TGV From Airport Chales de Gaulle

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The TGV makes in France now makes connections with Paris largest airport, Charles de Gaulle.

Paris Charles de Gaulle airport has 3 terminals. T1, T2, And T3.  To know which terminal serves your airline, you just need to check your ticket.  Most flights arrive at terminals T1 and T2.

The Paris Suburban train called RER stops at T2 and T3 and there is no need to wait for hours at the time for your local flight anymore.

The TGV has now a whole station located at terminal T2 and ready to leave the station on time.  As a matter of fact, if you were to arrive to your destination over 30 minutes you ticket would be refunded.

You can now get on the most rapid train in the world which can take you just about anywhere in France within 3 hours.  This is the time you would have to wait on average to just get into your connection flight.

The fastest way to travel from one terminal to another is to get in the CDGVAL automated shuttle linking all three terminals and two parking garages every 10 minutes 27/7, and it’s free.

Don’t accept a ride from illegal fake cabs drivers.  If you choose to take a cab, the official taxi stands are signed.  There should be no mistake.

Terminal T2 where you can get in the TGV.  This terminal has a horseshoe shape and is located below the Sheraton hotel.  From there you will be able to travel to you destination in smaller cities and towns of France.