    I’d like to think I have reached a happy medium – I admit my faults but I am constantly learning and growing. I had no idea just how much ther is to learn with writing, but I keep trying
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    1. Hi Debbie, No body is perfect. We all had to learn. Yes, some people may want to tell you that blogging is easy, but the answer is yes and no. A blog does require work and maintenance, there is no doubt about it.

    2. Similar to what I have noticed, There is always someone better, or different yet there writing appears better, which is where perception comes in, it might seem better to you now, but at a different time you may find their writing not as good as you thought earlier.

  2. I do not consider myself to be the best of better than the others but as much as possible i give my very best to come up with a content that my readers would love to read. I agree NOBODY is PERFECT and indeed its true. Lets just be ourselves, people will easily know if that there is passion and dedication in everything we do.
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  3. Blogging is not a easy thing to do especially if you are not committed to the stuffs as other bloggers do. Like in writing and creating a very good content, if you dont have the passion to dig more just to come up with a very impressive and fresh ideas, your blog as well as your followers will start to turn their back on you. 🙂

    Impressive mash up Sylviane
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  4. For me, I enjoy writing. It’s really easy to write about something that you enjoy, something that you are interested in, passionate about.

    Writing about something which does not, naturally at least, inspire you, or move you in some way, is a lot harder. If you can do that, and bring some passion to your piece, then I believe that you can say that you are an authentic writer.

    You need to be able to immerse yourself in your subject, at some level – and convey this to the reader.

  5. Definitely there’s always a better word to express oneself. Being an Authentic Writer is no easy, but I believe that as long as authentic meanings, feelings and emotions are conveyed. The writing can be considered authentic already. But then again, I might be too naive because in this word, it seems like the readers are the judge on whether the writer are authentic or not.
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  6. Awesome advice. This is an issue I ran into quite a bit early on. The internet has this way of doing that to people once they know that their online communications entirely make up the persona that people perceive on the internet.

  7. Being an authentic writer is never easy. Free lance writer compare to this is much easier. As i have researched, Authentic writers wrote deeper meanings of words.
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