The Drawbacks of Drinking and Driving – How to Avoid it?

draw back of drinking and driving

There are many risks associated with drinking and driving. However, many individuals continue driving their vehicles while intoxicated. Driving and drinking is a criminal offence in many countries. The drawbacks include many fatalities and the possibility of accidents.

In San Antonio, DWI is a serious offense that can lead to a punishment of imprisonment. Driving while intoxicated charges can influence your ability to travel, employment, and driving privileges. Being aware of the drawbacks of driving while intoxicated will help you know the compelling reasons why drunk driving is prohibited.


Large Fines and Fees

It can cost you a lot when caught driving while intoxicated. You’ll need to pay for ticket expenses and bear penalties for fines and court fees. Civil penalties can apply if you hit someone or damage people’s property. When restoring your license, there will also be expenses required.


The possibility of landing in jail

The offense of drinking while driving can make you land in prison. Especially if you hit someone or caused damage while drunk driving, you may also spend several years in jail if you caused any fatalities. Nobody would like to go to jail. Imprisonment means detention, where you cannot do anything as you wish.


You can lose your professional license or your job

The most significant drawback of driving while intoxicated is the high chance of losing your job. Your employer can end up terminating your employment contract. Besides that, you might end up losing your professional license. This can happen if you work for the government or in a prestigious job. Professionals such as nurses, lawyers, doctors, teachers, and other public figures can quickly lose their jobs and license if they are proven guilty of drunk driving.


A Criminal Record

If you are caught drunk driving, the police will file a case, and you’ll face the court. You’ll be declared guilty if all the evidence submitted is correct. The information will be treated as a criminal record and can affect your future, including employment opportunities. Most firms do a background check of a criminal record before employing someone. In case you are convicted, you will suffer enormous costs of criminal charges. Your future opportunities will also be limited. In case of such instances, you can consider hiring a drink-and-drive lawyer to assist in this situation.

How should you Avoid Driving while intoxicated?

Having a designated driver, eating plenty of food, and avoiding drinking while alone are some ways to prevent drunk driving. You can plan to go out with friends and have someone who will be your designated driver. Your driver should stay sober and should never consume alcohol. This will enable them to navigate any road. In some entertainment places, you’ll find non-alcoholic drinks for designated drivers.

When going out alone, you can avoid alcoholic drinks. This is recommended as the probability of driving alone is high. Try drinking non-alcoholic drinks, including club soda or soft drinks. Driving on a full stomach will help you avoid being intoxicated faster. This increases the chances of drinking while driving and decreases the chances of getting caught. With all the listed reasons, you can avoid drunk driving, but in case you are caught, you can always seek the help of an experienced lawyer to assist you in fighting your case.





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