What is a Virtual Phone Number, and How Can it Benefit You?

what is a virtual phone number

what is a virtual phone number

In the modern era, technology is changing and innovating so rapidly that it can sometimes feel like it is hard to keep up! With everything moving increasingly more online, it is no surprise that even our phone numbers are heading in the same direction.

With this in mind, let us take a look at what virtual phone numbers are, and just a few of the reasons why they can be beneficial.


What is a virtual phone number?

As ‘virtual’ can be defined as something that is created or done using technology over the internet and does not exist in the physical world, a ‘virtual phone number’ is a phone number that doesn’t need a phone! Calls can be made via an online portal or application on any device that has internet connectivity, removing device-related and geographic limitations.

Virtual phone numbers are numbers delegated to users of these virtual phone lines, known as voice over internet protocol (VoIP). VoIP is entirely cloud-based, allowing you to call, text, chat, and much more using a variety of different devices, from wherever you are in the world.


Benefits of a virtual phone number

  1. Futureproof

Traditional phone lines operate using a physical network of copper wiring known as the PSTN. Both analog and digital signals can be sent along the PSTN, the latter of which is known as the integrated services digital network (ISDN). Due to their age, both the PSTN and ISDN are set to be switched off in 2025 to make way for cloud-based services.

Thus, switching from ISDN to VoIP is an essential change that every home and business needs to do in the next few years. The sooner that we switch to VoIP, the quicker we will be able to futureproof our technologies. After all, even if the hardware that is used to host the VoIP becomes obsolete or outdated, you can simply switch devices and carry on as normal.

  1. Customization

With VoIP, you can efficiently customize your service to perfectly meet your needs. For example, if you are a business or user that wishes to appear as being situated in a specific location, you can choose a number with that location’s area code without having to physically be there.

You can add as many users as you want to your account. When these users make phone calls, you can customize your solution so that they all show as calling from the same number, despite using different devices, or all have unique personal numbers. This means a whole family might answer their virtual landline from their mobile device, or business people might have unique business numbers – whatever works best for you.

  1. Cost-effective

VoIP plans are often a lot cheaper than a landline or smartphone contract, as you don’t need to buy any new hardware or software in order to use it. You simply pay for what you use – no more, no hidden fees.

As the phone number is hosted in the cloud, this also means that typically users will not be charged any extra for international calls or roaming.

With all of this in mind, it is clear that virtual phone numbers will be more and more popular in the future. So, embrace these benefits for your home or business by switching to a VoIP telephony solution.


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