What is EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique)?

EFT is the abbreviation for emotional freedom technique. EFT is a powerful process that can help you to experience freedom from emotional blockages which prevent the natural flow of energy in the body.

Even though, EFT is still a new technique which was developed by coach Gary Craig in the early 1990’s, it has helped thousands of people with a broad range of emotional to physical pains.

EFT has since then been adopted as the best healing technique by hundreds of therapists.  One of them is Dr. Carol Look who is teaching EFT all over the world.

What does EFT does?

EFT releases imbalances in the energy system.  Just like we have blood running through our veins, we have energy running through  our body.  Our energy system is fueled with electrical impulses.  When this energy system is being disturbed by negative emotions it is no longer working properly.  Just like your car needs to have an oil change once in a while to run smoothly, your energy system needs to be cleaned up, so to speak.

Why does our energy system needs cleaning?  Negative feelings and emotions such as anger, fear, resentment, depression, anxiety and nervousness among others, can clog our energy system.  Just as dirty oil in your car cannot clean itself without intervention, our energy system cannot get cleaned itself without your intervention.

How Do You Clean Your Energy System?

By using the EFT process.  This includes tapping with the tips of your index and middle fingers on several specific areas of the body.  Those areas are nerves centers which react while being tapped.  As you tap, the best way to get rid of the problem is to recognize and speak out the problem as you type while you reinforce the fact that you accept yourself as you are, and that there is a solution to the problem.  For a better understanding of EFT process watch the videos.

EFT has not only helped many, but has change their all concept of life.  Imagine having a solution for the deepest emotional troubles you may going through!

Clearing Clutter with EFT