The Rhône Alpes Valley

The Rhône Alpes region got its name from its two most important geographical features which are the mountain Alps (Alpes) and the French river Rhône which flows all through that region.

The Rhône river has been a vital conduit between the north and the south of France for thousands of years when the Romans discovered that route and founded the city of Lyon over 2000 years ago.

The French Alps region is hosting the most popular resorts areas in the world with worldwide known ski stations such as Chamonix, Mégève, and Courchevel.

The Rhône Alps also include historic cities such as Chambéry, capital of  Savoy and major producer of Cheese, Grenoble, a bustling university and high-tech center, Vienne an ancient town which host the most famous jazz festival of the country, and of course its capital, Lyon.

The Rhône Alpes Valley is also the region of some of the best French wines such as Beaujolais region and the Drôme region.

Some breath taking scenery can be enjoyed in the Rhône Alps region, such as the Chartreuse area, Vercors and Ardèche.

It is also in the Rhône Alps Valley region that you can find the oldest preserved village  in the country, named Pérouges.  Pérouges is a fortified village on top of a  hill with cobblestone streets dating from the 13th century.  You can still admire the enormous oak wood door which was the entrance of the village.  Even though the bottom of the door has been eaten away with time, the middle to upper part is still remarkably preserved.

Our famous facteur Cheval (the mailman Cheval) built his beautiful palais in this amazing Alps region as well.

The Rhone Alps Valley region is a beautiful place to visit on your next trip to France.