How To Relieve Financial Stress With Your Thoughts

Your Thought And Your Economy

Is your job security no so secure anymore and affecting your whole being with anxiety?

Feelings of anxiety, helplessness or fear when it comes to your financial future can be distressing, and it could even cause emotional imbalance that could turn into health issues.

Many people think that if they work harder or longer hours, their situation will improve.  For a while, as they take on more and more work to relieve their financial stress their may have the illusion that their financial situation is improving.  The truth is, it is really just an illusion.  The real root of the problem is much deeper.

If you have a tooth ache it will go away for a while with a pain medicine, but it will not cure the cavity in your tooth.  It is just the same with money problems.  Your longer hours  of work or your second job will relieve the financial pain for a while, but it will not cure the real problem of your financial stress.

What most people don’t know is that money problem is not fixed by making MORE money working MORE.  Money problem can be fixed, however, by “releasing” the money problem from your mind and emotional system. Easier said than done? It may be, but is it worth trying, since it can change your life.

Releasing stress allows your intuition to guide your thoughts and actions.  Granted you might not be able to change your external situation right now, but you CAN help your emotional balance by trying to control you thoughts.

As you may know, your subconscious mind is nourished by your beliefs and thoughts.  In turn most your beliefs and thoughts are fed by what you see, hear and experience.  Here are few exercises for you to follow, that will help you to focus on good instead of bad, on positive instead of negative.

  • Take a blank page of paper and write a list of ALL the things you are grateful for.

You will see that it is much harder to feel scared and anxious by focusing on feelings of gratitude.  You would be surprised how new energy of gratitude and appreciation can bring back to solve money issues.

  • Don’t saturate yourself with bad news about the economy.

Believe it or not, taking so much disturbing news day after day is affecting your mind in such a way that it can affect your whole mood for the day, without you even being aware of it.  Again, your subconscious mind is stimulated by everything you see or hear and this will stimulated it as well.

  • Give money away anyway.

It doesn’t matter how much, but by giving something to someone more in need than you are will help build your own sense of personal empowerment.

  • Take advantage of the new technology.

Just as you take advantage of new technologies such as cell phones or and I-Pods and so forth for your personal comfort, you can take advantage of the same technology to build you subconscious mind, thoughts and emotions by using some of the great tools that are built just for that purpose.  Click and check one of them HERE

If you are sick physically you are searching for a physician to relieve your illness, if you are needing help to better control your mind to improve your financial situation you might discover that there exist some help out there that you never thought there was.

Always remember, your current situation is not permanent and can be helped with your extraordinary mind which is guiding the master subconsious mind.